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Nevada Is No Easy Place For A Woman, Especially For Beth Caldwell, A Gambler S Widow With An Independent Streak When She Refuses To Marry The Local Cattle Baron Who Wants To Add Her Land To His Empire Beth Ends Up With A Powerful Enemy But It S Not Until She Finds A Handsome Outlaw Hiding In Her Barn That Her Trouble Really BeginsIsaac Collins Survived The Civil War Only To Find Himself The Scapegoat For Stagecoach Robbery And Murder With Nothing Left To Lose, He Gambles Everything On Revengeand Barely Escapes With His Life He Stumbles Back To Beth S Place, And As She Nurses Him Back To Health Something Tender And Heated Grows Between ThemBut In Nevada, Sometimes Everything Can Ride On One High Stakes Game Of Chanceand Beth S Rejected Suitor Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get What He Wants

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    Obo avam da itam istorijske romanse, ali sam dugo vremena odlagala ovu knjigu jer je vestern istorijska romansa, a ja takve nikad nisam itala vestern filmove izbegavam , te sam se pla ila da mi se ne e svideti i bome, prijatno sam se iznenadila Ba sam u ivala Slatka pri a, bez neke preterane drame.

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    I love you I can t help myself, as much as I ve tried I know you don t want me to, but I do Beth CaldwellIt s been a while since I got my hands on a historical romance especially one that was also a western Either I ve turned into a military romance junkie, or the genre doesn t appeal to me as much as it used to Still, this story wasn t that bad, and it did keep the pages turning.Beth Caldwell is a young widow, whose dead husband was a gambler and left behind a huge debt that needs to be paid She has only some land in her name, where she lives with three other female outcasts Add to her problems the town s rich bachelor who s obsessed with marrying her, and you can see why she has no time for romance But when a wanted outlaw named Isaac Collins takes refuge in her barn, Beth finds that perhaps it s not too late to find a place in a man s heart after allWhile, like I said, I ve been finding historical western romances duller and duller lately, I feel like Mrs Madigan did a thoroughly good job with the beginning of this series Her characters were carefully described, and I really liked how this all happened not by telling, but by showing The reader wasn t given the how to about each character s personality I found it fun to experience their quirks and discover for myself how they behaved or thought by their expressions or actions.Another thing I loved was the unexpected ending and the way the whole story lead there One would think that Isaac s solution would be the only way to get rid of the problem Clay posed, but Beth proved us all wrong and took matters into her own hands, in a true badass lady fashion.And while I did get frustrated with Lydia someone needs to tell me what s up with so many fictional women sharing my name and being either annoying or the story villains I can t wait to read her book I wonder what kind of man will break past that woman s prim and proper walls I love you, Beth Caldwell, than anything I should have told you sooner and often Isaac Collins I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it Read this and other reviews at

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    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for , visit Punya ReviewsMargaret Madigan s debut western historical romance, Gambling on the Outlaw Nevada Bounty 1 , was a pretty good read I generally enjoy the tales of the Wild West and its wilder men, which was the reason why I requested for it The story spins around a strong yet stubborn h, Beth and a wonderful H, Isaac and their quest for vengeance against a common enemy.Beth is the widow of a gambler, Frank Caldwell but she comes from a well off family Her father was a doctor and trained her, albeit reluctantly, in his trade But Beth had other ideas When she met Frank at a young age, his blonde good looks and charming ways swept her off her feet She left her family to be with Frank She travelled with him, learned gambling, and was even very good at it They together made a life from events to events, gambling hard, sometimes losing but oftimes winning When they landed in Palmer, Nevada and found this piece of land, Beth knew she s ready to settle down She wanted to make a home with Frank, who didn t deny her wish He even promised to leave gambling Unfortunately, that dream didn t come true Frank was still gambling under cover It s a hard habit to break when you re addicted to it.Beth knew it but Frank would tell her to not to worry over it, and that led him to his death, one day when he was murdered while in another game Beth feels guilty because she didn t accompany him that day She misses him very much But being the widow of a gambler, it s tough to get by where people judge you every day They don t know the extent of her involvement but Beth s history is shady too, so she has become a social pariah of sort People may not care about her, but they need her services Though she has a place to live, Beth doesn t have a steady income any, so she had to take up on midwifery to get by In the year since Frank died, Beth has also taken in 3 misfits much like herself 3 women whom society has abandoned for one reason or the other Daisy, a former prostitute, Lydia, a plain, bluestocking spinster, and Nellie, a Native American who was raped by a white man, then was beaten and abandoned pregnant Now, they re her family and she d do anything for these women.Beth could ve led a life like this, be content, if not Clay Dearborn, a local cattle baron and her neighbor, hadn t started pursuing her right after she became a widow Clay is rich and wants to be even richer He has an eye on her land that sides with his and would love to make it his own Beth knew it very well She had no particular liking for Clay, neither did she wanted to marry him He wasn t