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I received a digital arc copy of this book from iRead Book Tours in exchange for my honest and unbiased review All are my own opinion and is not compensated by any individual, organization, or company This might contain minor spoilers.This review originally appeared on AmiabookloverWHAT A COOL BOOK I imagined myself as a kid who just loves SCIENCE, anything with SCIENCE and ALIENS Then I read this So of course, as a kid, I will look first at the pictures The illustrations of this book are so amazing, colourful and look very three dimensional I love the quality of the images It is very friendly to my eyes I would love to see it on the big screen, if possible and if there s a chance.Plot is great I believe the plot is very catchy for kids, at least But I think for older readers, it is a bit common Since I belong to that older group of readers, I think it is still good even though it s common The world building is very fascinating and pretty cute The characters are fun and cute and lovely.I LOVE THAT AERIAL ACTION I love the action It s like riding a twister It s very moving and very fun thanks to the COWS The aerial escapade is my favourite part of the book I would love to read and seeof it in illustrations The book never gets a dull moment but I got little sidetracked with the confusing terms I didn t know I really feel what Gilbert feels But thankfully, the author put glossary at the end of the book, so I get to know those terms I m confused with.This is just part one of the entire saga so there sparts to be excited of I definitely recommend it to young readers out there and to young readers at heart, they will surely like it. Gilbert Sullivan has been having dreams lately of aliens His mom says it is him playing too many video games Gilbert awakes him his latest nightmare He hears a noise and goes to look out of his telescope He originally thought it was a shooting star but then realizes that it is a space ship It has landed in the corn field Gilbert rushes out and bumps into someone A girl Her name is Aoleon She is from Mars I absolutely loved the graphics in this book They were not your usual graphics They were just like out of a video game They were eye catching, vivid and colorful and just popped off the pages All the time while I was reading this book on my computer Then there was the story itself Gilbert and Aoleon are great together I was a little jealous of all of the cool fun that Gilbert was having with Aoleon in her space ship traveling all over the world There was plently of action to keep this story moving along at a good pace Also, I like that the author did not use a lot of big words For the younger readers it would be hard to pronounce the words and understand what they mean Even though the author did put a glossary at the back of the book with the definitions This is book one There are five books in this series So now is a good time to start this series Plus check out the Itunes album to this book. Crop Circles Magically Appear In Farmer Johnson S Field A Mysterious Light Sweeps Over The Night Sky And Awakens Farmer Johnson And Gilbert, The Boy Next DoorCurious, Gilbert Ventures Out To Discover The Source Of The Light And Stumbles Into A Beautiful Martian Girl Sitting In A Crop Circle Farmer Johnson Also Investigates The Strange Light, And Thinking That Gilbert And Aol On Are Vandals, He Chases Them But They Sprint To Aol On S Saucer And Escape Only To Be Pursued By The US Air ForceGilbert Has Never Been Attacked By Swarms Of Giant Killer Robots Never Met Strange Aliens From Other Worlds Never Skyboarded Across A Megalopolis Hidden Deep Inside An Extinct Volcano Never Trekked Across A Vast Martian Desert And Never Been Eaten Alive By A Gigantic Slor Well, Almost Never, Unless You Count Billy The Fat Bully At SchoolAnd Luckily, He Has Never Ever Confronted An Evil Ruler Of Mars Bent On Conquering The Earth To Steal Its CowsNeveruntil Now This May Be The Adventure Gilbert Always Wished ForIf Only He Can SurviveJoin Gilbert And Aoleon In This Exciting Middle Grade Science Fiction And Fantasy Adventure What a fantastic read This fast paced, action packed story kept my attention throughout LeVasseur s vivid descriptions not only paint a picture for the readers but also draw you deep into this world The way that the chapters and locales were set up I felt as if I were really on a mission with the characters It captured my imagination The chaos in this story is absolutely priceless LeVasseur takes young teens causing trouble to an entirely new level This is all wrapped around a rather in depth story of life leadership There is also a technical aspect to the tale that made the story oh so real and possible As an adult I enjoyed this, but it is a story that will captivate younger readers This author s inviting storytelling combined with the amazingly SciFi esque graphics will keep them riveted.The graphics in this story were fantastic They definitely enhanced the story for me As enjoyable as these graphics are on an older black white ereader, in colour they re absolutely enchanting This was an exquisitely visual story Between the author s fantastic writing and the actual images that are part of the story I could easily picture it all.I think the main character summed it up perfectly when he said, Zoikers That s so cool This story is a fantastic start to a series sure to capture the heart the imagination I can t wait to see what happens next.