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Mario Vargas Llosa, The Internationally Acclaimed Author Of The Storyteller, Adds His Own Finely Tuned Poetic Polish To This Erotic Exploration Of Carnality In One Family He Turns The Proverbial Romantic Triangle On Its Ear To Create This New York Times Bestselling Erotic Novel French Flaps And Six Full Color Pages Of Classic Artworks

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    In a Danish film when a schoolteacher is accused of sexually abusing a girl it is as though the accusation proves the guilt the seriousness of the offence leaves no room for hesitation It is believed that innocent children unsullied by life s deceptions always tell the truth But later it transpires that the child described things, that could only be interpreted as sexual abuse, to spite her teacher against whom she had held a small grudge Even so the man is unable to wash off the stigma He is forced to resign from his job and socially boycotted, leaving his life in total disarray But when little Alfonso shows a composition he s written for school titled In Praise of the Stepmother, his father is in for a brutal shock everything he s written is cent percent true Here we have a mind boggling story that contrasts the corrupting power of innocence with our assumptions of children s purity and their inability to act in ways we only associate with devious adults Here lies Don Rigerbto, who contrived to love the epigastrium of his spouse as much as her vulva or her tongue, he philosophically projected as a fitting epitaph on the marble of his tomb Would that mortuary motto be a lie Not in the slightest Don Rigoberto couldn t have asked for At an age when things begin to go downhill his fascination with the art of erotic painting has found a perfect companion in Do a Lucrecia, and together they enact baffling erotic pantomimes every night, preceded by obsessive physical cleaning, without which Don Rigoberto s measure of happiness is incomplete The bliss he finds in the privacy of his bathroom and in his wife s bed compensates for the dull and inconsequential life as an insurance agency employee He is a young man again, full of erotic promise For a night reserved for cleaning the ears he muses Happiness exists , he repeated to himself, in one s own body and in that of one s beloved, for instance by oneself and in the bathroom for hours or minutes on a bed with the being so ardently desired It was hidden, a pearl in its seashell, in certain rites and ceremonial duties that offered human being brief flashes and optical illusions of perfection Happiness lies hidden inall that rich and subtle biological orography that lay beneath the smooth epidermis of Lucrecia s belly.Do a Lucrecia s happiness, however, is marred by fears of rejection from her stepson, that sweet darling, cherubic face, golden locks, honeyed skin, innocent countenance everything is likeable about that perfection of adolescence He is an angel straight out of a Renaissance painting Lucrecia thinks Alfonso would hate her for taking the place of his dead mother, but his affability comes as a pleasant surprise It is not long before he confounds his stepmother with the outpouring of his love Alfonsito s attention appeared to be riveted on his stepmother s hands He had seized them and was kissing them lingeringly, timidly, with fervent devotion Then, as he rubbed them against his satiny cheek, Do a Luncrecia heard him murmur in a very soft voice, as though he were addressing only the slender fingers that he was squeezing so hard I love you a lot, stepmother A whole lot.Don t ever treat me again the way you have lately, because I ll kill myself I swear to you I ll kill myself Alfonso s indiscretions are that of a young boy on the cusp of pubescence, she thinks, and reluctantly tolerates his advances But without a hint of guile or cunning, without a scintilla of shame in his blue green eyes, without a trace of embarrassment on his angelic face, our sweet Alfonso stuns the reader and his stepmother But Lucrecia isn t just being a kind stepmother when on Alfonso s touch she feels stirrings of an unknown ecstasy welling up inside her.From that night on, she was certain that the clandestine meetings with the boy, however obscure and complicated, however difficult to explain, enriched her marital relation, taking it by surprise and thus giving it a fresh start But what kind of morality is this, Lucrecia She couldn t understand it, and made no attempt to do so One morning, on opening her eyes, the phrase I have won sovereignty came to her She felt fortunate and emancipated, but could not have said what it was that she had been freed from.There is a fascinating reworking of the main story through the inclusion of five paintings in the body of the narrative The writer transports the characters into the setting of the paintings and retells the story of their milieu In each one of the painting a Luciferian spirit of an Alfonso masquerading as a benevolent presence tests the limits of established morality This leads me to think that the writer, perhaps, intended to portray the original Alfonso of the main story as a beautiful and ironic reincarnation of Satan the total embodiment of evil in the Abrahamic faith tradition In one painting he comes across as a shrewd prime minister of the King of Lydia who contrives to make the king show him the queen naked in bed in another he is a young goatherd hiding in the cover of woods who takes furtive ganders at the naked luminosity of Lord Rigoberto s wife, exciting ever Do a s desire for her maidservant In the abstract painting he is an insidious presence in the foul mingling of blood and semen and in another he s a musician who is put there by Don Rigoberto so that Do a Lucrecia could look at his youthful countenance to arouse her desire and thus make her ready for Don Rigoberto s bed Titian, Venus with Cupid and Music, oil on canvas, The Prado, MadridWhen the organ player looks at where his gaze is fixed, what is he finding There is something there that attracts his eyes in the late afternoon each day, with the imperiousness of a stroke of fate or the magic of a witch s spell Something like the divination that, at the foot of the sunlit mound of Venus, in the tender cleft protected by the rounded columns of the lady s thighs, resilient, red, moist with the dew of her privateness, pours forth the fountain of life and pleasure In just a little while now, our lord and master Don Rigoberto will bend down to drink ambrosia from it Jordan Jordaens, Candaules, King of Lydia, showing his wife to Prime Minister Gyges 1648 , oil on canvas The National Museum of Stockholm There are those who soon tire of their lawfully wedded wife The routine of married life kills desire, they philosophize what illusory hope can swell and revive the veins of a man who sleeps, for months and years, with the same woman Yet, despite our having been wed for so long a time, Lucrecia, my lady, does not bore me When I go off on tiger and elephant hunts, the memory of her makes my heart beat faster, just as in the first days, and when I caress a slave girl or some camp follower so as to relieve the loneliness of nights in a field tent, my hands always experience a keen disappointment those are merely backsides, buttocks, rumps, asses Only hers O Beloved is the croup.There s lots to deal with Llosa with his too keen an eye and too liberal a pen, but with consummate clat, has told a bunch of scintillating stories whose every line makes you a philosopher of the mysterious origins of happiness, of sexual fulfillment, the grey areas of hebephilia, relationships that may become incestuous stepmother stepson , and, above all, the dark, pervasive evil that lives at the core of humanity and sullies its name.Written March 15.

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    I hesitate between 3 and 4 stars here As always, the writing is fantastic There are also five chapters which give dialog to paintings by Jordaens, Boucher, Francis Bacon, Szyslo, and Fra Angelico which are gorgeous But the premise of incest initiated by the kid is, well, disturbing That being said, there is also 3 pages on Don Rogoberto taking a shit which is insane as well Not my favorite MVL, but a short and interesting read.

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    Elogio de la madrastra In Praise of the Stepmother, Mario Vargos LlosaIn Praise of the Stepmother is an erotic novel by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2010 Published in 1988, it is about a sexually open couple whose fantasies lead them to the edge of morality 2016 1382 43 20

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