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    The first volume was funny This one, not so much The hero discovers a secret message created in the past by Elisa What she tells him is very bad and dark.The woman in charge of technology for Japan behaves toward the hero in an atrocious manner and treats her female lab assistants like slaves The other female leaders are just as untrustworthy Yuck This volume answers my complaints about the lack of women trained to handle technical jobs after the death of men from the MK virus Lack of a trained and educated populace goes back to bad decisions made before 2040 by the government to only provide training and education to a small elite Bah Such stupidity Still, not completely unbelievable Look at how stingy most places in the US are nowadays, underpaying teachers in public K 12 education charter school teachers are paid even worse, my niece is one Professors with tenure are being replaced by underpaid untenured TAs and Phds So, the government cutting severely back on who got to go to high school and college in the plot of this series with the development of AI is quite plausible No wonder the majority of the populace are living in poverty conditions in this series after 2040 I find that dark and disturbing.Then there is the part of the plot that deals with the third man to be awakened Also dark and disturbing The man is a teenage boy A small teenage boy Who was bullied by the so called elite at his high school before getting the same illness as the hero and being put in cyrosleep in 2040 The people in charge send him back to the same high school after awakening him The author demonstrates again how stupid the rulers are in 2045 all women now.Because this volume was so much darker, I enjoyed it less I will read on however.

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    Author LINK s story continues to surprise and intrigue, despite the obvious harem origins and tropes Reito Mizuhara tries to get started upon researching a cure for the Man Killer virus, with the sincere assistance of his personal caretaker, Mira Suou, despite the interference in quest of you know what of virtually every other woman he meets, and while no medical research actually gets going this volume, some shocking clues are unearthed according to a recording Elisa Tachibana left behind, the MK virus was man made,it would appear that Elisa is still alive, though exactly where and in what circumstances is unclear.Moreover, at the request of the Japanese government, Reito s but ONLY Reito s existence has been announced world wide, as has his intention to find a cure for the MK virus, which would allow the cryosleeping men to be awakened Meanwhile Patient 1 is still hard at work , having had sex with nearly a hundred women and produced at least 28 conceived but not yet born children so far However, almost half of the book tells the story of Patient 3, who the government has decided to awaken, who turns out to have been a badly bullied student, so the rather fiendishly brilliant plan to, uh, arouse his interest is to send this former resident of high school hell back to high school heaven, including meeting with the one music teacher he had a crush on.Note Female breasts are frequently bared so this is an Ecchi be ye warned.Note The saga continues fromWorld s End Harem, Vol 1, inWorld s End Harem, Vol 3andWorld s End Harem, Vol 4.

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    Reito, a young man, has awakened from five years of cryosleep to learn he s one of the last living men on earth Only one other is awake The women of the world need him to start impregnating him, but he wants to find the girl he loves But Elisa vanished three years earlier, leaving behind only her research into the virus that killed all of mankind.If he can t find her, Reito vows to complete her work He d rather find a cure for the thousands of other men in cryostasis than be a breeding stud But can he resist the temptations around him, especially when one of the women running Japan takes matters into her own hand.World s End Harem is telling an interesting story while eating its cake, showing off such naughty fun If Reito won t be a breeding stud, good thing the other two men will From the alpha male eager to enjoy every girl he has, to the newest man woken up who is about to have all his schoolboy fantasies played for him to enjoy.The story is intriguing There s a mystery, and I m curious for I can t wait for Seven Seas to publish part 3

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    I was favorably impressed with the first volume of World s End Harem and the second volume maintains the pace Reito wants to begin his quest to find Elisa and to develop a cure for the Man Killer Virus However, he comes across a message Elisa left him suggesting this virus s outbreak was no accident Reito also meets a government minister who wishes he could be like Kyoji, the other male, who s breeding like a rabbit on Viagra She s not above using tactics to force the issue MeToo activists probably wouldn t like her The second part of the volume tells the story of Doi Shota, the third male left immune He was a small, awkward high school boy who was the target of savage bullying Then, he had to be put into cryosleep When he wakes up he finds himself with a sexy attendant named Karen and is the only boy at a school of beautiful girls Doi can t believe something like this is happening to him World s End Harem is proving to be a gripping series and the cast is quite intriguing I am looking forward to the upcoming volumes.