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In the world of despair Father Nick’s Day is the only hopePeter Blackwell wakes from a coma into a world he doesn’t recognize Without memory or identity all he has are nine random images Nine planets Eight he can see although he does not understand them but the impenetrable ninth is the secret that two opposing and hidden brotherhoods have been seeking for nearly two millennia Pursued betrayed Peter has twelve days to unlock his Ninth Planet and prevent terminal worldwide suicide And his only ally is a manic assassin sent to extract the secret and kill him

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    “Nine Planets” was published in 2014 November and was written by Greg Byrne This is Mr Byrne’s first publication I obtained a galley of this novel for review through This novel is a Fantasy and it is set in the near future United States This is a slightly different timeline than we are on Over 1700 years ago a malaise fell across the planet and people began to take their own lives in despair The Brotherhood of Poor Men was clandestinely formed to provide gifts to all to give them something to live for Thus was born Father Nick’s Day The Brotherhood has constantly been at war with the dark forces that brought the malaise over the Earth It all comes to a head in this story Peter Blackwell wakes up with no memory Those around him lead him to believe that he is a US Army enlisted man working in an intelligence gathering center As the story develops he finds that he is much than that As the Brotherhood is openly attacked in mass for the first time in history Peter finds himself drawn into the conflict This was an odd thriller I did enjoy the 65 hours I spent reading the story I think that the alternative time line starting in the distant past was an interesting plot twist I give this novel a 4 out of 5 Further book reviews I have written can be accessed at

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    Peter Blackwell wakes from a coma into a world he doesn’t recognise Gripped by a curse the salvation of humanity is a bizarre holiday The presents delivered on Father Nick’s Day stave off the despair that drives ordinary men and women to suicide Blackwell is told he has the knowledge that will break this curse He is also told that sharing the secret could mean the end of the world Not a great position to be in To make things worse the head injury that put him in a coma has left him without memory and with the compulsion to always tell the truth It’s as if he’d been put into maze with no open pathsBlackwell is not without tools however He has perfect recall and no trouble making new memories He also has nine snippets of the past nine constellations of smell taste texture and emotion He calls these his nine planets The ninth is armoured and it is therefore assumed that the ninth planet holds the secret to saving the worldBlackwell has twelve days to unlock the ninth planet As he unravels the information hidden in the first eight he puts together a picture of the world Two brotherhoods the Cabal and the Poor Men have been at odds for over seventeen hundred years The curse is a tool of the Cabal and only the Poor Men stand between them and the end of humanity Each side has allies and traitors Not sure who he can trust Blackwell must nonetheless rely on the assistance of others to reach his goal The most unexpected of these is an assassin sent to extract his secretThen there is the comet the one hurtling toward Earth The one a four year old boy started painting the day it was first detectedA glance at the blurb should prepare the reader for the fact Nine Planets by Greg Byrne is a little different Ideas represented as planets? A world inflicted by despair that only a uasi religious holiday can alleviate? Then there is the whole idea of a suicidal apocalypse I’m a fan of apocalyptic fiction but I can honestly say worldwide suicide doesn’t appeal Of course these elements are what make ‘Nine Planets’ such a fascinating readThe book begins with an outtake of mythology The origin of Father Nick’s Day Then we meet Peter Blackwell and the tech is futuristic As each player in the war is introduced the story and the world complicates further until it’s a colourful tapestry I admire authors who can juggle several plot threads and have them all eventually entwineThe use of synesthesia as an interpretive tool is inventive and clever Instead of a running commentary on how events make Blackwell feel the reader is invited to experience everything for him or herself through flavour colour and texture Truth smells like limes by the way I really liked these details; they enriched the story without overwhelming it Similarly Byrne’s prose conveyed the plot without distracting the reader His style is economical and sometimes downright poeticAs the countdown toward Father Nick’s Day accelerates so does the action I found the book difficult to put aside after I passed the half way point Shortly after then alliances shifted and truths were revealed and I lost the rest of my day in the race toward the end Nine Planets appears to be author Greg Byrne’s first novel I’m hoping he’ll write another I’d love to see where his imagination takes me nextWritten for SFCrowsnest

