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We Are Bombarded By Perfect Interiors, Images That Arent Attainable Because They Have Been Styled To The Point Where They Bear No Resemblance To Reality These Interiors May Be Stunning, But They Arent An Honest Reflection Of How We Really Live And I Think They Make Us Feel Bad About Our Own Less Than Perfect Homes Life Unstyled Is About Taking Inspiration From Real Homes That Are Beautiful, Creative And Inspiring But At The Same Time A Little Rough Around The Edges, With Signs Of Everyday Life Evident Throughout The First Section, Homes Unstyled, Sets Out Emilly S Manifesto For Creating A Stylish Home That Is Beautiful But Lived In A Home Is Never Done Advocates Allowing Your Space To Evolve Gradually So It Is An Ever Changing Expression Of Your Tastes And Interests Work With What Youve Got Suggests Ways To Make The Most Of The Home You Have Rather Than Yearning For Unattainable Perfection Signs Of Life Offers Ideas For Wrangling Papers, Clutter And Other Stuff Creative Clutter Tackles Collections And Displays, While Break The Rules Rejects Style Diktats And Shows How Individuality Can Bring A Home To Life The Second Section, People Live Here, Visits Real Life Homes That Are Definitely Not Perfect Yet Display Incredible Style And Creativity And Reflect Their Owners Needs, Tastes And Style And Throughout The Book, Quick Fixes, DIY Makes And Every Home Should Have Boxes Offer Creative Solutions With Unique Results It took me a while to appreciate this bookat first it felt like clutter overload But after reading the text and spending some time with the photos, I learned to appreciate this approach and think about how pointless interior perfection is. Love this book and the philosophy behind it The book is very well produced, with large, luscious photographs integrated nicely with text about the homeowners and their style and tips on how the reader can incorporate what s in the book in their own home The overall aesthetic is colorful, improvisational, comfy, stylish, and a bit cluttery in a good way good clutter says the author The philosophy behind Life Unstyled is that a home should be a work in progress and perfection not the goal This is both appealing visually and a relief mentally for the person who finds thinking about radically transforming their home intimidating and exhausting This book is not for the person with a horror over clutter or a penchant for the highly polished and sleek However, I disagree with the reviewers who objected to the amount of clutter in the homes featured the homes do breath and this is not your grandma s aesthetic But the homes are stylishly homey and approachable, as is the author s voice and tips Highly recommended. There is not one photo in this book that s completely in focus Please see my sample photo from the book.where the only thing in focus is the bed quilt What was she thinking Wow It looks like someone didn t know what they were doing and blurred all of the backgrounds A book about home decor and there s stuff in the background that kinda looks interesting, but it might as well not even be there bc you can t tell what exactly you re looking at Extremely disappointing I bought it as a gift, but it s going back to Definitely worth it Read in a day aesthetician yogi peace love life I absolutely love this book I have been drawn towards a unstyled look at home for some time a mix of intentionality and real life rhythms This book is both fun to read and incredibly useful Highly recommend