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[ Free pdf ] The Beach HouseAuthor Beth Reekles –

A Companion Novella For The Kissing Booth, By ReeklesIt S Summer, And For Rochelle And Her Best Friend Lee, That Means One Thing The Beach House They Ve Spent Every Summer Of Their Lives There, But Things Are Different This Year For One Thing, Rochelle Is Dating Lee S Older Brother Noah, Who S Also Going To Be There With Them Summer At The Beach House Has Never Been Fun And Never Has It Been Upside Down And Inside Out From Kissing To Sunbathing To Volleyball, Summer This Year Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Ride

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    No This can t be over I need Noah, Lee and Elle, I m going to miss you They were than simple characters in a book They were almost real to me I loved these two stories about the three of them And I want another book And I m disappointed because Beth wrote on Wattpad that there will not be another book about them I mean why not These characters deserve P S This novella needs a movie Just saying.

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    Read this after watching the movie The Kissing Booth, and needing a little If you loved the movie, don t read this It ruins the story and overall it just kind of sucked.

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    This isn t actually a sequel as the events of this novella happen during the same time The Kissing Booth is set.While it was nice to have a little of these characters, nothing much happens I found myself wishing I hadn t read it because I didn t really enjoy where Reekles took the story.

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    This is a continuation of The Kissing Booth and it just wasn t good

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    0.5 5 stars.Absolutely nothing important happens in this book It just goes into detail on the beach holiday they had at the end of the book The Kissing Booth That s it No character development or anything interesting happens The same old nonsense just keeps repeating throughout the book.

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    To be honest, I haven t read the first bookbut I watched the movie and wanted of the characters so when I found this, I couldn t resist I m not sure what I expected but I can t even say this is what I wanted I don t know how this compares to the first book see reason above but I wanted time between Elle and Noah That s what I wanted to see, and I got very little of that Add in the events of the Truth or Dare and well.I didn t love this I just thought the events that happened in ToD didn t need to happen and it was done to blow things up between characters for unnecessary drama with no actual resolution Maybe I ll have better luck with the actual book.

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    I wanted a bit after the movie, but didn t feel like jumping right to the book.I was so dissapointed by this it adds nothing to the story, it doesn t even closes their stories If you wanted to see what happens when Noah goes to college, you won t find the answers here it ends the same way

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    Awesome, but it doesn t feel like it s finished Maybe having a book following this one would be better Anyway, outstanding.

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    DNF WITH ONLY 4 WATTPAD SHORT CHAPTERS LEFT You know that shit bored the ever loving fuck out of me when I don t push through and try to finish a book with only a little bit left Seriously, it would have only been like 15 20 mins reading tops, and I just couldn t bring myself to do it The plot was wandering and is entirely unnecessary to overall story It just goes into detail about the beach holiday that takes place at the end of The Kissing Booth, and you learn pretty much nothing new about the characters Nothing of significance happens other than Noah being a douche and Elle and him having a fight The main drama of this short story is something that you already know is resolved in The Kissing Booth Unless something happens in those last few chapters, absolutely nothing important happens.

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    cute cute cute cute fluffy read liked it alot no substance and practically nothing was resolved even tho a problem was introduced basically was like oh no whats gonna happen after this every five pages but the ending was literally i guess we ll just see what happens and not worry about it but it was still fluffy and cute happened with the friendship instead of the romantic relationship and i was like why but oh well