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    Nine Planets by Greg Byrne is the first book I’ve read that combines science fiction and the Santa Claus myth Original ideaWe first meet our protagonist Corporal Peter Blackwell when he wakes up from a coma with a head injury at a medical facility of North American Space and Air Defence They tell him that he’s a “dungeon watcher” for the NASAD and that he’s suffered an accident – one that has left him with amnesiaBlackwell finds himself having weird memories of smells and sounds in a world where suicide – the Black Despair – is a common occurrence and also learns that bound up with his identity is a vital secret that must remain concealed because the future of millions of lives is at stake The secret is linked to a comet that’s approaching earth and there are those who will stop at nothing to extract his secret then kill himNine Planets is a very real human story with multiple layers It is a story about hope a theme explored in a setting where suicide is completely acceptable Peter Blackwell is a sympathetic protagonist Brave determined and loyal he’s surrounded by an interesting array of secondary charactersByrne is a talented storyteller who pays special attention to language and possesses a writing style at times simple and straightforward at others lyrical The technical and science aspects are very well done as well Part mystery part thrillerNine Planets is a science fiction novel uite different from others on the market If you love SF novels and thrillers I recommend you give this one a try

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    The eternal struggle between good and evil and the gracious tradition of the gifts of San Nicolaus seen as an ancient heritage to save humanity from the most gigantic course ever seenA strange story which seems odd to tell but intriguing and fun with complex and well described characters immersed in a reality that despite being the one of a fictional fantasy novel is so well structured to allow the reader to immerse themselves in itSome slowness make it impossible to assign to the book the highest markThank Dragonwell Publishing and Netgalley for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewL'eterna lotta tra il bene e il male e la graziosa tradizione dei regali di San Nicola vista come un antico retaggio per salvare l'umanità dal più gigantesco malocchio mai vistoUna storia strana che pare bislacca a raccontarla ma intrigante e divertente con personaggi complessi e ben descritti e immersa in una realtà che pur essendo uella immaginaria propria del romanzo fantastico è così ben strutturata da permettere al lettore di immergersi completamente in essaualche lungaggine di troppo impedisce di assegnare al libro la votazione più altaRingrazio Dragonwell Publishing e Netgalley per avermi fornito una copia gratuita in cambio di una recensione onesta

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    Nine Planets is probably the best book I've read in a long time It's a dystopianscience fictionaction story which takes the Santa Clause myth to a whole new level For a 300 page book it's chock full of heart pounding excitement that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last page This is going to be one of those books that sticks with me for a while and I've already recommended it to a few friends

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    Nine Planets starts with an intriguing plot idea shrouded in mystery However there are three fallacies that impede the development of the book into a cohesive story1 Ineffective structure There is a formatting problem that a shrewd Editor would do well to help solve The chapters are lengthy for the content with odd breaks that impede the narrative flow as opposed to aid its progress There are some moments that could be re ordered for increased effect; for example Harker should be introduced earlier in the story and his progress should run parallel to Blackwell's in a direct and balanced approach2 Characterization At first the main character is a pleasant mystery due to his dealings with memory loss in a time of crisis There are some segments of good narration where Byrne does a nice job using sensory detail to enhance Blackwell's confusion and attempt to control his setting As the novel progresses however the prose becomes less thoughtful Rushed dialogue takes over which doesn't give the reader a chance to process the technical details of the setting nor the character's various plights3 Scientific Plausibility Good Science Fiction writing takes the time to describe the functionality behind the fantastical elements of the narrative This book had ample opportunity to do that such as when the machines traversing the timeslip are introduced people traverse the timeslip or when characters become affronted with evil from another plane of existence It is almost as if the author shied away from fully committing to the narrative formation of this version of Earth which is a shame because the idea is good Less dialogue and description of the setting and technical details would allow the reader to experience the sensation of living and interacting with this realmWith these three items are addressed the reader will find a enjoyable book that one could get pleasantly lost in