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It A Been A Helluva Week For Betsy Taylor First, She Loses Her Job Then, To Top Things Off, She S Killed In A Car Accident But What Really Bites Besides Waking Up In The Morgue Dressed In A Pink Suit And Cheap Shoes Courtesy Of Her Stepmother Is That She Can T Seem To Stay Dead Every Night She Rises With A Horrible Craving For Blood She S Not Taking Too Well To A Liquid DietWorst Of All, Her New Friends Have The Ridiculous Idea That Betsy Is The Prophesied Vampire Queen, And They Want Her Help In Overthrowing The Most Obnoxious, Power Hungry Vampire In Five Centuries A Badly Dressed Bela Lugosi Wannabe, Natch Frankly, Betsy Couldn T Care Less About Vamp Politics, But They Have A Powerful Weapon Of Persuasion Designer Shoes How Can Any Self Respecting Girl Say No But A Collection Of Ferragamos Isn T The Only Temptation For Betsy It S Just A Lot Safer Than The Scrumptious Sinclair A Seductive Bloodsucker Whose Sexy Gaze Seems As Dangerous As A Stake Through The Heart

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    This is one of those guilty pleasure books that you feel somewhat embarassed about Shuffling through the romance section of Barnes Noble is a new and awkward treat for me Not only did I not expect to ever read anything from this side of the bookstore, I never expected to enjoy it quite so much Before I go any further, my macho side feels compelled to point out that I originally stumbled upon one of Davidson s books in the new releases section and, having recently read Christopher Moore s Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck, the page and a half I read of the book seemed like just the thing to cure my vamp itch To my bemusement, I found the series in the romance section This notwithstanding, I didn t hesitate in scooping up the first in the series, a lovely pink and purple book Now that my inner male is somewhat pacified, I can continue talking about the book itself Each book in the series is very short, only a few hours of reading time But what they lack in length, they than make up for in fun Davidson s protagonist, Betsy, is a zany, smart alecky newbie vamp who, of course, blunders her way from situation to situation with a charming mix of naivete and sass Beyond the somewhat gratuitous torrid love scenes indicative of the genre, which, despite their female perspective manage to be excitingly readable read it s not all man chests and pork swords , this book throws at you a fun mix of spontaneous, wisecracking characters that don t fail in providing a few hours of lighthearted entertainment If you like vamps and sex or shoes , this series is worth the awkward trip to the romance section I recommend grabbing a couple of these books as they are very quick reads and indulgently addictive.

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    This sounded like a fun read, but it wasn t 1.5 More Annoying than Entertaining stars The heroine dies in a car accident only to wake up in the funeral home a few nights later On her way home, she accidentally kills a few bad guys that are robbing and talking about raping a mom and her daughter She then assumes she s evil and try s kill herself Drinking Clorox, jumping head first off a high rise, drinking holy water, and sleeping in the sun to name a few This is all suppose to be funny, but I found it annoying and silly Why would someone that didn t commit suicide be so obsessed with killing herself.When none of that works, she visits a church and talks to a minister He convinces her that she is not a spawn of the devil, so she contacts her family and friends to let them know that she is a vampire and that she s here to stay Her dad and stepmom are not happy and want nothing to do with her.I really hated the heroine, Elizabeth Taylor, but referred to as Betsy She s superficial, judges others by their clothes or looks Allowed a vampire to rip open her friend s neck and gorge on him but never lifted a finger to make it stop She just stood there like an idiot and allowed her helpless friend to be vampire raped At least that s what she called it when another vampire bit her without permission Yet she killed two men when they robbed a woman in an alley Oh, and she could only be persuaded to join the good guys in a war when they offered to buy her name brand shoes Did I mention she was s shoe snob I didn t care for the hero, Eric Sinclair He was a know it all, stuffy, pompous vampire So what if he was sexy and hung like a horse Those two qualities alone are not enough to make me love a hero There was no real chemistry between him and Betsy Though she was attracted to Sinclair, she didn t like him, and wanted nothing to do with him either.This book is suppose to be funny, but it missed the mark for me I was SO offended by the heroine s best friend, a black female that like to refer to white people as whitey and honky Yet she claimed to love Elizabeth I never understand why its ok for blacks to be racist and use derogatory comments towards whites, as if it s comedic Well it isn t comedic It s horribly offensive I hung in there because I wanted to know how this would end, only there was no true ending Just a teaser to try and make you read book 2 But I don t like any of the characters enough to read book two Spoiler Rant view spoiler It pretty much ends with Sinclair and Betsy having sex, and she discovering that act alone made him her consort She then pretty much says, I don t think so ,leaves Sinclair and returns to live in her apartment hide spoiler

