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✭ A History of Jewelry: Joseph Saidian & Sons Libri ✯ Autore Caroline Childers –

This Book Offers A Unique Way Of Exploring The World Of Vintage Jewelry For Experts, Newcomers, And Anyone With An Interest In The TopicEvery Piece Of Jewelry Tells A Story, And Noneso Than The Exquisite Pieces In This Book, Which Have Passed Through Several Notable Owners Before Arriving At Joseph Saidian Sons, An Antique Jewelers Shop Nestled In The Manhattan Art And Antiques Center Each Chapter Is Centered Around A Particular Piece Of Jewelry And The Way In Which It Is Emblematic A Previous Owner, An Exemplary Design Or Dominant Material From An Array Of Historic Pieces From Van Cleef Arpels To A Discussion Of Indian Royalty And Its Relationship With Jewelry To Pages Filled With Exquisite Pearl Jewelry, This Book Satisfies Both The Casual Fan And The Devotee With Full Color Photographs And Informative Themed ChaptersThe Eclectic Choice Of Jewels And Objets Makes This A Book Unlike Any Other, With Myriad Entry Points To Larger Discussions On Broader Themes And Trends That The Pieces Figure Into This Publication Features Beautiful Full Color Photographs Of Jewelry From Various Historical Eras Up To The Present Day, With A Wide Range Of Materials And Styles Each Piece Offers A Different Entry Point For Discussing The History Of Jewelry And Various Design Elements, Techniques, Materials, And Societal ImplicationsCaroline Childers Has Been Publishing Well Regarded Books About Jewelry For Nearly Years, Including Six Volumes Of The Comprehensive Jewelry International