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On a drizzly windy winter day Julia Stewart loses someone in the middle of Melbourne – her banker husband Michael Or has she? In a desperate phone call to her long time counsellor psychiatrist Dr Sadhu Singh Julia pleads for help When Julia reports her fears to the police Detective Taylor Franke joins the hunt for the missing MichaelAs far as family friends and Michael's co workers know the relationship has been a relatively happy one raising daughter Michelle spending time sailing planning a trip to visit Michael’s family in Scotland Of course there was Julia’s breakdown a few years earlier as well as Michael’s mysterious ‘men’s business’ meetings upstairs at The Anchor Cafe his long unexplained mid week lunches and the stash of unlikely garments locked in his office file cabinet Could he have run off with Michelle’s trust account? Did he have a lover? What about the refueled family boat in the harbour? No one in their circle has seen him for a week That doesn’t match Julia’s fuzzy stories – at allOver the course of the next five days Dr Singh and Detective Franke work to answer the uestion Julia needs answered Where’s Michael? What they eventually find they could not have imagined

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