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    Just because I m dead doesn t mean I can t have a life Based on the cover, I thought it would be a light story and it was At the beginning, it looked like a PNR parody, featuring all the vampire clich s, but the author made a success out of using them The story is told from Betsy s viewpoint, and her voice is fun and snarky.I love Betsy, there is so much potential in her character She is a newbie vampire with extraordinary abilities She has to learn much about her vampire nature, but also has to rise to the challenge of her new position in the vampire society Betsy s rhapsodic attitude, her independence, and her cheerful, offbeat behavior result in a lot of funny situations.I enjoyed the situational comedy elements, the witty, laugh out loud dialogues, Betsy s playful ripostes, and her sarcastic tendency to rename people.The world building has shortcomings, but it doesn t lessen the entertainment value of the story.The erotic scenes are surprising, light, and intensely erotic No romance yet, I guess it comes later It s the first book of the series, so it s absolutely fine I m glad it s not rushed but I hope it won t be long drawn out either Undead and Unwed is a great starter book of the Undead series, and it is highly different from the paranormal romances I ve read before I enjoyed every single line of it Originally posted on my blog on April 10, 2013.My favorite quotes.

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    Super funny book that delivers the snark It s not a deep or complicated urban fantasy or anything It s simple, cute, silly, and fun Like a chick flick book Personally, I don t have the shoe fetish that we woman are all supposed to have I must have missed that day in Femaling 101 But, Betsy the vampire still had enough other qualities that I could relate to such as being a smartass When she meets a large group of vampires, she has a few questions Why don t we turn the goddamned lights on Why are you all wearing black Why do you all look like extras from a B movie vampire set Right The goth thing is so over.So, I need to keep reading this series until it annoys me It will happen We all know it will.

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    Maybe it could be a 3 stars rating This book made me laugh hard most of the time Although you must understand that it is a book to have a nice time, a fast and fun read Don t expect any that that because you won t get it There s nothing serious about this book There s no real romance neither But still I had a great time.The heroine is amazing What can I say I loved her humor She s wicked and naughty, LOL She really does have a great personality My only problem was that she was too vane and shallow most of the time I mean, it was funny to see a heroine like her and I didn t really mind that she was like that but it would have been nice too see a deeper side of her as well, at least for a little while But it never came Maybe that s why I couldn t give a higher rating to this book.Also a interesting plot would have been nice I mean, she turned into a vampire and save all the vampires from the bad vampire really Something greater could have happened But it was a different point of view to the vampire world for sure.Don t get me wrong, I m just mentioning the reasons for why I couldn t give this book a higher rating, but doesn t mean that I didn t like it because I had a great time reading it And I have higher expectations with the next books in the series.Although I still hope our heroine gets a bit mature, at least just a bit It s not much to ask, LOL.

