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History of Information Graphics TASCHEN Books An XL sized compendium on the history of knowledge Main SR only Anker XL History of Information Graphics US Multilingual Edition English French German Availability In Stock Add to Cart Share share email share facebook share twitter Table of Contents View all images Table of Contents In a nutshell In a nutshell Read Read View all images You may also like A Brief History of Infographics YouTube Well Infographics by definition means images that share information in visual ways When you break it down like that so many pieces in our history actually qualify as infographics Let’s History of Infographics From Static to Dynamic Today we are going to trace the recent history of infographics showing the transformation from static to dynamic ones with the help of a dozen characteristic examples Let’s begin Starbucks vs McDonalds The infographic can be found on an official website of Princeton University It looks dazzling and messy yet still visually appealing and intriguing It houses several types of The History of The Internet A Year Journey The Internet has made the world into a hyper connected global village A century ago connecting with someone on the other side of the world on a real time basis would have been scoffed off as an impossible idea In fact radio had just become a mainstream technology The telephone was a luxury that was restricted to a very few users Instant connectivity was hard to come by Infographic History of Franchising | Franchise Direct Infographic History of Franchising and Current Franchise Industry Facts 🕒Estimated Reading Time minutes Posted with permission from Vetted Opps Information Center Franchise Information Ultimate Guide to Franchising FDD Research Hub Franchise Articles Franchise News Franchise Reports Franchise Videos Franchise Direct Blog Franchise Success Stories Categories Franchise A Visual Timeline of Pandemics Throughout History Throughout history as humans have spread across the globe infectious diseases have followed us every step of the way Even with advances in medicine and technology infectious diseases continue to evolve and threaten our existence Visual Capitalist created the visual timeline below of some of history’s most deadly pandemics On their site you can find additional information along with Infographic The History of Wearable Technology Today’s infographic not only highlights the history of wearable technology but it also shows the noticeable acceleration in the advancement and adoption of new innovations At the beginning it would take hundreds of years between breakthroughs such as eyeglasses and the abacus ring Today new wearable tech innovations happen every month In the last ten years we’ve had the Google Glass The History of Social Media Infographic | Social The History of Social Media Infographic Author By Irfan Ahmad irfanahmad Published April Share it post share tweet Social media channels have been everywhere since the early s and it has been growing at exponential rates since then Everyday we spend minutes on Facebook Twitter Instagram and Whatsapp It's hard to imagine a world without it and we tend to Visual Infographic The History of the Hanbok – Dear hanbok enthusiasts We receive a lot of questions about the background and the history of the Korean traditional hanbok Please enjoy the following infographic to learn about the history its origins and how hanboks are worn in modern culturePlease enjoy and send us any feedback Naval Analyses INFOGRAPHICS and HISTORY INFOGRAPHICS and HISTORY Battleships of WWII Written by D Mitch IJN Yamato in The ship together with its sister ship IJN Musashi were the only super battleships that saw action This article is devoted to the battleships the most powerful ships to sail the waves and the pride of every navy from to the early 's These large warships with the impressive gun armament