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Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance MMThirty years after his father the High Ruler of Katzman was murdered Commander Chellak Rai has finally returned to reclaim his birthright What he finds is than he expected or could ever have hoped forDemyan is a bruter one of the rare and exotic people of the planet Eluone He is also a slave And according to his contract if he does not have a master he must be returned to the cruel hands of Vortigern Vedek the man that killed Chellak's father and stole his throneFor Chellak it is a double edged sword He knows the moment he meets Demyan that the sexy little man is his destined mate but the laws of his planet state that he can not own a slave To keep Demyan he must defy his own laws and beliefs But keeping Demyan is not as easy as winning his heart

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    Please look this picture They are so cute no? And now tell me They are two male cats a male and a female or two females?What made a woman a woman and a man a man? It's a trick uestion I know but all this philosophy is to say one simple thingDemyar one of the main characters is a womanohhhh I know I'm getting a lot of evil eyes now but It's the brutal truth about this character he is not a he but a sheWhat the hell I'm talking about? Simple every single thing about him scream WOMAN in my head not man I read about male slaves a lot male pregnancy and this book is the first that give me this impression and I must say it this book has a MM tag but readers used to MM like me could have the impression it's a MF novelIt's my personal opinion and I certainly respect who doesn't agree and think it's a perfect MM novel Me? Nope I loved Chellak the male character and mate of Demyar liked the sci fi adore the secondary characters Ciprian and Yerik BTW THAT a MM couple appreciated the plot BUT in my head there was that annoying scream WOMAN not MAN when Demyar talked walked and thought So 2 stars and I'll read of this serie I can't give up just for this personal opinion about one character I want to see if it's only Demyar or the writing stile

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    Commander Chellak Rai and his brother have finally come home After a thirty year wait to claim back his home planet Eluone he now finds himself with a planet desperately in need of repair There’s a bunch of people – so afraid they even refuse to look him in the eye And most bemusing of all he is now the owner of a bruter and although he has no idea what a bruter is he does however know that he’s the most beautiful man he has ever seen and his mateDemyan has suffered numerous punishments at the hands of Vortigern Vedek and his demonic son now that they have been ousted and a new ruler is in place – he expects nothing less He’s puzzled by how the new ruler not only expects nothing from him but treats him better than he has ever been treated since he arrived on the planetFinding out that his mate is a slave but also the terms surrounding his ownership has Chellak angry and frustrated as he has no intention of giving his man up Demyan came to Chellak with a lot of issues and problems the main one that stands out may be than they either of them can handleMs Glenn has brought about something different with THE KATZMAN’S MATE not only has she given us a book with two worthy protagonists but a solid plots that lends itself to future bookChellak is a Katzman a race with feline appearance and a few of their characteristics When they are mated however a very special event happens between mated parties which very few people know about Chellak has waited what feels like an eternity to get his planet back When he gets a two for one deal with finding his mate as well – his joy is only marred by the fact that his mate is a slave and things are not looking optimistic for a future for themDemyan is a new entity to Chellak – not only is he beautiful but graceful Demyan however has a special ability that will have Chellak having his cake and eating it tooMs Glenn’s THE KATZMAN’S MATE is a well thought out story with surprises aplenty characters that tear at your heart strings and enough tension filled scenes that will have you thumbing the pages of this book for a long while after you have read itThe KATZEMAN’S MATE contains all the aspects that I like in a book – and I will be looking forward to the next story that Ms Glenn pens

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    Eh this just wasn't for me I couldn't take it seriously and the multitude of spelling and grammar errors didn't help I didn't like either main character at the beginning Chellak seemed like an idiot and Demyan had no personality I liked Demyan a lot once he stopped trying to act like a proper slave Chellak never really got over being an idiot though There were parts that I liked mostly when Demyan was being funny or smart so it was better than just ok for me but I don't think I can round up to say I liked it because of all of the spelling and grammar errors PSA You never ever use an apostrophe to pluralize a name Just sayin'

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    I liked that the aliens are very emotional and it's cool that they can get pregnant