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    Betsy has had a bad day She gets laid off from work and then hit by a car and smashed into a tree When she wakes up in a coffin at the funeral home, wearing a ghastly pink suit and her stepmonsters cheap pink heels, she thinks she s a zombie and tries to top herself Again and again and again It takes a six year old to point out to her that she s got fangs and is a vampire.That s just the beginning of Betsy s really bad week Her best friend Jessica takes it all in her stride, and so does her mum, but she discovers there s a power hungry, badly dressed vampire king who sees her as a threat and has put a price on her head because all the usual weaknesses don t affect her the sun doesn t burn her, crosses and holy water don t affect her, she can control her thirst and dogs just love her She may be the prophesised queen they ve been waiting millennia for, but all Betsy wants is to rescue her collection of designer shoes from her stepmonster and resist the lure of one oh so sexy vampire, Sinclair Undead and Unwed is flippant, irreverent, funny, sexy and very very annoying That is to say, Betsy is very annoying She s caring at heart, but her superficiality does not make her a likeable character Her flippancy does, though It s a tough juggle, humour and sexiness, but Davidson just manages it I have to agree with most of the other characters, though, when they tell Betsy to SHUT UP God she can talk On a completely unrelated note, you don t fill a teapot with water and put it on the stove to boil That s a kettle And, as far as I was aware maybe this is a cultural thing a handbag is a largish bag with a long strap that can hold wallet, keys, tissues, lipstick etc., and a purse is the feminine version of a man s wallet, not the other way around Oh, and the past tense of tread is trod , NOT treaded which isn t a word.

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    The first good thing that I have to say about this book is that I love the title It s funny So, when I picked it up I had great expectations to it s entertaining value during my daily commuting Sadly, I was wrong This book was in my opinion not funny at all, although I must stay that it tried very hard to be a funny book Too hard, even.The second positive that I have to say is that it s read quite quickly That is a good thing, for a book this bad should either be tossed right away or be over with quickly It really made me cringe, and that happens rarely when it comes to books This book pays lip service to the political correctness of today mandatory best friend of colour , chick litt shoe owning and fashion obsessiveness, vulgar love scenes, overly simplistic story telling, and un interesting one dimensional characters.Don t bother with this book unless you are looking for chick litt with a vampire twist If that is your thing If you must, check out Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series, compared to this trash, Harris books are literary treasures.My verdict 1 star

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    SO this book is about a narcissistic, slightly stupid woman who dies and becomes a vampire But, she has all of these abilities that other vamps don t She can walk in the daylight, go on holy ground, wear a cross, etc The reason is because she is the foretold queen that has finally risen Some of the current bad ass vamps find out and want her to join their side.Overall, the book was okay I wasn t thrilled with it I thought that the author was trying a little too hard for the characters to be funny I mean I did laugh out loud towards the end, but some of the jokes and bantering sounded too forced I did like the relationship between Sinclair and Elizabeth They were interesting together especially since she hated him and also was attracted to him at the same time Towards the middle I really hated Elizabeth s character, she was so vain, but by the end I just laughed at her I will read the next book in the series just to see if the series gets better or worse I hope the writing isn t quite as forced.

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    I think I m still shell shocked from reading this book I belong to a fascinating book club where we only try and pick horrendous and or fun lights reads to make fun of when we get together I actually had higher hopes when I started this one I found out it was based in the Twin Cities where we all live, it had some witty and entertaining writing and it had been compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer , which is my favorite television show of all time.No just no I was really sickened by this book The writing was dribble No respectable woman in her thirties talks this way to others She writes Minneapolis as if it s The Bronx at 2 a.m every night The character can t even walk on one of the streets in Minneapolis in the evening without getting mugged continuously But above all, this book is so unnecessarily graphic that it wasn t even a dark comedy My husband actually asked me if I was feeling well when I was reading the last chapter because my face looked so concerned.Yes, I knew what I was getting myself into, but I had no idea it would be THIS bad.

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    I read this last year and was just suggested it again I never finished it so I didn t think it was fair to include it in my books read, but now I just want to rate and review it so that it won t be suggested to me again I am aware that this is just a fun read and not meant to be taken seriously, but honestly I couldn t stand it The main character is a complete superficial, materialistic, idiot There were some funny parts, but it was not enough to redeem this book for me Wasting my time on this type of book frustrates me when there are much better books to read out there.