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The Spy Who Loved Me PDF Ò Who Loved eBook ☆

‘He was about six feet tall slim and fit The eyes in the lean slightly tanned face were a very clear grey blue and as they observed the men they were cold and watchful His good looks had a dangerous almost cruel quality that had frightened me But now I knew he could smile I thought his face exciting in a way no face had ever excited me before ’Vivienne Michel is in trouble Trying to escape her tangled past she has run away to the American backwoods winding up at the Dreamy Pines Motor Court A far cry from the privileged world she was born to the motel is also the destination of two hardened killers—the perverse Sol Horror and the deadly Sluggsy Morant When a coolly charismatic Englishman turns up Viv in terrible danger is not just hopeful but fascinated Because he is James Bond 007 the man she hopes will save her the spy she hopes will love her

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