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[books pdf] The State: Theories and Issues (Political Analysis)Author Colin Hay –

Does what it sets out to do, and does it well However, its bias towards analyzing European polities is telling This tendency is becoming increasingly anachronistic as economic power continues shifting from the Atlantic to the Pacific region Presumably the nature of statehood in this region will become important for the future of practical politics, and this will also be reflected in the choice of readings that politics departments set for university students Perhaps even so if the European Union project fails to make any further progress in its aims Broad Ranging In Its Coverage, This Major New Text Introduces All The Main Competing Theoretical Approaches To The Study Of The State As Well As Key Contested Issues In Relation To Globalization, New Forms Of Governance, The Changing Public Private Boundary, Changes In The Powers And Capacities Of States, And The Differences Between Advanced Liberal Democratic And Other States