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Definitive, Concise, And Very Interesting From William Shakespeare To Winston Churchill, The Very Interesting People Series Provides Authoritative Bite Sized Biographies Of Britain S Most Fascinating Historical Figures People Whose Influence And Importance Have Stood The Test Of Time Each Book In The Series Is Based Upon The Biographical Entry From The World Famous Oxford Dictionary Of National Biography

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    Part of Oxford Press s Very Interesting People series In this, the 200th Year of Jane, it seemed appropriate to dive into something about the early mistress of the novel, albeit something less saintly and hyperbolic or hyperventilating Marilyn Butler has every claim to pen such a volume, having herself contributed mightily to the Austen wave cresting yet again with her brilliant text _Jane Austen and the War of Ideas_ What s nice is that this is not a polemical work nor a work of criticism Instead, it is a barebones biography that cuts through loads of bullshit and nicely recognizes the problems with the early Austen family memoirs of the author For those looking for an appreciation of the books or breathless fangirl heroine worship, look elsewhere This short, tight volume is long on specifics, dates and such It usefully acknowledges where speculation replaces fact and Butler speculates with care More importantly, she notices and where appropriate, undermines the speculations and misreadings of prior Jane ites A modest, sober, essential volume for Sgt Joe Friday types.

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    I found this bite sized biography readable with interesting information Some excerpts Instead he her nephew Edward Austen Leigh admired Jane s ladylike discretion in covering her work with blotting paper in order to keep her secret, that she was writing for publication, from the neighbours p 55 The vein of criticism that buoyed her reputation was the claim already voiced by Whately, and after him Thomas Babington Macaulay, that she was a prose Shakespeare a masterly portrayer of character p 99 Today her novels are firm favourites among book buyers and library users and feature prominently in polls of best loved fiction, with a special attachment to Pride and Prejudice p 110