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Thirty Creepy, Atmospheric Horror Stories By Rayne HallThese Stories Are Quiet Horror, Not Overly Violent And Gory, Although There Are Some Graphic Moments Please Note These Stories Have Been Previously Published In Magazines, E Zines And Anthologies As Well As In The Six Scary Tales CollectionsBritish English Review originally posted at Scary Tails oops I mean Tales Although thirty scary tails would be exciting too, I imagine Mature Content Rating PG 13 disturbing images and sexually mature scenarios There are a few numbers that can cause fear or trepidation A common number is 13, being avoided because it is evil or unlucky to the point where, in some countries, floor 13 is omitted when building high rises Some people are afraid of the number 4 because of similar reasons, and it is equally omitted from elevator buttons and staircase labels My favourite number fear is 666 All three of these fears have specific terms to go along with them, which I will not bore you with, but the word for fear of the number 666 is so incredible, I must share it Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia and don t ask me to pronounce it Rayne Hall has written a collection of scary tales Not 4 Not 13 Not 666 maybe she has a mild case of Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia just thinking about writing that many The number to be scared of here is 30 Thirty Scary Tales is a wonderful title that tells the reader exactly what is lying beneath that cover Hall brings a great variety of horror styles to the eyes and hearts of any who dare pick up this collection Hidden in the darkened depths is everything from a foreboding realism of the things that go bump in the night to the grotesque, macabre style of Victorian horror If you can name it, think of it, be scared of it, its here ghosts, zombies, psychological thrills and chills some modern day, some Victorian age, and some in fantasy worlds Some of the stories are based on real events, others are retellings of children s stories or fairy tales, and still others are completely fresh ideas sprung from the creative juices flowing in the darkness of Rayne Hall s imagination Each story is accompanied with a brief note from the author concerning the inspiration for the writing and telling, which adds a unique and delightful touch.The Good Before reading this book, I had heard of Rayne Hall, but never sat down and cracked open a cover with her name embossed digitally or otherwise thereon It may be some time before I may that mistake again As the cover is lifted, those words bleed out, and the beginning of a story unfolds, I was immediately drawn in with wonder Though it is hard to do each story justice through a simple review, I will try to reach across the pages with ever broadening strokes The best way to discover the magic behind each story, each page, and each sentence is to read the book.Hall uses an interesting stylistic descriptive format that helps build suspense while, at the same time, painting scenery around the story and characters The action builds, fear is swelling, and Hall fires off punctuated descriptions in the midst of it all, striking the reader like a bullet from an unseen gun The world is empty, the unknown darkness filling readers and characters alike with mounting trepidation, until pieces of scenery begin to fall like a driving rain, locking into place from some unknown realm beyond Often slow and drawn out descriptions can be masterfully done, but their use issuited for tortoise pacing than the sprint of a rabbit through shrubs, running away from the fear rising like a cloud behind it or is that just the dust kicked up by its quick escape Punctuated descriptions fit the mood, describing scenes with wonder filled emotion, making every scene come alive with fear.A lot of the stories have well thought out back stories for the characters therein The stories are not bogged down with too much information of the past, but just enough to build the scene, informing the reader of why they are where they are, and why they are so afraid This is coupled seamlessly with a delightfully rich use of internal monologue often forgone is shorter stories Hall builds fear by letting the reader process through each moment, the characters and their emotions coming alive as fears become reality in their minds.The Bad It is hard to be picky with such a vast collection of stories Some of them fell short of my expectations preferences, but others were engaging and well developed The collection as a whole has a lack of focus, just being a bunch of stories lumped together with a cover on top Some potential magic, throughintegrated connections between the stories, was lost because of this choice of formatting.Some of the stories weren t as satisfying as others This is a point concerning personal preference, and not necessarily the writing style or quality as a whole Every reader will experience this collection differently, each story speaking individually to personal fears, being seen through different eyes.For the most part, the stories did not scare me because I saw what was coming Though the internal monologue was great, a lot of the time it was easy to tell what was going to happen and how it would effect the character s is question because the reader is so invested in their