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Best Book, World's End Harem, Vol. 3 By Kotarou Shouno This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book.

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    Once author LINK surprises with a book that mostly covers the adventures of a secondary character and a secondary plot The main plot and the main character s adventures take up only about a third of the book, but a lot goes on Patient 2 has a vivid and rather revealing dream involving Mira Suou and Akane Ryuzoji, but at least he is getting started on his desperate research into defeating the MK virus, when he is suddenly notified that Mira will no longer be his personal caretaker having failed after all in getting him to mate and will be replaced by Maria Kuroda ditzy researcher who tends to forget to wear clothing to help him in his quest for a cure and the apparently man hating Rea Katagiri but it is revealed she has a good reason to hate Reito Exactly what the government intends is unclear, but suddenly they are all on their way to Keimon City,where the MK virus first appeared.Meanwhile Patient 3 is enjoying his time in high school heaven, at least until he thinks he s figured out what is going on It is rather telling that he offers to cooperate in whatever way they need he just demands that they stop forcing the women he has grown to care about to participate,but they are not being forced As his caretaker informs him in front of the entire class, these women enthusiastically volunteered They find him attractive so they WANT to have sex with him and they WANT to bear his children The only think they DON T like about it is having to share him, but the current situation demands they make such a sacrifice If he was a brilliant scientist like Patient 2, then perhaps he could do his best like Reito has so far in celibacy, but currently the best he can do for these women, the best he can do for mankind, is to father as many sons as possible, and if he can treat these women with kindness and love, he will be doing better than Patient 1.This is an utterly ridiculous harem premise, but given the situation, it is entirely logical, and hat s off to author LINK for managing to write it I wouldn t have thought it possible, but so far at least he has proved me wrong.Note Female breasts are frequently bared so this is an Ecchi be ye warned.Note The saga continues fromWorld s End Harem, Vol 1andWorld s End Harem, Vol 2, inWorld s End Harem, Vol 4.

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    Doi, patient three, is one of the few men still alive in the aftermath of the MK Virus Just revived from cryosleep, he finds himself attending a school, reliving his high school experience Only this time, the nerdy boy finds all the girls friendly and flirty Even better, he s reunited with the teacher he had a crush on.He s about to experience his ultimate fantasy His teacher, Yuzuki, isn t the only girl interested in mating with him All his classmates are here for that one delight Unaware of the truth, Doi feels his confidence bloom.Will this plan work Meanwhile, Reito, patient two, is feeling the impact of his decision not to breed but to find a cure for the MK Virus In love with his childhood friend, and holding out hope she s still alive, he wants to find her then spread his seed How long will the women of the world tolerate his decision How long can he hold out This continues to be one naughty series with the nerdy Doi getting plenty of fun while Reito faces new temptation The main story doesn t advance much in this volume, but the story ends on some nice momentum I m curious where this story will go and what will happen if Reito learns the truth about the virus.

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    World s End Harem has a strong third volume The first two thirds focuses on Doi Shota., whom we met in the previous volume Before the Man Killer Virus, Doi was a small, awkward fellow and parts of his high school life could have been episodes from Dante s Inferno Now, he s the only boy in a high school filled with sexy girls who are very interested in him as well as a caretaker, Karen, who manages to be both perky and a bit sinister Even better, a teacher he had a crush on in the past is still there and let s just say that what happens would be the fulfillment of the fantasies of many teenage boys It does become bittersweet when Doi learns that he is considered the common property of all the girls and will be expected to mate frequently I can imagine a lot of guys saying Why couldn t I go to a school like that The girls are an intriguing lot and this storyline suggests a sexier, post apocalyptic Shomin Sample The remaining third of Volume 3 goes back to our protagonist Reito and his quest to find a cure for the Man Killer Virus He s got trouble as his refusal to mate has led to his caretaker being replaced and the new women in charge seem to have major issues Volume 4 promises to have clues about just how the virus got started World s End Harem is continuing to be a fascinating series, well worth reading.

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    At the end of volume 2, we saw the awakening of the third man boy Shota We just got a taste of what we were going to see with him In this volume we follow him around, from a relationship with his old teacher to being at an all girls school.He is pretty quick to move on after his teacher girlfriend tells him to find someone else, but we continue to see of the feelings that are developing in the series It is not easy to bounce around from bed to bed It takes a toll on the man and the women.We finally get back to Reito right at the end of the issue, telling us he will once again be our focus I feel like Volume 3 was a good setup for Reito to meet Shota I will be bummed if they do not create a unified force in this crazy world.

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    Uncensored Softcore Predominantly black and white.There s no vaginal, anal or oral penetration depicted at all in these books A buyer should have a review worth something.The story is EXACTLY what you would expect once you get through chapter 1 of Vol 1 I ve read through Volume 3 and I m quitting And the sad thing is I ve already BOUGHT and OWN Vol s 4 and 5 Truth be told, I just don t see the point in reading them.