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    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney s Wonderful World of Reading , Walt Disney CompanyThe Grimm fairy tale gets a Technicolor treatment in Disney s first animated feature Jealous of Snow White s beauty, the wicked queen orders the murder of her innocent stepdaughter, but later discovers that Snow White is still alive and hiding in a cottage with seven friendly little miners Disguising herself as a hag, the queen brings a poisoned apple to Snow White, who falls into a death like sleep that can be broken only by a kiss from the prince 1988 21 1937 4 1938 83 1,488,423 418.2 1937 .

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    I loved it

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    why d that prince go kiss her when he thought he thought she was dead That s messed up

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    I love this classic

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    In Walt Disney s story of Snow White, we learn about flawless Princess Snow White who lives in a castle with her wicked stepmother the Queen Sadly, Snow White s father, the King, has passed away leaving her no choice but to live with the Queen The Queen was very jealous of Snow White and always competed with her to be the fairest one of all of the land The Queen would always ask the Magic Mirror Who is the fairest one of all Then one day, the Queen s vanity got the better of her and she sat out to kill Snow White Snow White escaped through the deep forest only to stumble across a cottage But it was not any cottage It was the cottage belonging to the Seven Dwarfs Snow White counted on these Dwarfs for friendship and they soon protected her from her evil Stepmother but they were also a pathway to help her find her Prince.I think that this book appeals to all ages The visuals and the simple text means that it can be enjoyed by KS1 as well as KS2 children The brightly coloured visuals set the scene for fantasy tale PSHE Friendships health and hygiene emotions feelingsLiteracy Children to use Snow White to help to write their own fairy tale story.Maths use the Seven Dwarfs to help the children count Art Children to design their own fairy tale Science Children to learn the importance of healthMusic Children to compose their own music using natural materialsCharactersSnow WhiteQueenThe Seven Dwarfs Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy and Dopey Magic MirrorHuntsmanPrinceAnimals Birds

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    I read the Disney picture book version of this story, and just out of curiosity I read the Brothers Grim version of the story I had a friend who told me about how the original translations of their stories are pretty insane, and seemed to have been written to scare young children into good morals I think the version I read was still cleaned up a bit from the original, but there was still one part that was included that I can definitely see why it was cut out of the Disney version The stepmother ordered that Snow White be killed, and that her heart be brought back to here The man she ordered to do this spared Snow White s life and instead brought back a wild boar s heart that the stepmother ended up eating That part disgusted me, but fascinated me at the same time Now, back to the Disney picture book that we re all familiar with I think it s really cool how they gave the seven dwarfs personalities and everything I just realized that that s not something that was in the original version I gave this book five stars How could you not LOVE Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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    I loved all these Disney books when I was a little kid and today I woke up and said to myself why not reread them I will always stand by my opinion that you re never too old for kid s books Mainly because of those gorgeous pictures DAfter reading through all these kid s books in one day I m starting to realize that each book has some kind of disturbing element Cinderella child abuse , Sleeping Beauty arranged marriage , Beauty and the Beast Stockholm syndrome But after all, Snow White wins the first place in this creepy contest and that is because of that kissing strangers element Just why Couldn t she at least meet him before Also all the Disney stories lean very heavily on the instant love factor which can be fun at first, but no really after a while

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    Summary This is the traditional Disney story line of Snow White A young girl is running away from a huntsman who is in search for her heart She finds a cottage and decides to take shelter there She soon realizes that seven little dwarfs live there too They bond and soon after they became friends, Snow White is encountered with an old lady This old lady offers her an apple, and she bites it This was a poisonous apple and made Snow White go into a deep sleep The only way she could awaken is by true love s kiss She is asleep for a long time and she is eventually found by the prince The price kisses her and she awakens from her slumber They run off together to his castle Evaluation I used this book in a book study unit in my Kindergarten placement It was a digital version of this story book I rated this book with five stars, because it was a very good depiction of the tradition story of Snow White Also, it was very easy for the students to understand and they loved seeing the dancing and singing animals Teaching Tip I used this in a book study unit We read every version of Snow White and even the Rose Red Snow White book We compared the story lines and how the key components of the story did not differ too much The teacher was teaching the students main idea, characters, setting, problem solution, and lesson learned moral At the end of the unit, we had a popcorn party to view the Disney Snow White movie As they watched the movie, we discussed each part of the story line and it s significance.

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    I like the book since I can convey some important common sense about personal safety, which is that do not open door to a stranger and eat anything from the person you do not familiar with to my daughter while I was reading with her The crucial information will be used on my students in someday The book Snow white is Chinese version Most of the storyline is the same as English version This book does not only focus on the story, but also requires children to seek out some certain objects in each page in order to practice and improve their concentration While I am reading the book, I would interpret the story to the children due to Chinese only And they can learn easy words, but see how differences of the writing, pronunciation, and the order of a sentence in Chinese.I think children are interested in the book because they can play games, which is finding some hidden things in the book They may response how to deal with the same situation as Snow White when they face to However, I will emphasize the part of seeking objects and communicate with children how they handle the same circumstances.

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    As a child this was one of my favorite disney movies, so I thought i would read the book I love how the book and the movie are similar However in the book I like the context between the characters than I do in the movie Snow White was a beautiful princess with an evil stepmother Her beauty was what she was known for and her step mother tried taking it away With the help of the seven dwarfs and her prince charming, snow white survived the step mothers poisonous apple Today, they recently came out with a movie called Snow White and the Huntsmen It is a playoff of the original Snow White, but with some twists here and there I agree with the two girls who had their presentation this week on fables, fairytales, and myths, that these stories do get turned around into elaborate stories than they were before Overall, I still enjoy hearing the story of Snow White every once and a while.