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Ichi is a repressed scientist who keeps mostly to himself and just as he's about to take a vacation his plans are put on hold After a night of drinking he orders a doll from PETS only when it arrives he gets a surprise he's received a free upgrade to a Living Companion He does his best to clinically and professionally deal with a Pet that was genetically engineered to be a companion in every sense of the word to another man But when Ichi starts to suspect his new Pet isn't what he seems his dull little life gets turned upside down

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    Wrong book Not a fan of artificial human like pets for manipulation DNF ed

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    Please do me a favor dear reader of this review Imagine a good sci fi book done? Ok now multiply it for 1000 Done again? Ok now multiply again for 1000 Done it? Great This book is better than that And no I kid you notIchi is an entomologist Nothing ordinary happened in his life other than a few strange and deadly insects mating That's his life his research in a space station He is the only human in the middle of Avalons They are also humans but only for their humanoid look Avalons are telepathies something that Ichi with his high logical mind can't understand But he like his co workers specially Will and Amanda that Ichi can almost consider close as friendsHe is lonely? Yes but it's ok for him His research seems promising his friends are invasive knowing his feelings but he like them he is ok no happy just ok because he can't get from life can he? After a night drinking way to much a geek should Ichi did the unthinkable He bought a pet not an usual pet as a dog or cat but a doll a living sort of being build by PETS Living Companions a brainless humanoid to use as sex toy and well the pet arrive changing forever Ichi and all his friends life because the Pet is him Rye Unfortunately I can't talk about Rye you must read to know him and well everything can happen even the most illogical of all possibilities Ichi learning about loveI liked the multiple narration that gave me a lot of different point of views from main characters or not all voices in this book were neededI liked the romantic sometimes also erotic scenesI liked Ichi and Rye long way to learn how to trust another human beingI liked the sci fi theme very well explained and full of detailsI liked the action got also scared knowing their love was doomed to worstbecause Ichi and Rye love is not a weak relationship a stubborn and very closed mind scientist with a amnesic human used as pet nothing is easy and everything will happenI can't give less than 5 stars and unfortunately I can't give So well my 5 stars and also my applause

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    I'm actually blown away by how GOOD this novel was Excellent world building great characterizations and a love story that flowed naturally Heroes and Ghosts sat on my TBR stack for at least a year and once I picked it up from page one I was hookedIchi is a cool detached scientist who comes a culture in which showing emotions is frowned upon Unfortunately he resides on a scientific station in which the residents are all psi gifted and whom are much open with their thoughts and feelings Looking forward to a well deserved vacation his plans are placed on hold due to an outbreak Worse he was dumped by his lover for being too old Ichi gets drunk and with the urging of Will one of his fellow scientists orders what in essence is a pet from a company called PETS which specializes in genetically engineered organisms including human looking clones However when the promised pet arrives Ichi discovers that he's been given an upgrade and over time realizes his pet is far than just some human toy He also begins to fall in love with the mysterious Ren Ren the pet is a man with secrets and sins upon his soul He was engineered with double nerve endings to heighten every sensation and is disgusted by the fact that no matter what was done to him he feels it and is made to enjoy it As he slowly begins to regain his memories he discovers that Ichi is nothing like those who'd owned him before and that the shy scientist needs someone to love Ren discovers his immense fighting skills when the station is mysteriously taken over by pirates which causes everyone to wonder just who he really is Ishi and Ren are an amazing couple Neither are perfect both have deep emotional scars that even with the ending one feels they will continue to deal with The lovemaking scenes are sweet hot and tender and yes explicit My only complaints are that it ended far too fast and not satisfactorily enough and that there were some not too serious spelling mistakes ie breath instead of breathe; it's instead of its Still what I liked was that Ichi and Ren are men and written as such In spite of it being a yaoi novel there was none of the standard ukeseme pairing Both men were strong and powerful in their own ways And tnat's the hallmark of a good book is that one doesn't want it to end thatt the characters are like good friends I will definitely be reading from SA Payne

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    I had no freaking idea what to expect from this book other than a kick ass review one of my goodreads peeps wrote The writing reminds me of Manna Francis so detailed you see the movie playing before you You'll laugh but to me the book was like a Spock and Kirk love story with imperialism child sexual abuse identity crises BDSM hot smexin part psychological thriller mystery and ridiculous action READ eet P