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. Aoleon, Martian Girl The photos in this book are unreal I mentioned earlier this year that I ve been trying to expand my reading to try reading a few books that I wouldn t normally pick up Well, this book is definitely one of those Aoleon is geared toward young adults teenagers but I actually really enjoyed it as well I would consider it a science fiction book because it included alien, UFOs and the like This book is only part one of the story so it ends in a cliffhanger but even with that, it was a really good story The illustrations are incredible They are fun, brightly colored and vivid and I think they really added to the story I think this would really appeal to young adults for that reason I don t want to give you the full story but it follows a young country boy in his adventure with Aoleon They go for quite a trip If you teach middle grade children, have middle grade children or would enjoy a quick sci fi, check it out IntroductionThis first installment of a juvenile science fiction story follows a boy named Gilbert Sullivan who befriends a female alien named Aol on and has a series of adventures The cover art of the series titular character is decent for the most part, with the alien on a hoverboard over a farmfield The minor illustration of a furry violet alien with eyes at the end of the center two of its four stalks looks believable as well.DreamsThe first chapter introduces Gilbert Sullivan, a young boy haunted by nightmares of alien abductions, with strange occurrences happening in real life in sync with his dreams The first illustration in this chapter of Gilbert Sullivan sitting up in his bed is somewhat disturbing, with the boy having wide open eyes and a crooked smile While he does bear the same odd expression in the chapter s second piece of art, it does give the reader a good feel for his bedroom In the third and final illustration of the chapter, where Gilbert peers through his telescope, his gloved hands appear a tad oversized.First ContactThe second chapter follows an alien s voyage through space and eventual arrival on Earth, after which comes her introduction as Aol on to Gilbert, and focuses on their initial interactions such as that with Tripod the dog and eventual conflict with Farmer Johnson The second chapter s opening illustration depicts a spaceship traveling at light speed, with the vessel being believable with prismatic effects in the space around it The second artwork depicts a closer look of the intergalactic ship with Aol on inside, the ship still being believable and appearing over a colorful explosive backdrop The third two part illustration depicts different views of the planet Saturn with its rings, near which Aol on s ship travels, these views being nice and believable as well The next artwork depicts the ship flying near the Moon and the Earth, both worlds having good texturing as well In the subsequent image, Gilbert is within a cornfield under a bright starry sky staring at the viewer, and smiling, another odd design choice that nonetheless isn t as odd as the first chapter s initial illustration In the art of Gilbert and Aol on meeting for the first time, it somewhat seems as though they re floating far above the ground instead of resting upon it The illustration depicting Aol on, Gilbert, and Tripod the dog is one of the stronger ones of the book, with Gilbert s expression beingreasonable than in some previous pieces in the book For the first illustration of Famer Johnson firing his shotgun, his expression looks somewhat odd and trapped between happiness and anger.Flying CowsThis chapter opens with Air Force pilots pursuing Aol on s vessel, and integrates flying cows, whose expressions look somewhat creepy in the section s first illustration, although the depiction of the pilot s view and the sky definitely look better The following two pieces depict the pursuit of the alien craft by Air Force pilots, whose vessels look realistic, with pretty scenery as well The art afterward shows Gilbert and Aol on in the spacecraft with the Air Force jets behind them, the former s expression looking somewhat goofy, especially with his roundish teeth.The Air Force pilots and the alien ship ultimately come near a passenger plane, another illustration depicting this encounter, Gilbert and Aol on s expressions appearing the same as in the prior piece featuring both, although the former s definitely looks better from a distance The pursuit takes the Air Force jets and the alien craft into foreign waters, another artwork depicting a pair of sailors thrown off their small ship The next illustration depicts a nice view of tundra and mountains in the north of Earth, the chase not then being over.The pursuit of the alien and Gilbert takes them to London, another piece depicting them near London s Houses of Parliament and the Westminster Clock Tower knowncommonly and erroneously as Big Ben, actually the name of one of its bells The next illustration depicting Gilbert and Aol