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Christopher Rowe Is Back And There Are Puzzles, Riddles, And Secrets To Uncover In This Third Novel Of The Award Winning Blackthorn Key SeriesWherever Christopher Rowe Goes, Adventure And Murder Follows Even A Chance To Meet King Charles Ends In A Brush With An AssassinAll That S Recovered From The Killer Is A Coded Message With An Ominous Sign Off Attempts Are Coming So When Christopher S Code Breaking Discovers The Attack S True Target, He And His Friends Are Ordered To Paris To Investigate A Centuries Old Curse On The French Throne And When They Learn An Ancient Treasure Is Promised To Any Assassin Who Succeeds, They Realize The Entire Royal Family Is At Stake As Well As Their Own LivesIn The Third Heart Pounding Installment Of The Award Winning Blackthorn Key Series, Christopher, Tom, And Sally Face New Codes, Puzzles, And Traps As They Race To Find The Hidden Treasure Before Someone Else Is Murdered

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    Ich bin von dieser Reihe absolut begeistert und warte nun inzwischen immer wieder sehns chtig auf einen neuen Teil Nat rlich in der Hoffnung, dass diese mit meinen Erwartungen mithalten k nnen und zum Gl ck werde ich nicht entt uscht.Im dritten Teil verschl gt es Christopher und Tom nach Frankreich, um dort die k nigliche Familien vor einem Attentat zu bewahren Doch bald m ssen sie wieder jede Menge R tsel l sen und es taucht eine Verbindung zu den Tempelrittern auf.Das Buch ist wieder unglaublich spannend und ich war von dem Buch total gepackt Ich liebe es wie der Autor Codes, Mythen und historische Fakten in seine Geschichten einarbeitet Dadurch ist es nicht nur abwechslungsreich und unterhaltsam, sondern auch unglaublich informativ Die Informationen zu den Tempelrittern fand ich total spannend.Das Tempo in der Geschichte ist zum Teil wirklich rasant, daher wird einem wirklich nie langweilig Beruhigt wird die Geschichte dann durch Code Entschl sselungen, aber auch das war f r mich alles andere als langweilig Das Geheimnis des letzten Tempelritters ist wieder ein rundum gelungenes Leseabenteuer und jetzt hei t es wieder warten auf den n chsten Teil.

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    Another amazing addition the the Blackthorn Key series This time after saving the King of england from poisoning Christopher, Tom, and Sally are sent to Paris under fake names and titles to stop the assassins and protect the royals Clues, codes, danger, and humor The perfect combination.I found this to be another great read Where as I did start to predict some of the answers before hand I think that is simply because I am starting to understand the way the author thinks, but I would not call the book at all predictable There are than enough twists and turns to make you look twice The character development is really coming together Christopher who always sticks to his morals and would gladly give his life for his friends Tom who is very loyal, but has no problem telling Christopher when hes being foolish, also easily appeased with food Sally who always find the bright side of things Where Christopher is book smart she is street smart Making them a great team.The book was impossible for me to put down I found it hurt to put it down even for a few minutes while i went to get myself some coffee I am so excited for the 4th book which I currently have on the way and I hope for many books to come.

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    Ach, som smutna Docitala som teraz uz definitivne moju milovanu s riu Ako dlho budem musiet cakat na dalsi diel Cakanie sa mi rovn prechadzke po Sahare Hlavne po tom konci Zboznujem a vsetkym odporucam tuto seriu Mam rada knihy Dana Browna a keby mam tuto seriu oznacit za naplast na chvile cakania na jeho dalsiu knihu, velmi by som ju degradovala Autor zostava v obdob krasneho 16 storocia a tento krat Christopher lusti sifry v Parizi Hltala a vychutnala som si kazde slovo Kaslite na to, ze je to detska kniha Toto si musite pre ta

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    After an attempt on the life of King Charles is thwarted by Christopher Rowe, the King sends Christopher, Tom, and Sally to Paris and the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV to protect King Charles beloved sister, Minette Besides court intrigue and politics, Christopher meets an aging ally of his deceased master, Benedict Blackthorne, who provides key assistance in a centuries old quest for the treasure of the Knights Templar The three friends continue to delight, especially in their various roles in French high society, making this a great book of adventure and treasure hunting for audiences too young for Dan Brown I look forward to book 4.