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    A FANTASTIC novel The depth adjustment and uniue turn of all the characters just grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let you go Honestly Ichi's fascination and love for rabid carniverous bugs is kind of repelling and pretty darn confusing but in the sections focusing on only him and bugs his reaction and emotional attachment to them it makes sense That's incredibly hard to do from a writer's point of view making something so weird seem so normalRye is a charming character well build from the ground up The transition from Pet to spoiler is gradual and very believableThe ending conflict came across to me as a bit anticlimactic but then again it seemed to Rye that it was as well something was expected the result harder to obtain Sometimes things really ARENT earth shatteringly hard though The last few chaptersepilogue wrapped things up beautifully and Rye's gift to Ichi?Priceless ^^;

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    I started this book expecting a good story And it did deliver on that account But as I gradually read on I found myself less enthusiastic about the characters So the rating stops at 3 starsview spoilerIt had a great starting point A reclusive and clumsy scientist being rejected by his part time lover orders a living companion after too many drinks one night It was fun to read about his embarrassment at having the entire station know about his purchase and him trying to get along with someone in close uarters someone who had the physical appearance of his dirtiest fantasy And then to discover that Rye was a real human and the dedication to his rehabilitation back to society all tinged with sexual attraction I liked Rye and Ichi's personality and their misunderstandings from what they perceived to be their flaws But then the story picked up pace and all of a sudden the station is attacked Rye remembers he was a mercenary and trained killer mock threatens some hackers to find the whereabouts of his creator and abuser 'papa Conti' and makes peace with another 'brother' after nearly killing each other hide spoiler

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    I don't know how to review this I don't want to ruin this for anyway with my stupid fumbling words This was just God so adorable so sexy So surprisingly dark and intense as well It was just perfection100% recommended the whole doll thing makes you think this is trashier than it really is But oh God It was not Not at all I just sigh

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    Ichi the only gay male on a science space station is devastated when his first holiday in over 3 years is suddenly cancelled due to a sector shut down Frustrated horny and lonely Ichi gets drunk with his friend Will who tries to cheer Ichi up by designing a human pet artificial human to Ichi's deeply buried desires When Ichi wakes up the next day he's horrified to see the confirmation of his order flashing on the screen something he must have done in the midst of his drinking bingeAfter the sector is re opened Ichi's order fails to arrive leaving him feeling both relieved and disappointed Only long after he has stopped thinking about the pet arriving the pet is delivered and he finds he has been chosen to receive a random upgrade meaning his artificial human has been replaced by a Living Companion a human created on demand but without human intelligenceemotionsIchi slowly becomes accustomed to living with his petwhom he has named Rye but as he does he notices something strange about him Rye seems to show signs of fear and other human responses which leads him to investigate his new companion What he finds though is something he never could have imagined Together Rye and Ichi explore Rye's past and through horror and danger they find a love neither ever expectedSA Payne's writing tends to explore the dark side of life and this is no exception While not as dark or brutal as Derekica Snake's writing there is some similarity in the themes explored and it is not for everyone Admittedly most of it happens in memories and dreams but it still has a significant impact That said this is still a romance and the finding of an unexpected love is even sweeter after a dark and sad past

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    This was just so frustrating I started off really liking it I'm a sucker for stories about sentient sex toys Sadly it was pretty downhill after that The middle dragged horribly there were random tangents all over the place and it was much too long which is a complaint you will almost never hear from me I was getting so bored and couldn't wait for it to be over It picked up again at the end though and I think I ended up liking it overall The story is great it just really needed tightening up and a bit stronger focus Also there were MAJOR issues with the writing There was way too much head hopping sometimes the point of view would shift several times within a few sentences It made those sections incredibly difficult to read It was also rampant with typos but even worse were the words that were just straight up spelled or used wrong There were several instances of ridicules that should have been ridiculous dominate should have been dominant than used in place of then other's instead of others etc There were also a bunch of incomplete sentences and sentences missing words It drove me completely bonkers and distracted me from the story so badly I have a fairly high forgiveness level for typos in things published for free online but this was so bad I actually had to stop reading at times

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