on shows the former with a scared expression, arms and hands in the air, appearing goofy here as well, especially with his aforementioned roundish teeth The chase goes to Paris, France, as well, the following artwork showing a bottoms up view of the Eiffel Tower with the pilot that ejected from his plane soaring down to safety via parachute The chapter concludes with a journey to Mars, a beautiful space illustration terminating the third chapter.Situation RoomThe penultimate chapter opens with a goofy illustration depicting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Stryker, who discusses the prior occurrences involving the alien craft with the President, Vice President, and others, the chapter containing plenty of humorous banter and serving as the story s chief form of comic relief.Martian MegalopolisThe final chapter begins with a beautiful illustration depicting Gilbert and Aol on s arrival at Mars The following art shows the ship at a closer view, near the planet s underside, Gilbert having an excited expression and the Martian looking at him They ultimately enter the planet s atmosphere, populated by other spaceships, another piece of art depicting this and the lovely Martian surface Following this is the vessel s arrival at a well described Martian city sticking out from one of its massive craters, illustrated well in the book The next piece looks gorgeous as well, depicting a closer view of the Martian megalopolis, with nice lighting.The further close up of the city in the illustration depicted afterwards one could definitely describe as trippy, given its psychedelic coloring, although this is by no means a bad thing Gilbert and Aol on eventually land and depart their ship, the following art showing them upside down, Gilbert in a space suit and not looking ridiculous for a change like he did in previous illustration Many parts of the chapter that follow have occasional political commentary stemming from the fact that artificial intelligence, unswayable by greed or corruption, runs the alien city instead of living beings, with occasional humor, as well, after which the novel reaches its end and leaves room open for follow ups.ConclusionIn the end, in spite of some of the odd artistic choices in the illustrations, the first part of this new series is a good one, with the book always clarifying the settings of the various portions of its chapters, and while the art isn t perfect, it does flow naturally with the story, and definitely helps in the endthan hurts. Since it s the Holidays, kids are at home and are enjoying the last few days before going back to school I thought I d read to them a science fiction themed kiddie book for a change When this book was offered to me in exchange for an honest review, I let my kids read it, watched them react and told them to share their thoughts about Aoleon, The Martian Girl First and foremost, what really attracted my kids and I are the crisp and colorful illustrations by Brent LeVasseur It became easier for them to imagine how the Aoleon and the Martians look alike For them, it was vibrantly and entrancingly illustrated, which is a big plus whenever they read books The story starts with Gilbert shouting in his dream when robotic spider like legs crawled on his floor Completely awake from his nightmare, Gilbert walked to his telescope and wished for an angel to take him far away far away from his home where his parents were arguing fighting nonstop That is when streaks of stars and lights flashed in his mind Little did he know that those same lights were appearing outside his house And soon he embarked on an out of this world adventure literally out of this world with an alien girl named Aoleon from Mars Aoleon seemed nice and friendly, she seemed to be in control of her spacecraft saucer which was maneuvered through Artificial Intelligence which was definitely high tech, but later on, we discover that she was only a student practicing pilot More discoveries were unearthed or should we say unmarsed when Gilbert landed on the biggest city on Mars But like on Earth, there was a political issue surrounding the planet and a fugitive alien made contact to one of the characters in the book How did it go with Gilbert Your guess is as good as mine Storywise, my kids have the same reactions with Gilbert and his discovery of the alien spaceship that hovered above Farmer Johnson s crops Like Gilbert, they also were in awe of the lights and saucer and Aoleon They knew they were in for a treat when they read about flying cows, and aerocrafts chasing saucers while flying to different countries all over the continent This was indeed an adventure like no other Sure, there were technical terms that my kids haven t heard before but I was there to guide them throughout the book When we came close to the cliffhanger ending, my eldest didn t want the story the end So we read the book again and again Now, they re trampling on me screaming for the next book in the series With this kind of reaction, it only means one thing Gilbert Aoleon are now my kids newest book bestfriends She s an alien a Martian I am speaking to a Martian This is so cool Gilbert Sullivan is just a normal boy, living on a farm in Nebraska, playing with his telescope His dull