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[[ Free Textbooks ]] The Industrial Revolution in American History (In American History)Author Anita Louise McCormick –

This Book Describes How, In Less Than Two Hundred Years, The United States Changed From A Rural, Agricultural Society Into An Industrial World Power It Explores The Inventions, Ideas, And Innovators Who Helped Bring The Industrial Revolution From Its Roots In Great Britain To America It Traces The Evolution Of Modern Conveniences, Luxurious Consumer Goods, Developing Cities, And The Problems Of Urban Living Traces The History Of The Industrial Revolution From Its Roots In Eighteenth Century England, Through Its Beginnings In The United States, To Its Decline In The Twentieth Century

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    Despite the fact that this book rarely contains any vivid pictures, this book does offer a great deal of information regarding the pivotal time that was the Industrial Revolution and how this innovated time in history changed the course of life in the United States forever In simple language, Mccormick defines a nation transformed by the industrialization of the textile industry, the steam engine, the contributed of guns and the cotton gin from Eli Whitney, and the industrialization of factories This book is fairly easy to read though and provides extended information on how the Industrial Revolution not only changed America at that time in history but for years to come.

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    I need it for a history project.