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Anna Letitia Barbauld: Selected Poetry and Prose (Broadview Literary Texts) –

Fascinating The poetry of Barbauld didn t move me as much as her essays with the exception of the poem Eight Hundred and Eleven which was very powerful I just prefer prose writing and really enjoy a political essay Barbauld writes with a clarity and precision and intelligence that inspires envy in other writers Her writing remains relevant and piercing It is a tremendous loss to scholarship that her writing is only presented in Women s Literature classes. At Her Death In , Anna Letitia Barbauld Was Considered One Of The Great Writers Of Her Time Distinguished As A Poet And Essayist, She Was Also In Innovator In Children S Literature, An Eloquent Supporter Of Liberal Politics, And A Literary Critic Of Stature This Edition Includes A Generous Selection Of Her Poetry And The First Comprehensive Body Of Her Prose In Than A Century, With Essays Some Never Before Reprinted On Literature, Religion, Education, Prejudice, Women S Fashions, And Class Conflict