life quickly changes, however, as he spots something unusual coming toward the neighbor s wheat field Gilbert investigates and encounters an adventuresome alien, Aol on Fortunately for Gilbert, Aol on is a friendly Mars girl, practicing for her pilot s license Gilbert is thrilled She s an alien a Martian I am speaking to a Martian This is so cool Aol on takes Gilbert for a ride in her flying saucer They soon attract the attention of the military, who chase the saucer, trying to shoot it down Aol on toys with the attackers, even driving to Paris Aol on enjoys the chase, but Gilbert is not so happy I ve been abducted by a nutty alien who s a speed freak Although the pair evade all the missiles shot at them, Gilbert can t keep his hands off the saucer s controls, and he accidentally fires an energy field into a pasture, causing cows to rise into the air At that moment, all the cows and Tripod gently floated upward, ascending past two birds that peered at them, puzzled The cows shared frightened glances as they rose skyward, but one continued to chew placidly on a huge tuft of grass On Mars, Gilbert learns that the planet is controlled by a dictator named, Luminon He uses an artificial intelligence, ZIO CROM to maintain control over Mars Gilbert learns that Mars uses to be a democracty, run by the the Supreme Council of Twelve It turns out that Mars is a bit like Brave New World, using lower caste drone workers to do the dirty work They are cloned in a lab that way, and they are responsible for all the basic maintenance work that goes on in our society that is not done by robots Aol on, however, disapproves of this It is primitive and cruel The caste system and the drones were brought about by the Luminon s rise to power After his civics lesson, the two are approached by a Martian fugitive, Pax, who tries to enlist them in a rebellion against Luminon You and the Terran boy must work together to gather intelligence about the Luminon s plans After we have gathered enough evidence, we can then expose the Luminon Pax explains that the Martian overlord has a sinister plan against Earth We know that the Luminon is developing an invasion force we believe to conquer Terra and to capture its milk cows Gilbert doesn t believe the fugitive he tells Pax that his plan sounds like a Nigerian email scam You know, there is a prince from the country Nigeria he once sent me an e mail stating that I was special and had been chosen and that he would transfer a million dollars into my bank account Before Pax can explain further, the fugitive disappears in a flash, and the two scurry away, observed by one of Luminon s ever watching sentinels All in all, AOL ON THE MARTIAN GIRL is a delightful read The dialogue is funny, and the author is clearly a very witty person My favorite line in the book occurs when the pair are startled by the fugitive, Pax, and Aol on exclaims, Deus ex machina I was not surprised at all that the Martian Girl knew all about Greek Tragedy.The graphics are well done and oftentimes funny they remind me a lot of the old Mister Bill series from SNL The illustration of General Stryker in the White House Situation Room is especially funny The most impressive graphic, however, is the illustration of Aol on and Gilbert in the flying saucer, evading missiles fired at them Huge amount of detail well done Highly Recommend The opening cover illustration of Aoleon, The Martian Girl, guarantees this sci fi fantasy story will be exciting This turquoise colored Martian girl poised on her hover board is ready for action and excitement And the first sentences prove this to be true The story grabs you from the beginning and it s difficult to put down Now throw in Gilbert, the young Nebraska farm boy, and all kinds of interesting plot lines begin to open up Why is he having such strange dreams and why did Aoleon come to his neighbor s farm What is going to happen to his parents marriage How can he and Aoleon possibly help save Earth and Mars Theyou read thethe questions increase The author has thankfully written this in third person Science fiction and fantasy often involve huge vistas and epoch situations that can only be described from that point of view and it remains true in this case Additionally the author has provided wonderful illustrations of the characters and scenes making this fast moving beginning of the book easy to visualize and mentally escape into The editing is first class and the dialogue is fun to read and flows evenly Being an amateur astronomer I enjoyed the author s celestial descriptions and his fantastic use of physics which he kept in the plausible realm Science fiction can be way out there but when it involves known facts and theories it needs to be as accurate as possible And this leads to one small mistake I found on the second page Gilbert s telescope is described as an eleven inch scope In two illustrations that follow it is obvious it is a four or five inch scope I have one similar to his I know, most people would never notice this, but most astronomers read sci fi and would pick up on it Aside from this one small point the story and illustrations are a pleasure to read and look at They really fire up the imagination and I look forward to the completion of the book.