impolite, yet there was something about his demeanor made her to be cautious around him, even if it was handsome So far, she d played around his advances, not knowing what to do On one hand, she can quit worrying about money if she marries him, on the other, he may not take her sisters in and she may lose her independence because Clay is a man who is used to get his way no matter what and wouldn t want anything less than total submission to his demands.One day, while leaving the latest birthing that she d helped in, Beth eavesdrops on a few gathered men talking and hears of this outlaw who has murdered Clay s brother and a few other people traveling in a carriage He, the sheriff who is all but bought by him and the rest were talking as if they were sure this man, Isaac Collins, is guilty and couldn t wait to string him up at the end of a noose Beth doesn t pay a lot of attentions to it, but feels sorry for this man because he probably wouldn t have a chance to defend himself when Clay s after him But she didn t know that just that night she d meet this elusive Isaac Collins, as her stable no less, hiding away Beth didn t know it was him exactly, as, though Isaac worked for Clay as a ranch hand before this latest development, they had never crossed path There was no formal intro of any kind But Beth knew in her guts it was him Isaac is darkly handsome to her fair looks and has this perpetual twinkle in his eyes that doesn t look like something who d cold bloodedly kill people Beth basically falls in lust with him right there and it doesn t go without notice that the feeling is mutual Later we learn that Isaac knew Beth well and saw her from afar He d harbored attraction for her I think for a while now For Beth, it seemed she s destined to fall for bad boys because, though Isaac leaves in the morning, the thoughts of him won t let her be.The next day, the news is out that Isaac tried to kill Clay and failed While everybody is still processing this, he turns up at Beth s doorstep, wounded and bleeding copiously Beth has already hinted about Isaac to her sisters Daisy is most emphatic since she doesn t make it a secret that she finds him attractive But it was no secret that Beth has claimed a stake on him already Lydia, on the other hand, has little trust in men due to her past, which is only hinted at in the story She s very suspicious of Isaac, so since she believes him to be a murderer She wants him out but because of Beth, she backs off But Lydia makes it clear that she isn t liking this situation at all Beth only wanted for Isaac to have a chance to defend himself, but she was afraid for Nelly because of what she d suffered Nelly proves to be made of sterner stuff and a stoic help as it s her ministrations that brings Isaac around.Isaac s past remains vague throughout the story in the story excerpt for little of what we read from his monologues He used to be a Civil War solider When war ended, as any soldier, he couldn t blend in with the general population One can only imagine just how war can change a person, so Isaac never went back home He s a Southerner, who had a life back there with a family and a prosperous plantation His mother was still living, as were the brothers he loved But Isaac stayed back to eke out a lonely life And to get by, he took up the job of a bounty hunter He didn t like it but he was good at killing his targets It should make him a dangerous man but Isaac has since left that life behind when he came into this town But the memory of the adrenaline rush when he d stalk and kill his prey still haunts him Isaac has no interest of going back there again Besides, he had a score to settle with Clay, and if things went his way, this is where his legacy would end With that plan, he started working for him Isaac never liked the man, found him shady to say the least but he never thought he d be the one trapped Accused of doing something he d never done Isaac is completely innocent of the murders, and knew that Clay has framed him to exact revenge For all he knew, Clay himself murdered those people to get his own evil plans in motion.Isaac knew that he won t find justice in this town where Clay basically runs everything His words were law and the Sheriff his plaything So he needed to exact his own vengeance killing the SOB, even if it meant his own demise At least he d have the satisfaction of knowing he d relieved the world of the likes of Clay Dearborn Isaac had known about Widow Caldwell when words got around about Clay s plans about her, but he didn t want a beautiful lady like her to be in that man s clutches Now, seeing her face to face though has given Isaac a purpose an unwelcome, yet strong purpose He may die but maybe his plan will see her safe and sound.Beth and Isaac become pretty close in a very short time They had attraction shimmering between them which neither wanted to deny But acting on it was a difficult task Beth was facing Lydia s glares each day for harboring an outlaw, while Isaac knew once he s well enough, he d be out again to kill Deerborn At the same time, the man in question puts pressure on Beth, making it clear that he d marry her no matter what it takes, knowing very well that Beth has no one to turn to If that wasn t bad enough, an old acquaintance of Frank s and hers, one Silas Devol, drops by to inform her that Frank owned him a huge amount of money Now that he s dead, it s Beth s debt No amount of pleading would work with a seasoned gambler like Devol someone who s used to with all sorts of shady dealings When one day, Devol s men come to Beth s home to give her a reminder about the debt, which was about bullying her than anything, Isaac hears of it and comes out of the house to save her Seeing him, the men leave Beth alone, but it also put them all in danger What if the men talk around town Clay will know without a doubt who is Beth harboring, which in turn will make her and her sisters guilty parties Things start unraveling faster than they would ve imagined though, when Clay and the Sheriff with their posse come