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    3 5 Ego autem non exspecto aeternitatem Sempiternus sum I do not await eternity I am eternity English I ve come across The Blackthorn Key series last year and I ve enjoyed reading it quite a lot Even though it s a middle grade series it has most of the things I like in a book historical fiction set in 17th century London and in this third instalment Paris , a little bit of magic and fantasy, puzzles and riddles it s like Da Vinci Code but well written , great and lovely characters Christopher is such a cutie and intelligent boy Tom is the loyal and down to earth best friend and Bridget the pigeon is quite funny and really well built villains These books mix History and whodunit novels perfectly well and it doesn t matter if you re not the intended audience I d recommend this book to children from 10 years old that you re gonna truly enjoy them.As I said, in this third book we move from London to Paris, and starts off a few days after the ending of the second instalment Mark of the Plague Christopher had solved the Great Plague enigma in London 1665 but he hasn t time to have tranquility cause Charles II of England wants him to solve a new riddle that involves an attempt to murder her sister Henrietta, married to Phillipe, Duke of Orl ans, the brother of Louis XIV Christopher, disguised as an English noble in the France Court, has to discover who the assassin is but his adventure alongside Tom and Sally lead to new riddles, secret treasures and puzzles connected to The Templars Even though the setting has always a special treatment in these books, I ve noticed as an Art Historian some little incongruences with the real 17th century Paris ex the description of Notre Dame is Viollet le Duc s ideal the Notre Dame we have now and not the real gothic cathedral but that doesn t bother me that much I especially enjoyed the approach of the Louvre s descriptions and the artworks involved in the mystery, which is gonna keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.I surely continue the series with the fourth instalment coming out this year P S I m not English, so if you see any mistakes let me know so I can correct them, please Espa ol Descubr la saga El Enigma Blackthorn el a o pasado y disfrut bastante su lectura Aunque es una saga m s middle grade tiene la mayor a de cosas que me gustan en un libro ficci n hist rica est n ambientados en el Londres del siglo XVII y esta tercera parte en Par s , un poquito de magia y fantas a, puzzles y acertijos es un poco como El C digo Da Vince pero bien escrito , personajes geniales y divertidos Christopher es un ni o muy cuqui e inteligente Tom es el mejor amigo ideal, leal y con los pies en la tierra y la paloma Bridget es bastante divertida y unos villanos muy bien construidos Estos libros mezclan perfectamente bien Historia y novelas de detectives y no importa que no entres dentro de la audiencia intencionada recomendar a estos libros a lectores a partir de los 10 a os que vas a disfrutar con su lectura.Como he dicho, en este tercer libro nos vamos de Londres a Par s, y empieza pocos d as despu s del final del segundo libro Mark of the Plague Christopher ha solucionado el enigma de la Gran Plaga de Londres 1665 pero no tiene tiempo para tener paz y tranquilidad porque el rey Carlos II de Inglaterra le pide que resuelva un nuevo misterio que gira en torno a un intento de asesinato de su hermana Enriqueta, casada con Felipe Duque de Orleans, el hermano del rey Luis XIV Christopher, disfrazado como un noble ingl s dentro de la Corte francesa, deber descubrir qui n es el asesino pero su aventura junto con Tom y Sally le llevar a nuevos misterios, acertijos, tesoros secretos y puzzles conectados con los Templarios.Aunque la ambientaci n tiene siempre un desarrollo muy especial en estos libros, he notado como historiadora del arte algunas peque as incongruencias con el verdadero Par s del siglo XVII por ejemplo, la descripci n de Notre Dame es el ideal de Viollet le Duc la Notre Dame que tenemos ahora y no la verdadera catedral g tica del momento pero no ha sido algo que me molestara mucho S que he disfrutado especialmente el acercamiento a las descripciones del palacio del Louvre y las obras de arte que est n presentes en el misterio, que adem s te har morderte las u as hasta el final.Voy a continuar seguro con esta saga este a o, en cuanto se publique el cuarto libro.

