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Audible Van Cleef & Arpels: Treasures and LegendsAuthor Vincent Meylan –

Awsome book My mother loves it From Empress Farah And The Secrets Of The Treasure Of Iran, To Queen Marie Amelie S Missing Emeralds, Via Fantomas And The Blood Red Rubies Of The Kings Of Burma, Entering The World Of Van Cleef Arpels Is Like Embarking Upon A Fascinating Treasure Hunt In This Book, Vincent Meylan Explores A Century In The History Of One Of The Most Prestigious Parisian Jewellery Dynasties He Opens Doors And Unlocks Caskets To Reveal The Mysterious, And Sometimes Fantastic, Stories Of Its Clients And The Fabulous And Exceptional Stones That They Entrusted To The Golden Hands Of Van Cleef Arpels The Maharani Of Baroda, The Duchess Of Windsor, Princess Lilian Of Belgium, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Princess Grace Of Monaco, Maria Callas, Barbara Hutton And The Countess Of Camargo They Are All The Heroines Of This Incredible Epic Full Of Rubies, Diamonds, Emeralds, And Sapphires Van Cleef Arpels Treasures And Legends Is Full Of Extravagant Fairytales And Fascinating Behind The Scenes Revelations It Also Tells The Sometimes Troubled Story Of A Dynasty Of Jewellers, Of Gifted Men And Women Who Have, For Over A Century, Helped To Shape That Inimitably Parisian Art De Vivre That Is The Envy Of The World This is a must read for any Van Cleef fan or anyone who loves jewelry and history I love how there are stories to each of these pieces It makes you appreciate the jewels even beautiful jewelry great stories. This is a spectacular book for anyone interested in exquisite jewelry and the individuals who owned some of the most lavish pieces ever created Beautifully written and lavishly photographed this is one of the finest jewelry history books I have ever purchased.Glossy, heavy stock, the jewels come alive in this book The chapter on Empress Farah Diba and the Iranian emeralds is worth the price alone.I applaud the author he has created a fabulous gift for anyone who adores living vicariously with some of the most beautiful jewelry ever created. Purchasers of this book should be warned that about half of the book is stories about the legendary people who collected Van Cleef Arpel s jewelry The stories are fascinating, but it leaves room for fewer photographs and most of the pictures are of the collections of the rich and famous I found the Persian turquoise and diamond necklace owned by the royal family to be breathtaking as were many of the emerald necklaces For those of you who want to see jewelry and a wider variety of styles you would probably be happier with the hardback catalogue book from the recent oriental Japanese or Chinese, I think museum show, available from.