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VIDEO VERSION Mind Fields by Harlan Ellison Mind Fields is a book of short stories by Harlan Ellison, inspired by the mythic glory of paintings by Polish artist, Jacek Yerka Mind Fields, I m ashamed to admit, is the first Harlan Ellison book I ever bought Ashamed because I was over the age of 20 when it was published and Harlan Ellison almost instantly became one of my favorite authors of all time, and I regret I wasn t buying his books from the moment I could read.Jacek Yerka paintings are so vibrant and imaginative, even the most uncreative cynic would become charmed with the sense of life and depth within them His paintings move They breathe They sting with snakebite fire.In the hands of Harlan Ellison, he bleeds the visions dry, squeezing every pulpy drop of venom from every nook and cranny No detail is missed No pore is unexamined No brushstroke is ignored.Although Harlan Ellison is one of the most prolific and award winning authors of our time, during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, there are still going to be those of you who are unfamiliar with his work Allow me to share with you one of my favorite passages from Mind Fields, a story entitled The Silence , as read by the authorhttp videosThat one chills me everytime I read it How I love authors who write prose as poetry Mind Fields is not only a fantastic introduction to one of the living legends of imaginative literature, but also serves as a beautiful collection of some of the finest examples of surreal art being created during our lifetimes Ellison inspired by Yerka is a beauty to behold This is Shakespeare inspire by DaVinci This is Bradbury inspired by Dali Yeats inspired by Michaelangelo.The thing I love the most about Mind Fields is the flow of said inspiration veritably spills off the page Between the brilliant combination of Jacek s imagery and Harlan s stories, it s impossible for your own imagination to cease churning One look at the paintings and stories start forming in your own head Then you read Harlan s prose and the paintings nearly come to life You fear waters may drip upon your floor, so you hold the book less upright You fear monsters may nip at your fingertips, so you draw your hand to the edge of the pages No longer paintings, the images become windows to real worlds That s what makes Mind Fields a unique work of art A prime example of two artforms converging to create something greater than the sum of its parts Mind Fields isthan a book of beautiful artworkthan a book of glorious short stories Instead it s a genuine gateway to imagination, opening doorways to otherworldly possibilities no story or image could do alone Therein lies the power of Mind Fields Melding two incredible artists to conjure something entirely new.Not long ago in my career as a writer, I had the great honor of being a very small part of a project similar to Mind Fields called Tales From the Dark Tower Dark fantasy artist Joe Vargo had created a number of paintings for the Tales From the Dark Tower anthology and I had the privilege of being one of the writers who contributed to it With all due respect to the talents of Joe Vargo, I m sure he would agree, we are no Yerka and Ellison Nevertheless, Tales From the Dark Tower showed me a small hint of how excited Ellison must have felt when he wrote Mind Fields.My only negative comment The book is too short Too thin I would have loved for it to be two, three, four times as long Every page is a wonder to behold and I would that they numbered into the hundreds.This is a creation I can t recommend enough and encourage you to go buy it This is truly a life enriching book that must be on your shelf and it will do what all great works of art should take you to placesspellbinding than you have ever dreamed. Oh, how I love the art of Jacek Yerka His work is just so fantastical and wonderous I only found out about him when his work caught my eye as I was strolling through Old Montreal and saw an art store The stories that go with his work just fit It s an amazing read if you appreciate the art and the words. Many of the miniature tales in this collection are like nightmarish Faberge eggs beautiful, intricate, and menacing He somehow condenses a much larger story into a single page, and does an impressive job of fleshing out possible backstories for Jacek Yerka s surrealist imagery Alas, the tone of most of the stories is shrill, but fans of Ellison have come to expect nothing less, I think. As a collaboration, this was disappointing Jacek Yerka s paintings were haunting enough abundant flirtation with magrittian impossibilities and bestial techologies But each one has to share space with Harlan Ellison s gimmicky, distracting stories I ve always liked Ellison Repent, Harlequin Said the Ticktockman was an early favorite and he did try hard to stress in his Author s Notes that his stories were intended as one possible interpretation of the paintings among infinitudes That intention didn t work out, though each story reads as reductive of the original work, and just allaround annoying except, maybe, Europe and Twilight in the Cupboard Now I see why people complain about Ellison s gargantuan ego. As always, Jacek Yerka s artwork is astounding I want to go into each and every one of his landscapes and explore Harlan Ellison s stories, however, were mediocre Most felt like snippets of longer stories, or seemed like the musings of an angsty teenager who has just discovered he s interested in writing fiction Not all the stories were terrible, but most left little impression or simply made me roll my eyes.Here are a few that didn t Susan surprisingly sweet Internal Inspection reminded me of vintage science fiction movies Afternoon with the Bros Grimm Under the Landscape depressing, but actually meant something If you re going to pick up this book, do so for the 5 star art The stories are hit or miss, but mostly miss. Surrealistic paintings combined with short stories Sign me up Ellison clearly had fun with this and Yerka s work is beautiful. The idea of each picture being accompanied by a short story is a good one However, I found the stories irritating after a while and found myself skimming them towards the end Love Yerka s art though and glad I stumbled upon it. A collection of the Art of Jacek Yerka, Harlan Ellison then wrote a story to go with each piece of art The collaboration really works. It s always risky, rereading something you loved as a teen, but in this case, my childhood memories are pretty well vindicated Yerka s surrealist paintings of impossible landscapes and architecture, with their echoes of Magritte, shaped my writerly imagination and continue to delight.I have little patience for Ellison, and feel his work limits rather than expands the possibilities of the art here, but fortunately, it s easy enough to ignore his contributions and focus on Yerka s mystery and whimsy. This Unique Volume Is Rich With The Vivid Imagery Of One Of Our Most Inventive Fantasy Artists, Published Here For The First Time, Together WithOriginal Short Stories From One Of The Most Widely Read And Critically Acclaimed Masters Of Imaginative FictionColor PhotosContentsThe Creation Of WaterShort StoryTwilight In The CupboardShort StoryAmok HarvestShort StoryTheory Of TensionShort StoryBack To NatureShort StoryInternal InspectionShort StoryMetropolis IIShort StoryIn The Oligocenskie GardensShort StoryEuropeShort StoryFeverShort StoryAttack At DawnShort Story Interior Artwork Is A Variant Of The Cover ArtSusanShort StoryBetween Heaven And HellShort StoryShed Of RebellionShort StoryTo Each His OwnShort StoryEruptionShort StoryThe InquisitionShort StoryBeneath The DunesShort StoryThe SilenceShort StoryDarkness Falls On The RiverShort StoryParadiseShort StoryExpress DeliveryShort StoryThe AgitatorsShort StoryTruancy At The PondShort StoryAmmoniteShort StoryBaseShort StoryForaging In The FieldShort StoryTraffic ProhibitedShort StoryAfternoon With The Bros GrimmShort StoryThe Cosmic BarnyardShort StoryUnder The LandscapeShort StoryEllison WonderlandShort StoryPlease Don T Slam The DoorShort StoryAfterthoughtsEssay