thought processes The ability to discern what is going to happen through reveals in the writing takes away some of the edge of your seat thrills that are often prevalent in the horror genre Sometimes the internal monologues were so blatantly pointing the reading toward the obvious conclusion that it almost felt silly.Conclusion This collection of short stories is worth a read no matter who you are There is something in here for every flavour of reader The scenes are punctuated and fresh, stories coming alive with character motivations and the fears lying beneath their skin Many of the fears are predictable, but satisfying none the less Maybe four of the stories will really scare you, maybe thirteen, maybe all thirty Find out by cracking open the cover, and let the words bleed into your imagination, filling in those cracks of horrific desire If you like horror of any flavour, this book is for you. Rayne Hall kindly sent me a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review I originally didn t know what to say for this review when I first finished the book I enjoyed it, I just didn t know how to word what I wanted to say, but here goes When I settled down to read this book, I was a little apprehensive as I am not a horror fan I m not really fond of blood and guts and gore and I am fairly squeamish I close my eyes at the bloody bits when I am watching Bones on TV LOL Regardless, I started to read.My original rating for this book was going to be a four star one because I wasn t scared by any of the stories I was able to read them without flinching, which disappointed me I was expecting to find myself squealing in disgust or horror or something.I changed my mind when I scared the bejeepers out of myself out by recalling one of the stories The Devil You Know whilst using an empty, unlit, public toilet one night about a week after I read the book.My hubby was waiting outside on some benches so rationally I knew I was safe However, whilst sitting on the toilet, my mind wandered and I started recalling this particular story Remembering how Lucie felt whilst she tried to sleep on a bench on an empty train station platform, I found myself peering around and checking the top of the stall to make sure no eyes were watching me I didn t feel at ease until I had hubby back in view and those public toilets were well behind us LOL.That is what makes a scary tale good and that is why I gave the book a five star rating.To me, if a scary, creepy story which I didn t really get creeped out at while I was reading the book, comes back and bites me in the ass, it deserves a high rating.Each story was well written, each character brought to life Each tale is as creepy as the one before it None of the stories were boring I read each and every one and like another reviewer said, I was also pleasantly surprised by the little notes at the end of each tale Especially when I knew most of the locations as I live within an hour s travel of them Each tale was like a 5 minute movie and not a crappy 5 minute movie either.Is this book worth reading Yes it is It may not be bloody and gory etc but it is creepy enough to lodge itself into your sub conscience and jump out and shout BOO when you least expect it. 4.5 stars Thirty Scary Tales is one of the best single author short story anthologies I have read Rayne Hall s scope as an author is breath taking in this collection, she has given the reader stories of psychological and supernatural horror stories written in the first, second, and third person stories in past and present tense stories expanding upon or referencing well known mythological characters and stories set in the fantasy world she created for her novel Storm Dancer.Of course, as in any anthology, some stories were better than others I particularly liked The Painted Staircase, The Colour of Dishonour, and Terre Vert and Payne s Grey Seagulls, Night Train, and Take Me to St Roch s were less impressive Nevertheless, every story was well written, and none received fewer than 3 stars.My favorite story was Normal, Considering the Weather, although I suspect for reasons Hall did not intend I heard echoes of both Stephen King s The Fog and Tim LaHaye s Left Behind series, and those associations added additional layers to the story for me.I try to avoid reading single author anthologies in one fell swoop because the stories usually start to sound the same While each story in Thirty Scary Tales shared an identifiable sensibility, each also stood on its own merit I have found a new horror author to watch, and I will be checking out Storm Dancer as well.I received a copy of Thirty Scary Tales from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thirty Scary Tales A Book ReviewThirty Scary Tales by Rayne HallAuthor, Rayne Hall, has combined thirty, well written, scary short stories to make a book of horror While these stories are not full of blood and gore, they do carry a lot of creepy, spooky, and spine tingling terror Personally, I enjoyed this book immensely Rayne Hall s stories carry a vivid imagery that drew me right in I loved that after each story, Rayne Hall has written a brief note telling about her inspirations for each story and a little history, when needed The notes allowed me a brief respite, before going on to the next story There was truly nothing that I didn t like about this book