to hunt down Isaac Obviously news was circulating around town about Beth Caldwell harboring a man In a hurry to dodge them, Beth had to help Isaac escape just only with the clothes on his back, giving him her horse Boreas for fast riding After a thorough search when they find no one, the posse leaves, though Clay makes it clear that he s going to make them pay They also don t hesitate to impart the information that it was Lydia who informed the Sheriff about Isaac.But Beth would ve known who had betrayed them even if the Sheriff hadn t told them Lydia had been acting odd ever since Isaac was brought into the house She only waited to hear that he s innocent When she spied on him kissing Beth passionately, she thought it d be better to step in Well, Beth wouldn t have it She s annoyed but there s nothing to be done She believes in Isaac s innocence and would help him in any way possible, even though Lydia tries to defend herself by saying she thought she was doing it for the best Nevertheless, though Beth s head tells her it s insane to follow him into the unknown, her heart won t listen to it They d already send the posse in the opposite direction, so that should buy her some times Then soon, she s on her way to track down Isaac, hoping that Nelly s horse Little Sister knows what she s doing.It wasn t an easy task by any means, and Beth had to dodge a bounty hunter who was on her trail That guy was in the posse but he was suspicious of Beth and returned to follow her He was, of course, right Beth lies to him about lying to the posse oh boy because she need the money After all, it was well known that Clay has put a hefty sum on Isaac s head dead or alive When, after setting a gruesome pace for a couple of days, even dodging the bounty hunter so that he doesn t follow her any longer, Beth was about to give up, Little Sister made it known that she knows where to find Boreas which meant Beth would also soon see her Isaac She only hoped it wasn t too late and that s he s not too angry to see her.But Isaac was angry He d tried his best to get as far away as possible from Beth and her family so that no harm is done to them, yet here she is, dirty and ragged, returning his glare because he s pissed that she put herself in danger Well, after that, they have an argument, then, er, make up sex I mean, I don t know, after days of hard riding and no bath, sex would be the farthest thing from my mind but it seemed Isaac and Beth were very eager to resolve their problems and there was only one way for them to get to the point, bath can wait a while I did wonder about how was it even possible without a decent bath but that s just me talking Ignore me To be frank, I didn t expect them to have sex just then I knew they wanted to, but It kinda took me off guard and yes, I thought of those things I just wrote above Moving along After that, there was only one thing for them to do to acknowledge their feelings for each other Though Isaac was still conflicted about exacting his vengeance on Clay, he knew he cared for Beth too much Even though he didn t know if they could have a future together, he still couldn t stand Beth to go ahead and marry him because she had no other choice.But Beth, by the grace of fate, finds a goldmine hidden in the jungle She even registers it when they get to the nearest town under her and her sisters names She had a grand plan, where she can not only pay off Silas debts, but can also free Isaac s name She knew Clay and the Sheriff can t say not to money, so that should be easy If only, as they ll find out soon Clay was a wily bastard and would never give up so easily And when they re finally caught by Devol s men, who have been trailing them, Beth knew their time for reckoning has come But Beth was than frustrated about Isaac s blind need for vengeance where his death is a big possibility She couldn t understand why he would want it when they can go somewhere else and live their lives together She d, of course, made provisions so that Lydia, Daisy and Nelly are not evicted from her land It caused a few heated arguments between them But I understood that Isaac didn t want to be a hunted man for the rest of his life As long as he has law after him and a bounty on his head, he can never rest easy Beth didn t get the whole of it but she also understood his need to be a free man once again.The rest of the story was pretty suspenseful as both Isaac and Beth battle to make a stand against the evil Daisy, Nelly and Lydia come to Isaac s rescue when they needed it the most Last but not the least was that one last poker game to win back Isaac s freedom from Clay It was mainly Beth s idea to avoid bloodshed as all the men come face to face, guns pointed at one another With Devol as her surprising ally, Beth decides to play one last game, hoping that she still has her skills to aid her through this so that she can save the man she loves, and leave this place alive.Can t say I understood a thing of that, most important, game of the story since I don t know anything about gambling So the whole thing basically went over my head But that s definitely not the author s fault I have to give it to her, the way she planned it to resolve all of Beth and Isaac s problem in one sitting even if it was long night and there was bloodshed in the end anyway As I already said, I enjoyed the story but there s one thing that bugged me it was the dialogue At times, Beth and Isaac s voice felt too contemporary like for my liking It didn t sound like a story set in post Civil War era It may have been Beth s too independent streak where her thoughts didn t come off as a woman of that time, I don t know But it gave me pause a couple of times while I was reading Other than what stated above, it went rather well so I m rounding up on 4 stars Personally, looking forward to Daisy, Nelly and Lydia s stories especially Lydia That girl needs someone to shower her with love so bad sigh I received this ARC, courtesy of Entangled Select, via netgalley which didn t influence my review and rating in any way.

