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Discover How To Eradicate The SOURCE Of Stress, Anxiety And DepressionIf You Ve Ever Felt There Was Something Holding You Back In Life, You Were Right It S Called The Subconscious, Unconscious Or Reactive Mind The Hidden Part Of Your Mind That Stores Painful Experiences, Then Uses Them Against You Dianetics The Modern Science Of Mental Health, The New York Times And International Bestseller, Shows You How To Get Rid Of The Reactive Mind For A Happier, Healthier Life The Revolutionary Book Everyone Must Read ,, Copies In Print Used Daily In Nations Translated Into Languages Paperback Edition, Spanish Comes With A Free DVD Containing A Special Presentation On How To Use Dianetics

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    Just kidding

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    Strolling through Barnes and Noble, I saw this book on the used rack, and picked it up out of curiosity Funniest thing I have ever skimmed Ever.I love how L Ron felt the need to define words throughout the book Words like idyllic, procreate, tome, pallid and testosterone What does he think of his readers to have to define such challenging words Perhaps they are not intelligent enough to use a dictionary.I laughed out loud at this Coitus Chain, lover First incident, embryo all painful because of enthusiasm of lover.Constipation chain Firsts incident, zygote Each incident building high pressure on child.Masturbation chain First incident, embryo Eighty succeeding incidents Mother masturbating with fingers, jolting child and injuring child with orgasm No wonder the world is so screwed up And no wonder this was in the used section I certainly would not want this rubbish on my shelves.One word you don t need to define for your readers, L Ron crap.

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    He was kidding, right

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    The reviews here are largely based on the bipolar division into the scientology apologists, on the one hand, and the anti scientology bigots, on the other hand I consider myself neither.This book contains fabrications, inventions, unsubstantiated claims and outright falsehoods.It is the beginning of what, probably, started out as L.Ron Hubbard s conscious plan to start a cult based on himself, on his grandiose intellectual fantasies, and on his not inconsiderable skills as a prose writer and armchair philosopher This book is an example of all of those things.Dianetics is the embryo out of which scientology grew It contains the nuts and bolts of auditing the process of dianetic therapy and the basic terms of what later became the cult and religion of scientology, although still in the secular guise of self help procedures and a kind of do it yourself, mock up psychotherapy whose aim is the alleviation of ALL non physical ailments of man and of ALL psychosomatic illnesses, and the achievement of the rather improbable but alluring and fascinating state of Clear a kind of perfectly rational, clear headed Randian Nietzschean class of supermen who are entirely without any hang ups or other normal human problems.Such grandiose claims are, of course, without merit, but they are only one side of the coin.The other side of the coin the one that fascinates me is the story of what could have been namely, how great a philosopher and thinker L.Ron Hubbard COULD have been, had he only been less well, greedy and evil, I suppose.The fabrication of physical engrams and the gnostic fantasy of the superhuman clear are only a twisted vesion of a true and perfectly reasonable philosophy hidden within the core of the book.There are glimpses of his greatness in the book The first half of the book is a kind of continuation of the work of centuries of moral philosophy aimed at the gradual perfection of man, combined with the modern science of Social Darwinist and psychological approaches to human life and human consciousness The result is a reasonaby interesting thesis about the functioning of the human body I find it very convincing The bulk of the document, the root, is solid Only the tree that grows out of it is rotten and murky L.R Hubbard unfortunately doesn t stick with solid reality but enters into science fiction territory as soon as you can say c h a r l a t a n The sad fact is that Hubbard was not content to stick within clear headed thinking, and instead followed the selfish and self serving urge common to all confidence men to spice up his sound philosophical ideas most of which, to be sure, he borrowed from others, like Freud and Spencer with a lot of outrageous nonsense and cultish fanaticism, to make it sellable and appealing to desperate readers looking for a quick fix This makes the whole book feel like a missed opportunity.Of course, superficially the book was anything but a missed opportunity After all, it spawned a whole religion and has sold millions upon millions of copies But in the end, it is the sort of book that, in a hundred yeears, will be forgotten It will never rank a great leap in human thinking, or achieve the sort of intellectual fame that Hubbard probably, despite all his BS, deep down wanted So Hubbard s story is tragic than it appears He COULD have been one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century He had the brains and the writing skills and the charisma for it Instead, he chose to be one of the most popular deceivers of mankind of the 20th century That sordid business, to be sure, takes dedication But it also means he missed the boat to greatness He doomed himself to oblivion through a comet rise to temporary fame I find it a sad but compelling story The tale spun by the history of what followed is the story of a tragic man who couldn t choose between fiction and fact, and chose to blend the two in the most ingenuous and arguably evil way possible He wanted to be Mohammed or Moses for the 20th century He also wanted to be the Tolkien of psychology and the beloved of the rich and famous He learned all the wrong lessons from Aleister Crowley He took only the beastly aspects of the man and emulated his selfish pursuit of fame, ignoring Crowley s love of truth He wanted to be a creator of worlds The fact that he almost succeeded is a mind boggling feat It is also a cautionary tale of the lure of power and the cost of fame Such fame is a devil s bargain Hubbard stepped into the world of dreams and fiction and purposefully destroyed his own reputation in exchange of a few gold coins and a few million gleamy eyed followers But all of this does NOT negate the fact that Dianetics is a worthy book to study and read It contains clever insights into the nature of the human condition The combination of Darwinism and Freudianism is beautiful It is the desktop writings of an almost genius level of a thinker It is ALMOST a science, it is ALMOST a psychology, it is ALMOST a philosophy of man worthy of the promised revolution of thought And even though it is ONLY ALMOST all of those things, it still contains than a few nuggets of real gold and philosophical insight hidden within the steaming pile of malicious, cult spawning manure Recommended with the caveat upon first encountering this pile of dung, watch where you put your spoon, and don t eat the manure Set it aside and dig for the ice cream and creamy goodness within It exists It is good It is sad It is beautiful Taste it Feel it Build a better bridge to quote the very last words of the book Learn from Hubbard, learn from Hitler, learn from Faust when the devil comes, don t sell your soul.

