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Time is running out for Chester Sprockett How is an unemployed aspiring novelist supposed to survive when the thirty grand borrowed off his dead father's credit cards is almost gone and the only work he can find is hawking toys and cheesy novelty items door to door and on commission yet?And talk about woman trouble There's Pandora the beautiful magician's assistant who dumped him for an investment banker and the dream of becoming a performance artist Beth his true love the girl he let slip through his fingers at the beach maybe it was all that baby oil and the mysterious blond nymph who hurls empty beer bottles at him from a black Z28 CamaroIf it wasn't for the occasional visit from the ghost of his father Chester would almost certainly be losing his grip on reality and never navigate his way out of the Horse Latitudes

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    In the Sargasso Sea there is no wind Many many years ago when ships travel by sail they would sometimes get stuck here For weeks and weeks they would sometimes drift waiting for the wind to come The sailors called this 'The Horse Latitudes'Chester Sprockett receives this definition of the Horse Latitudes from the owner of a little coffee shop after he explains he has writers' block In fact most of Chester's life has become stuck he feels he is always waiting for something Once a high school football star now he is unemployed has split up with his girlfriend and his dream of writing a bestselling novel seems unreachable as he is suffering from writers' block'Horse Latitudes' is almost like a book of short stories each chapter describes a significant event in Chester Sprockett's life The stories are like different parts of a jigsaw puzzle that make up the whole book Chester is in his mid thirties living alone in the house he was born in He lives with regrets of what could have been holding on to the past wishing he had been braver and told Beth how he felt about her way back then in high school wishing he had not let the chance of a football scholarship slip through his handsChester's father had run up debts on credit cards and after he died there is a threat that Chester could be forced to sell the house the pay off the debts He tries to find work and is disillusioned when he joins a firm of salesmen knowing that his real dream is to write the bestsellerHis late father visits him one day when Chester is suffering from fever his visit helps Chester realise that he needs to be liberated from everything that is holding him back from following his dreamliberated from the Horse LatitudesThis book is full of hilarious and insightful observations It was a joy to read and I would recommend it to everyone As I was reading it I thought it would be excellent if this book was made into a film it definitely has a 'Hollywood' feeling about it It will make you laugh out loud One example is when Chester is looking at Beth She was just standing there in her bikini holding the ice cream In fifty years she'd be old and wrinkled In a hundred fertilizer It didn't matter There's plenty laughs where that came from Do yourself a favour and buy 'Horse Latitudes' It's a tonic we all need in the credit crunch era