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    This ARC was received for Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for a honest reveiw Great story I like how she stands up for what she believes in no matter what the cost, especially back then Isaac is a great guy no matter what he thinks And I wanted to punch Clay the moment I first read about him

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    Check out the full review on Bookaholics Not So Anonymous.Note This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Gambling on the Outlaw is the first book in the Nevada Bounty series by author Margaret Madigan and is a historical western romance about a feisty and independent widow named Beth Caldwell and a proclaimed outlaw named Isaac Collins Both Beth and Isaac are what you would consider outsiders, she being a former gambler and he being a former hired gun, but they obviously have good hearts and simply want to be left to lead their lives quietly When Isaac is accused by the local sheriff and the town s cattle baron of having been the man behind a train robbery that resulted in the murder of several people, including the brother of the cattle baron, he knows it s only a matter of time before they hang him for crimes he never committed With revenge in his sights, he doesn t expect to find himself falling for the widow Caldwell, knowing there isn t much of a future for them, what with him running from the law But if it s one thing that Beth is, it s stubborn and she ll do whatever is necessary to help Isaac.When I was trying to recall the last time I read a historical western romance, I flashed back to some of the pocketbooks that are lined up on my shelves, and I recalled a couple of Sandra Brown s published works that I read in the early nineties and that I still consider some of my all time favorites It s been a good long while since then, but Gambling on the Outlaw brought back my love for the sub genre With a fine pair of lead characters who could hold their own yet feel incomplete without the other and three other women Daisy, Nellie, and Lydia who represented Beth s patchwork family and who piqued my curiosity, making me wonder if the books to follow will be about them, it was easy to become invested in wanting to see them get out of their situation happy and alive Heck, even the antagonists were memorable and then there were those who were stuck somewhere in the middle This is not to say, however, that the book was merely character driven The story itself felt original and certainly veered away from what I ve come to expect in historical western romances After all, even if the general story line in a book is similar to those that have come before it, you want something new and creative to make it stand out and the author certainly achieved that here There were a number of times that I thought the story was going to go one way, only to be pleasantly surprised with how Margaret Madigan veered in a different direction but did so in a manner that made the story even of a worthwhile read This really was quite an enjoyable book and I look forward to reading the rest of the Nevada Bounty series I m giving Gambling on the Outlaw 4.5 stars, rounded off to five stars.