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    To better fight the enemy, know the enemy The funniest blend of hypnosis and psychoanalysis to come along in a good long while Hey guys, it s a science And by science we mean a collection of information about a thing To explain the workings of the brain we ve made up some anthropomorphic devices that remove any blame for misdeeds committed You can see concepts being invented in the author s mind as the book goes on, as if the whole work were a stream of consciousness exercise It s hard to imagine this crazed pseudo science being the seed for such a twisted and deranged enterprise like Scientology.

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    I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys writings like The potential value of an individual or a group may be expressed by the equationPV ID xwhere I is Intelligence and D is Dynamic The worth of an individual is computed in terms of the alignment, on any dynamic, of his potential value with optimum survival along that dynamic A high PV may, by reversed vector, result in a negative worth as in some severely aberrated persons A high PV on any dynamic assures a high worth only in the unaberrated person.

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    5 stars if you read it drunk as a comedy.1 star if you incorporated this book into your life, chose it to be your new reality or converted to Scientology after reading it WARNING Concepts in this book may be dumber than they appear.

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    I didn t actually read the book because, well, why would I want to willingly put that shit in my brain Giving it 1 star is just my way of spitting on Scientology.

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    This book changed the way I view people and myself It explains exactly why people are the way they are and what causes us to some times act irrationally It gives an exact technology to help us get rid of the reactive mind and all negative aspects of ourselves so we can once again live a rational and happy life I ve seen the miracles of this science and I m glad to finally have read the book first hand to understand how it all works.

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    I bought this book because I am reading it for a book club Now, I am afraid eBay and are going to recommend things to me based on this purchase So, on the the review.This book is worthless It s poorly written, disorganized, absolutely not science, and a pipe dream of a self help process That anyone was enticed to make use of it, not to mention actually got anything out of it is beyond my understanding There are no new concepts of self help or psychology in this book It is just repackaged as a new science of the mind, which, again, is no science at all This book is ABSOLUTELY NOT science There is no place in a science book for terms like almost, seems, perhaps, wild guess, etc When things are asserted as scientific fact, the words above have no place in the discourse There are many, many examples of this throughout the book In addition the author makes assertions as scientific fact with no proof or even explanation It is extremely frustrating to read this as a person with a scientific education and background I find it very hard to believe that anything in this book relating to the science of Dianetics is true or to be believed There is nothing to convince the analytical person of the truth of any of the assertions.Whether this book has helped anyone I cannot say I will not speak to that The first major sections of the book make becoming A Clear sound very desirable However, to anyone who has an independent thought, it should sound like hogwash and or a pipe dream The author is overly fixated on attempted abortion, something that may have been a problem in the first half of the 20th century in America but has ceased to be a serious issue in the 21st century Keep in mind that this book was published in 1950 L Ron Hubbard was an outcast of society and a failed science fiction writer before he wrote this book This is the kind of book that would come from the pen of a person like that.I urge anyone who reads this book to take it from an analytical point of view and asses what you read carefully Do not take what is presented here at face value.