I enjoyed each of the short stories, but some hit a cord in my psyche,so than others Some of my personal favorites include Each Stone A Life and By Your Own Free Will both with a surprise ending Then there is, Tuppence Special, which took me on the ride of my life I still think about it I recommend, Thirty Scary Tales by Rayne Hall, to anyone that enjoys reading Horror.NOTE I received a PDF copy of this book for free in return for an honest review.Visit To readBook Reviews. I received this ebook as a promotional item on Tomoson.When I first saw this book was up for promotion, I applied right away I was so excited when I got approved.This book wasn t as scary as I thought it d be, but I loved that it was made up of short stories that the author had created based on real life experiences with a twist The stories had real life experiences with an added creepy or scary twist that many people have had their imagination scare them with I also like that at the end of the story, the author includes where they had gotten the idea of the story from.I loved how relate able these stories were I ve had my imagination run wild and think of similar scary moments or ideas like some of these stories had.Some of my favorites include Scruples Alditha and John are at the house where John works A terrible storm is brewing John wants Alditha to tie him up and steal the riches Then together, once John is free, they ll be rich The house splits due to the storm and being on a cliff John is in trouble and wants Alditha s help Alditha has other plans I loved this one because of how this could truly happen It wasn t Alditha s behavior that creeped me out It s the fact that the house was on a cliff, it split, and part of the house went into the water Houses on cliffs have had that issue before during storms Perhaps I m just weird and have a fear of houses on cliffs Through the Tunnel Allie had her boyfriend leave her at a train station A young man, Steve, comes asking if the train has left yet, but there s no train on the weekends They decide to take a short cut into the next town by going through the tunnel When Allie gets to the pub in the other town, she finds out who Steve really is I love reading ghost stories, but this one had a nice twist Still, who would want to go in a dark tunnel in the middle of the night Creepy Black Karma The main character, who has Hindu beliefs, is being followed by a black, stray dog The dog looks scary, but hasn t tried harming her After a few nights of being followed, she finds out who or what the dog truly is and it s intentions I love ready stories about other religions if they re written well This one had a very pleasing twist with the Hindu belief of reincarnation based on how the person behaved in that lifetime Four Bony Hands Estelle is practices wiccan and has recently come across a little boy and girl in the forest They have run away from home, so Estelle takes them in to take care of them for the night The boy believes she s a witch based on what he s seen on tv or in movies The boy and girl try to protect themselves from Estelle, even though Estelle is only try to help them I love that this story is a different point of view on Hansel and Gretel Many people know the story of Hansel and Gretel This story basically shows that just because we have heard of Hansel and Gretel s version of the story, it doesn t mean that it s 100% what truly happened I couldn t sit down and read this book all in one go, but it was a book that I kept wanting to go back to to read a fewstories out of it There were many of the stories that I wanted to go on, to know what happened to the characters or how the story could continue. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and was very pleased that I did I don t generally read many short story anthologies unless I ve been reading related work by the author they often seem too short to me and don t always wrap up the tale in a way I m happy with I d seen a few teasers of Rayne Hall s work before and decided this was a great opportunity to give her a shot.As the author states in her introduction, fear is personal What might scare one person may not even get a thrill out of the next I admit that I haven t been scared by a book in ages save anxiety you feel when you worry a character you like will be offed Probably I read too many horror stories That is why I take my hat if I wore one off to the author for giving me a sweaty chill when I read The Bridge Chamber The claustrophobic in me imagined this a little too well Rayne Hall s grasp of relating atmosphere is superb and I really fancied the small additions at the end of each short story, giving you a little insight into where her ideas came from for each This lady sounds like she s lived a colorful life, to the reader s benefit for sure. Thirty Scary Story by Rayne HallI was given a given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.What s inside of your mind I am a fan of The Twilight Zone, so this book was a hit with me Five little short stories that feeds your deepest fears WOW They are just in time for Halloween or teaching someone not to trust someone that they meet This little heart pounding thrillers start off slow, but your heart will beat fast and out control by the end out story.There is something for everyone that likes horror, for example in Each Stone, a