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    How do I say this I LOVED THIS BOOK Alright the ending almost killed me, and it hurt physically to see what happened to some of my baby characters I feel like they matured a lot in this book, and for some reason, despite the pages, this one seemed to go faster There were a few parts where they didn t feel like the characters I knew any, but those passed really quickly.I sense a little romance okay a lot between Sally and Chris I don t mind I have said it before and will say it again, I really like Sally She is a perfect balance She lost a lot of her quirkiness this round, and looking back on it that s a little sad I really liked how she was when she was introduced, always singing and laughing no matter what And lemme tell you, this book wasted no time getting dark real fast It had a totally different feel to it The end The end is what really darkened it It than dragged me down I felt sick, I felt like I wanted to cry because it was so bad It wasn t bad like the writing or anything, just it drained all the color out If you read it you may know what I mean.While the Blackthorn Key books have always been a little dark a lot dark , there was always a humorous undertone, always bright blues and greens I describe books in colors sometimes This one was like pale and drained purple The villains were badass, sure, but they were so terrible I wasn t used to it And the climax was good and all, but whereas the books usually end somewhat happy, this happy ending was twisted and sucked away.I am still waiting for Watt and the Cult of the Archangel by the way Are we done with that or what I want those back Anyway.The story was great, as usual with some pretty good humor to keep things light I still wish there wasn t so much darkness towards the ending Seeing a friend go, getting us hopeful and happy and ripping that away Maybe it s because I love Christopher and Tom and Sally like they re my friends and have read about them recently than any other series s, but I can say that the ending is cruel than anything I had read.Yes, I know NO one was thrown into hell shut up Riordan , but it was a different sort of dark I could feel the dread of Christopher, I could feel the characters eyes filling with fear and terror, and their heart speeding up, and the utter coldness What can be done I think that s worse than anything that Riordan ever pulled.Not to mention what happened to Sally.But there were plenty good points Tom learning how to use a sword, Christopher getting noticed by a king, Sally even meeting her grandmother and getting her approval and blessing Plus, the whole thing with the Templars That was awesome Please please please bring that back in the future I really cannot wait to see what Kevin does with that Ah, that gets me so excited

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    Reader thoughts I liked this book Another good Blackthorn mystery I m getting a much better sense of who the characters are Thomas is bigger than I kept imagining He s big enough to act as a guard or to swordfight or to pick Christopher up from a fall out a window um, hypothetically Christopher is the devious thinker who really gets into trouble than anyone should.In this book, the two friends plus Sally save the king and cause havoc in Paris including stealing a painting from the Louvre The book is a lot like National Treasure mixed with spying and sword fights and chases down dark alleys.Writer thoughts I love that KS chose to have so many of the clues either left by Blackthorn or investigated or improved by Blackthorn It makes the mystery seem much personal and the stakes higher Readers care about Christopher solving the clues and mystery just because his master worked on the problem.

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    I Need The Next Book.

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    This was another good read in the series Normally I don t like historical fiction books but I ve been enjoying this series I love the puzzle solving aspects of the series It just makes them so much interesting.

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    About two years ago, I tried a new series called The Blackthorn Key and it has become one of my favourite MG series I shared it with students and they also loved it, it was voted the Book of the Year in my district The second book was also excellent and the third does not disappoint The Assassin s Curse has all of the elements that has made this series successful Great characters, mysteries and codes that have you thinking along with the characters and terrific action scenes The mix of history, science and math is rare and engaging for this age level I think what I enjoy most is the relationship between Tom and Christopher, the wit in their exchanges and the loyalty and trust between them adds levity to some serious situations that they face.This particular tale in the Blackthorn Adventures features the characters travelling than in the past and I think they might face their toughest, most dangerous adversary yet Fans of this series will love this book and I don t really want to spoil anything but this might be my favourite ending of this series.