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    I bought this book since I read in another post by a friend of mine of a particularly development of the story that I was really interested in seeing but since I'm mean and since finding out that development is part of the surprise of the book I will not say what it was ; Yes yes I know that I had an advantage on you but still I'm incorruptible Apart from that first element the Katzman's Mate has many traits that usually I like in a futuristic gay romance first of all the furry nature of one of the main characters even when it's the top of the situation Truth be told Chellak the katzman has less fur than usual and he has not a tail only pointed ears and a bit of hair on his body than a human And a cat like nose And long and thick hair like the mane of a lion said like that he seems not so handsome but he purrs so I can accept that Chellak is the commander of a small pride who comes back to his home planet to get rid of the usurper who killed his father or less thirty years before Having Chellak a bit of feline nature in him he is all in all the classical feline man of a paranormal romance all instinct and you are my mate attitude when a Alpha Male katzman finds his mate he gets in a frenzy mating and he has only one thought in mind well to be true not so different from any other male feline or not Anyway Chellak finds his mate in Demyan a small man from an exotic planet who was a slave of the usurper Demyan is a beautiful little thing and the villain used him as carrot to his stubborn son; if the Boy behaved in a good way he was allowed to play with his toy Demyan otherwise the toy was put in a cage From that experience Demyan comes out a bit traumatized and also mute due to an harsh punishment he suffered to have refused unwelcoming sexual advance from his captor This is not exactly a yaoi novel it lacks of some of the main characterizations big blurry eyes blushing virgin and so on but many of the elements that draw female reader to gay romance are there the Top and Bottom pair with clear and precise play roles without shifting; the chick with dick bottom a boy who behaves mostly like a girl when girl where demure and shy; the exclusive and strictly monogamous couple In the end the big why I was attracting to this book at first the one I can't say but that I know it's a big NO for some gay romance readers especially the purist but that has some fans among other If I'm to be sincere I like all of above true not always and not in all my books but sometime I like it; I'm all for a big bad Alpha Male who can pur and I like Demyan's character a mix of innocent and teaser sometime you wonder if he is dumb but then you realize he is really only very young and not used to deal with strangers So yes I liked it and please don't take my following comment like a reason to not read it; I feel to write it only as an advice to the author and the editor being me not English mother tongue it's hard for me to notice typos but I found some one even in the second sentence of the book first page They are uite simple mistakes I believe most due maybe to an automatic proof reader that perhaps changed a word in the wrong way Most of them probably you can find and correct with a second pass from a skilled reader Since as I said and want to remark the story is good and the characters also I think it's a shame that a reader is distracted by those typos

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    Stormy Glenn is a bit of a conundrum to me She's not a very good writer but her stories are interesting Maybe she's one of those people who would be great at telling a story around a campfire but she runs into trouble when she has to put the words on paper I'm constantly finding mistakes in her books not just typos but the wrong words being used For example she once used perspective when the correct word would have been respective then used prospective when it should have been perspective I've also spotted several incomplete sentences It's frustrating and happens freuently in her books On top of that her characters tend to be rather stereotypical and sometimes insulting I love her ideas but her writing is so mediocre that I can't in good conscience rate her books any higher than two stars Are they worth paying money for? Definitely not But if you can borrow them from a library source or friend and are into mm and sometimes mmm paranormal or sci fi romance then you might enjoy them

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    He didn’t have a viscous bone in his beautiful bodyI should hope notThe editing is pretty awful all around but if I take that in stride and I did then there’s a nice storyI honestly can’t explain why I still like this book The shifting viewpoints the idiotic miscommunication I should be too frustrated to enjoy But I suppose I enjoy anyway Go figure

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    Insta love mating and 'love' based on the beauty of each other little to no plot and a whole lot of meh Not for me

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    I'm a little confused why this is on some best of lists in the MM Romance Group and that it gets the high ratings it doesI can get into a good shifter esue story I like stories involving a strong alpha main character Even the cat men in outer space setting could be a plus But the manufactured angst due to lack of communication just annoyed me to no endview spoiler This plot device was kept going by the fact that Demyan couldn't express himself as he was rendered mute due to an attempt at strangulation by his previous master Of course things turned around when Demyan learned to read and write Kind of sillyAnd other than the mating instinct and using the adjectives protective and possessive the character of Chellak's main claim to alphahood is his height of 6 12 feet and muscled frame Otherwise his character came across as tentative and oafishAlso the reader is supposed to be kept wondering what bruter means breeder I'll hide this although I don't think this is a spoiler since others are shelving this book as mpreg the mpreg aspect was an afterthought only and figured only superficially into the story If you're looking for this specifically as a main theme you'll be disappointed hide spoiler

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    I put off reading this one for some time now sure why I thought it would be to far out there But I really liked it It really held my interest once I started it it doesn't have alot of futuristic talk in it to get lost which I was afraid of just enough Instead of a shapeshifter Chellak is part human and part cat He doesn't have a tail just ears and lite fur and some facial areas but they can mate and can communicate with their mates like shifters Like many book Chellak and Demyan have their problems getting together they each are thinking the other one isn't interested Chellak is the big strong take charge type and doesn't know how to take care of Demyan who has been so abused in the past and treated as a slave is afraid to do anything without being told At times you feel so sorry for Demyan he seems so lostBut they do have a communication problem thru most of the bookBottom line if you like Stormy's books I think you will like this one also