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Lonely spaceport worker Devin McSmith meets Bastian Drago an exotic and beastly alien from the planet Dega and begins an adventure that takes him to the stars and beyondWhile working at Earth's Spaceport Prime Devin McSmith meets Bastian Drago an exotic and beastly alien from the planet DegaDevin and Bastian get to know each other and their relationship uickly heats up Just as they begin to fall in love Bastian disappears without a traceWhen Devin's encounter with Bastian triggers a startling change in his body he is taken captive and held in a top secret research facilityWill Bastian find Devin before it's too late?

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    you should have seen my facedudeduuuuuuuuudebut for why you gotta fuck up a perfectly hot spacey opera y orphan comes home but with deep dickin' story—with like twenty pages of torture porn?i wuz like wuuuuuuuuuuutsighstill hot tho not gonna liejust skip the bit from where view spoilerthey taser his ass in the examination room until he ends up on the degan home world with Martha Stewart hide spoiler

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    DNF at 11%Yeah this is not for me The first thing I noticed about him was the tips of his bottom two canine teeth They protruded from his mouth and pressed into the thick mustache that covered his upper lip underneath a wide nose The hairs on his chin hung down about six inches into a point like a billy goat He had two pointy horns on top of his head about three inches tall and ivory white in color His entire body was covered in honeybrown fur though it was thickest on his chest and stomach where it was a slightly darker shade than the rest of his fur Holding onto a fistful of my hair he pushed my face into his furry armpit I moaned wantonly and inhaled deeply to breathe in his spicy scent He flipped me onto my belly and rubbed his body all over my back I sprayed my load over and over onto my belly as Bastian erupted like a geyser covering me from forehead to belly with ropes and pools of his thick pearly seed

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    When it comes to Beauty and the Beast storylines I'm in all the way can't get enough of them This one was especially good and it hada mpreg Oh yes Devin is the cutest of twinks he's had a pretty tough life but that all changes when he meets Bastian a big grin is on my lips when I think of Bastian he's big hairy and kinda lion like and so in love with Devin I was in complete fantasy heaven and it gets even better when he finds out that Devin is pregnant Yep this book as it all Some bad things happen but Bastian will always save and protect DevinI'm sighing again just thinking of him Loved loved this book Rob Colton you have a new fan

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    Written March 31 201432 Stars for a fun m preg a sweet trifleYes it's true I just read a sweet sci fi fantacy with a m preg topic I just need to learn than zero actually about this strange m preg thing now After two fun tentacle love romances and a lot of other strange reads in this wonderful world of MM books was I prepared for this odd topic as well And how lucky that I dared to take a chance This was a charming and sweet sci fi Right now feels actually a male pregnancy mostly practical and simply cuteDevin McSmith is working at Earth's Spaceport Prime but wish he was working at one of the spaceships instead He always dreamed about to go out in space but as the short and tiny guy he is he didn't make it as a spaceship worker One day he meets Bastian Drago a tall manly Degan species from the planet Dega They instantly feel an deep attraction for each other and soon an sweet love affair starts Bastian was just visiting Earth for a secret mission and the day after their budding love led to an high lovemaking peak disappears Bastian without a trace Devin is beside himself with worry and grief and really soon is also his earlier so flat male stomach starting to slowly bulge and “Well congratulations are in order You're having a baby”Devin wonder of course if he ever will see his beloved alien mate again Then some malicious scientists appeared and eventually also relatives of Bastian The adventure begins‘Well at least I now had a technical name for my mutation spontaneous womb generation How romantic’There was a few tough heartbreaking moments but also a lot of funny thoughts about to be pregnant A belly that become hairy and itchy large appetite a period of nausea and a waddling walk style And how in heaven's sake should their uickly growing baby be born? Heard of a male birthing path? “Oh I see how you are now You want me barefoot and pregnant”“Yes”“Chauvinist”“Yes”He wasn't even going to deny it Of course Rather than being offended I just couldn't help but laugh’ This is a really cute cozy and light hearted story Bastian is big muscular tall hairy and have small delicate horns on his head Maybe a bit ugly but oh how I loved him A large shaggy sweetheart Devian is the typical cute fun and sensitive gay guy you want to take care of and just hug uite odd weird yet a so marvelously sweet MM couple I smiled and cooed for their family happiness and tender love The Degan Incident started really well but dropped in both speed and excitement towards the end Either way it was a bit sugar sweet but still an enjoyable read a sweet for the moment storyI LIKE nice than cheeky

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    Schmoopy gay pornNot often you see this particular melange of unvarnished sex and sugary sweet emotions But that's the tone of this soulmates' story Devin is a small orphaned human working the Space Port on Earth when he meets Bastian a giant furry Degan He sort of reminds me of thisOr maybe a bipedal mashup with thisThough that could just be the name Any which way Degans are an ancient race of large ferocious furry bipeds with limited contact with humans But for Devin and Bastian the pull is instantaneous and there's a surprise that happens during their connectionSuddenly all the flowers and friskiness is tossed aside as the intrigue ensues A thriller of galactic proportions begins and every thing from advance interrogation cough torturecough to spaceship battles occur True love can't be denied It's imperfect but for a simple escapist read it works