life give, the series killer give a false sense of caring to his female partner, before her end.Rayne Hall makes the reader feels they are one of the characters in the story.Ms Hall reaches into the darkest and the scariest part of the reader mind to write her stories.This was one amazing set of short horror and a must read for anyone who likeexcitement Take this home for a Halloween treat today A scary 5 stars jackee322001.tumblr.comhttp Understated, classic chillersA treasure chest replete with dark, wickedly enticing gems, Thirty Scary Tales is a collection of short thrillers set against a melange of backdrops from medieval fantasy to the modern day, real life scenarios we ve all found ourselves nearly immersed in The entwining theme though is the kind of chilling horror that showsthan it tells, and invests its readers like icy water if you get through one of these stories without a shudder, you re a braver reader than I am I can t possibly do justice to all thirty stories here but among the most deliciously disturbing is Beltrane , a very short story of just under two pages, delivered with the stealth and efficiency of a dagger blade Mave is a girl just matured to adulthood, sent on a seemingly harmless errand to buy apples from the village s blind fruit vendor But she is part of a sinister design, seemingly apparent to everyone in the village but her I won t give the ending away but once you see what s coming, the story seems to gallop towards an inevitable conclusion that has you grinning and grimacing all at the same time Like all of Rayne Hall s stories, the writing draws you in to the world in which they are set, with the kind of imagery you want to jump into or away from I found myself needing a drink of water after a desert scene, or closing the window after picking my way across dark railway sleepers on a wind swept Welsh railway line.Speaking of railways if you re claustrophobic, stay well away from The Bridge Chamber This is one of the collection s most terrifyingly gripping entries, and relates the story of three children who go exploring an old, dark tunnel, set into the hillside as part of a railway bridge Think of a long chamber, dark as pitch, that gets ever narrower as you crawl further into the bowels of the earth, and then imagine getting somehow blocked into that tiny, cold, dank tunnel In the author s capable hands you ll be delivered into their chilling world with terrible realism I can still feel the moss covered bricks and smell the damp stone now I was put in mind of a caving venture where I actually did get stuck in one of the narrowest chambers, unable to go backwards or forwards Thanks, Rayne, for bringing that memory back in such a chilling deluge If you ve ever had an experience like that, or if you fear enclosed spaces in any way, don t read this story You have been warned Almost all of the Thirty Scary Tales have the kind of irresistibly dark ending that leaves you at once chilled and satisfied, but for something engagingly touching, try the ghost story Through the Tunnel Allie is stranded in the rain strewn Welsh countryside after a spat with her boyfriend Miles from the nearest town, she tries the railway station, only to find a non existent weekend service She is left with the prospect of walking the wind swept wet roads to the closest from of civilisation ten miles away or else hitchhiking the journey But with not a single passing car in half an hour, she gives up There is another option though the railway tunnel, just beyond the station, will cut through the hills and in less than a mile bring her to a small village with a pub and a public telephone The tunnel is a risky prospect though, lightless and unsafe in the event that a passing train should come through while she s in it Moreover, she is approached at the station by a local, Steve, who counsels her against taking the treacherous short cut In spite of his warnings, Allie plunges into the dark mouth of the tunnel, if nothing else keen to get away from this mysterious stranger who pursues her into the darkness The ending, though, is not what you might expect.At this point I want to say, You ll like Thirty Scary Tales if you like such and such or If your literary fodder tends towards so and so, this is for you, but actually whatever your favoured genre, you ll be gripped by this compilation I devoured all thirty without encountering one that didn t have me hooked, so compelling are they in their chilling engagement of those darkest fears Some I could relate to personally, others I couldn t, but all reached out for me with their long, gnarled fingers, and dragged me in 4.5 StarsI really enjoyed this collection of scary tales To me, they remind me of a mixture of the Twilight Zone TV show and Tales from the Crypt They are perfect for reading alone, or to a group for a scary night Halloween is coming up and any of these would make a good tale while waiting for costume kids Even if you don t want to be scared, many of these tales have a message that can teach the young people of our day Like The Devil You Know, Greywalker, By Your Own Free Will, Double Rainbow, and Turkish Night Rayne Hall brings emotion, description, and spooky tales alive to the read I especially liked her comments after each tale saying what inspired the story I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.