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    Several years ago, Beth Caldwell lost her card shark husband to a bad game of cards Since then, she s run her homestead and taken care of the local misfits a Native American woman raped and left for dead with a child on the way, another woman abandoned by her family and deserted at the altar, and a retired prostitute Beth has a big heart, but she s practical too with a spine of steel When the neighboring cattle baron comes sniffing around demanding Beth marry him, it s easy to reject the sleezy, but powerful tycoon But that same tycoon has also framed Issac Collins for multiple murder and stagecoach robbery, so when Beth finds Issac hiding in her barn she believes his story of innocence and helps him escape the sheriff s posse on his tail.Beth is one determined woman When she sets her mind to something, there is absolutely no wavering from her path She will make whatever it is happen and woe be tide anyone who has the misfortune to get in her way Beth s nerves of steel and stead fast nature allow her to thrive in the tough Nevada desert, not just against the harsh climate but also against the equally harsh men who run the town She s also as great a card player as her late husband and the men in the story all underestimate her and her abilities, which comes in handy when later gambling with Issac s life.Issac also possesses a very determined nature, but in a very different way from Beth Issac s near single minded focus throughout the novel was the murder of the cattle baron tycoon who framed him for murder at the beginning of the novel This focus clouds everything he does until very slowly, his love for Beth begins to take root and weed out the hatred in Issac s heart Issac is quite heroic and a take charge kind of guy, ready to ride in and rescue his damsel in distress Except he quickly learns that while Beth may be a damsel, she can get herself out of her own distress thank you very much I really enjoyed watching Issac and Beth learn how to work together Issac needed a goal and focus beyond the tycoon s murder and Beth needed to learn how to let others take care of her, that she didn t always have to have all the answers A good read, especially if you enjoy novels set in the wild west.Originally posted at PlotTwistReviews dot ComI received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    The great first novel in this new series introduces some strong characters living in the Wild West, where money and power seem to have precedence over law The feisty, determined females are the real heroes in this story of overcoming corruption and greed, putting family first A fast paced, enthralling read which is full of complicated dealings, threats, danger and turmoil I ll certainly look out for further books in this series and by this author in future and highly recommend this to anyone who likes historical thriller elements to their romantic reading Beth Cadwell is a widow Her card shark, gambling husband was killed over a game of cards Now she s living out on their Nevada ranch along with three other feisty women who are local misfits A neighbouring rancher and cattle baron, Clay Dearborn, is determined to marry her so he can add her land to his own but Beth isn t convinced he d be a good husband, especially as he s determined to tame her and take control of everything in her life, including herself.There s been a horrific stagecoach robbery in the area All the people on board were killed, including Clay s brother, and the posses are out looking for the murderer who Clay claims is Isaac Collins Isaac used to work for Clay as a ranch hand, before that he s been in the Civil War, then a hired gun He has a short temper but he s the innocent scapegoat for this crime Feeling betrayed and that he has nothing left to lose, Isaac attempts to revenge himself by killing Clay He isn t successful and ends up being shot and seriously injured He makes it back to Beth s ranch, only to pass out Can the ladies save him How can he clear his name Will Clay force Beth to marry him Where does love fit in to this You ll have to read it yourself to find the answers Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley too, for letting me read an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Western RomanceBeth Caldwell is the widow of a gambling man she was always at his side except for the day he died Widowed, serving as a lowly paid midwife, Beth Caldwell has problems of major proportions She lives on her small ranch with a cast of women misfits, the neighboring very rich rancher, Clay Dearborn, wants to marry her for her land and doesn t want the misfits a gambling friend is holding a 5,000.00 marker of her husbands and wants his money, and to just finish off a really bad day, she finds a cowboy, Issac Collins, hiding in her barn and she has an immediate attraction to him When he returns wounded, what could she do but tend to his wounds Issac is a good man who is framed for murder by Clay Dearborn and he wants revenge He does all he can to discourage Beth s love but it is a force of nature and can not be tamed What follows is a frolicking western full of villains, outlaws, murderers, revenge, lawlessness, good versus evil, and hot hot love The love scene scorch the pages Ms Madigan has created a hero to die for and heroine that is strong willed and strong minded The story moves along well as we watch good conquer evil and love bloom in the old west I hope each of Beth s misfits has a book in the making by Ms Madigan, I cant wait to read the next one.I recommend this book to western romance lovers and due to the sexual situations for young adult to adult.I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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    I received this ARC from Entangled Teen via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This book is a little out of my comfort zone when it comes to this genre but I m the kind of person that will try anything and I m glad that I did I was excited when receiving this book as an ebook because it seems like all these books have half naked people on the front and you don t have to feel embarrassed to read it because other people can t see what you are reading I think that this would be a great summer book for people out there that are starting to compile their list of books to read This is the first book in the series and I can t wait to read I loved Beth and how she is the heroine and that she is a spunky badass and a strong women as well

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    I looked forward to reading this book every spare moment I had There is so much going on in this novel beyond the romantic entanglement of Beth and Isaac There are many other great characters in the book, all with varying scandalous lives and their individual stories will make subsequent titles in the series a must read.Beth s neighbour and unwanted suitor, Clay Dearborn, made such a good nasty character He made lots of threats but I would have liked to have seen action from him However, I couldn t wait to see him get his comeuppance.After a complex and exciting high stakes poker game the story resolved quite quickly and conveniently but maybe just a little too nicely for everyone in the end.All in all, a good read for fans of historical romantic westerns.