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    This is another one that I have put off reading but decided to go ahead pick it up and I'm glad I did This is how I like my mate stories no unnecessary pushing away or denying of each other I love all the different species And I loved Devin and Bastian Both deserved a good mate I will say I don't think book 2 interests me If it were another Degan then I'd probably rush to get to it but since it's not meh I wonder if I can skip it and go to book 3 🤔I'd love to read Peri's book He deserves a good mate too but after reading the blurb I'm not sure it will suit me 😡

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    Bastian Drago “Do not apologize for them Humans have a history of not being very tolerant of others who are different”Devin McSmith “I suppose so I’d like to think it is getting better As a species we’ve done a lot of growing over the years But we obviously still have some roomNot all of us are like that”Well I am of those who really appreciate anything different And I thought that this is a beautiful Sci Fi MM love story with a hint of adventureWhat to expect from this book A heavily pregnant human maleit is called something like “spontaneous womb generation in other species” Strange foreplay and even stranger “true bondmating” lots of body fluids honestly A LOT during the process An alien Degan loverboy whose description reminded me of Grufallo The GruffaloBut still Devin thinks Degan is pretty “Most humans are frightened of the Degan by our appearance They try not to show it but I can scent their fear You have never shown fear to me”“Well you don’t scare me You are just a big teddy bear”And “You are so handsome”“For a non human?”“No For a man Human or otherwise”“Humans call our kind beasts or beastmen”“Well you’re beauty than beast to me”So expect real love and a great world building and very interesting different main characters and some of the nicest female charactersand uniue new species especially pets

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    This was a wild ride space soap opera Spaceships aliens conspiracies and mpreg thrown in It pretty much had it all and I enjoyed the read a lot Devin is a lonely young guy just barely scraping by the space port where he works will soon make his job redundant and all he wants to do is explore the universe so he's saving his pennies He meets the exotic beast like alien Bastian and the two have a blazing short term affair after which Bastian disappears and Devin's problems start to get out of control Definitely over the top but this was fun I was hoping that the seuel would focus on Devin's best friendchosen brother Perrin but it doesn't so fingers crossed we'll see his story in the future I will be checking out the second book in the series because I enjoyed the style of this one This had a nice sci fi feel to it and the alien peoples had interesting world building

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    This is the first book I've actually been able to finish in a while due to an overload of real world distractions so I was especially relieved to find something relaxing that also entertained This definitely fit the bill and I read right through it I found Devin to be a sweetie an orphan who is still upbeat can't get into the space navy but cheerfully takes a job as a grunt at the spaceport so he can at least see the space ships He's similarly insouciant about his dreams of a big muscle bound hairy charming someday coming to carry him off to live in his off planet lake side villa Unsurprisingly his big tough Degan lover is a suitably gooey marshmallow who cries almost as often as Devin who cries in almost every scene which isn't helped when he gets knocked up by the aggressive DNA mutating sperm of his alien lover cat That was all cool though and didn't detract from my enjoyment at all I do wish the author had pushed harder on the sci fi though His Degan in addition to speaking perfect English without technological help also has a culture and planetary terrain that is indistinguishable from Earth's only discounting their purple sky As it stands it reads like a shifter story interspecies but not interplanetaryMini Rant from someone who's had a baby view spoilerWouldn't they have been a bit aggressive with the medical care for an interspecies baby being carried by a male parent? Babies that are often 15 20 pounds? Being born through the guy's naval? In the last month of pregnancy expecting mothers in the US with otherwise uneventful all human babies see their doctors weekly; Devin apparently the first human or male to carry a Degan baby has spent most of his gestational period as a prisoner and has undergone torture rescue space travel space battles in addition to spontaneously growing a womb to carry this child I just couldn't take it when the Degan Doctor said to make an appointment for a month later and none of the uber protective Degan males seemed to be worried about taking him far from a medical center Can we be surprised the poor dude almost died giving birth to little Callan? hide spoiler

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    5 stars and Kudos becauseDev the human and only narrator is soooooo cute Always in cloths to big for him always loving a big and older guy to hold him loving a Degan for what he is an incredible person not for his look Degans are beast like creatures I ADORED him Look one example You're handsome I wishpered as I looked into his eyesFor a non human?No for a man Human or otherwiseHumans call our kind beasts or beastmenWell you're beauty than beast to meAWWWWWWWW no?HOW FUCKING CUTE IS THAT???? Damn Devin McSmith is soooo CUTEBastian the beast like alien aka a Degan is SOOOOOO HOT A mix between a human and a lion he PURRS He is big furry muscular and totally and completely devoted to his human Dev I LOVED HIM ALL female characters are pleasant persons I'm TIRED of bitchingex girfriendsbitches that are ALL females In this book ALL female characters are amazing and I LOVED allEven if THERE IS ABUSE beware there is crude scenes even if it's uick it's THERE Abuse aka torture it's such a sweet story SOOO romantic Adorable Yeah it's a 5 stars story I would LOVE to read