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the kind of enveloping world building and characterization that can cause you to look up hours later and only then notice that while you were immersed in the book the sun has set and you've missed a meal Or two Wendy S Delmater Abyss Apex Magazine The wyvern has hunted for the young outcast all her life; a day will come when after being rejected by civilisation and the tribes she must at last face him Abandoned as a sacrifice to the wyvern a young girl is raised to fear the beast her adoptive clan believes meant to kill her When the Emperor outlaws all magic Raven is forced to flee from her home with her foster mother for both are judged as witches Now an outcast she lives at the mercy of others forever pursued by the wyvern Soon her life will change forever An uniue and unsettling romantic adventure about rejection and belonging

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    A young woman falls in love with her rapist because he's just so hot Wow The author even goes out of her way to try to justify it and give him a good reason to rape a young woman This actually makes me sick and is a slap in the face to victims everywhereThe writing at the first half reads like a list of events so I forced myself to keep going I wanted to know about Raven and that was the only reason I didn't put it away But she moves four different places in the first hundred pages and that's just too much moving around and not enough actually happeningThen comes the rape and of course it's ok because he's hot At least that's what the author wants readers to think Rape is never justifiable and these types of scenarios are exactly why people don't want to read self published books I doubt a real publisher would have allowed this garbage to hit the shelves

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    I'll start this review by saying I love reading fantasy There was a time not too long ago when I felt as if the fantasy genre had died Not much new was coming out and what did show up on the shelves didn't suit me Lately I've seen a resurgence of excellent fantasy stories and Darkspire Reaches is one of themLesley knows how to build a world and create not just characters but whole races of them complete with speech patterns and a recognizable cadence that sucks you into her world From the first chapter you know you are entering a new world and by the third chapter you are already familiar with itSome authors plop you down in the middle of a fiery battle in a desperate attempt to get your interest Lesley goes about it differently There is a confidence in her writing that allows for a slow build of tension but each chapter has the right level of suspense and if you're a careful reader you'll spot the foreshadowing woven into the pages by a master wordsmithThis wasn't a book that demanded to be devoured in one sitting but each bit I read left a good taste in my mouth like a fine glass of wine and I realized I was eager to get back to reading each night As I neared the end I had to stay up later than I wanted to find out what happened I wasn't disappointedI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    This book wAs rather alarming in its handling of some very sensitive topics And I do not mean that in a good way Rape is never okayPeople in reviews rave about the world building of this book? but we never even get to see the other world that they flew to at the end How did the emperor gain power? Nothing was explained to craft a world No thank you

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    Fantasy can take a reader in so many directions Darkspire reaches teeters between Adult Epic and Dark in my opinion The story and writing were on par with some of the best authors out there Yes there are taboo parts but as readers we forget how many greats write similar scenes in their works especially in high fantasy GoT anyone I don't have to agree with what happens to enjoy the journey The author's vision made for an interesting read Recommended for mature audiences Trigger warning rape

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    A very different type of romancefantasyDarkspire Reaches was truly a great read It captured my attention from the beginning Immediately I was engrossed in the story and I finished it on the same dayI don’t normally read stories like this but I’ll have to start now I enjoyed the world that the author created I really liked Raven She was found abandoned in the woods and was saved by an elderly womanAll her life Raven tried to find a sense of belonging to fit in somewhere She had a heart of gold always healing people of their pain It was easy to like her characterConnor was a different story He was a very unconventional hero He made some very poor choices right from the beginning and tried to fix his mess throughout the story But even as the story progressed he continued to make poor decisions that come back and bite him later He was uite lucky that Raven was a forgiving girl Even though he was not your “typical” hero it was hard not to like Connor I mean he was the kind of guy that once he loved he loved forever He was fiercely protective a warrior and was not afraid to use his inner “beast”If anybody is looking for a great escape in books this is a good one

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    This fantasy story is well written and filled with believable and intriguing characters that sweep us along into the magical and impressive world of the wyvernThemes such as superstition betrayal loss fear and insanity work well beside magic and legend to make this an excellent readRaven and Connor are both brilliant characters while their relationship is stormy its development is fun to watchCertainly a tale which engages and perfect for fantasy loversHighly recommended

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    25 starsOn the surface this was an a fairly enjoyable fantasy adventure but if you stop to look closely at anything it uickly starts falling apart Add that to the weird feeling that this was two stories smashed in to one at high speeds first half about a poor foundling girl being raised by a witch and living with prejudice and hate the second half is about dragons and being hunted down by an Emperor and you get some explanation for my ratingSome spoilery thoughts on why just some of the things don't work on closer inspectionview spoilerMargie finding Raven to begin with Even if I can fudge her being in First Born lands as an eually dangerous attempt to evade the Emperor's men it doesn't explain why she'd decide to stop and adopt an abandoned newborn baby when fleeing for her life How did Raven even survive the journey back to Argrassi and the finding of a wetnurse? It's not like she could just gum a bit of jerky as they spent days weeks getting back to friendlier territoryThe entire rape scene was a huge WTF On the surface it was a hideous way of gaining control of her by stripping away her samhara maiden magic but even as he was performing the deed Connor must have known her magic was from her half Drakken nature because that's the entire reason he'd been hunting her in the first place Plus the entire thing could have been avoided if he'd just knocked her unconscious but I inferred that he thought hitting women was abhorrent Yet raping them is totally okay? Just GahHow the hell was the army capable of travelling so fast? Even going with the logical conclusion that it was two armies it would have reuired a messenger getting down from a mountain in winter travelling hard to alert the Emperor that Raven had escaped going to the First Born to find out if they knew where else a dragon might go then finally mobilising the second army and sending them to the Grotto I'm pretty sure all of that would have taken than the week or two that seemed to pass for Raven and ConnorThe Emperor's reason for hunting Raven was really f ing stupid He didn't want anyone to know about his bastard birth but even if Raven had known his secret who the hell was going to believe a young First Born peasant girl over the word of their God Emperor? He'd have been better off just letting her go but he draws attention to the whole thing by sending his army in to the mountains during winterBeing blackmailed in to staying at the Grotto with psycho bitch lady because you can't move your unhatched kit Umm You're a huge fire breathing dragon How hard would it be to heat some rocks put them in a container with some sand and the egg and then get the heck out of there? I'm not even going to bother about how the sands of a coastal and seemingly non volcanic region were hot to begin with Oops too late hide spoiler

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    Darkspire Reaches is an interesting read Great world building characters and a story that’ll keep you busy for a while Raven has a uniue story and you feel the need to continue and see what’s ahead for her The story has everything you need to keep you on the edge There were some parts in the plot I didn’t really feel comfortable with and even though I’d change them it’s the author’s story she has her reasons and her reasons should be respected especially since she’s a good writer Overall the story is a good one the female character is strong she endures a lot and I’d absolutely recommend reading it

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    A well detailed story of a lost woman trying to determine her true heritage Betrayal and misguided intentions send the protagonist Raven down an interesting if sometimes dark road of discoveryI especially enjoyed the vision of being a wyvern and flying the skies seeing the world through their eyes

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    I have to admit I am a little surprised by all the high ratings I found about the first half of this book to be just what a lot of people have already said; one of those books you just can’t put downthen came the second half If I could rate the two halves separately I would rate the first a 4 and the second a 2 As you can see I’m rating the entire book a 3So let’s start with the first half It was exactly what you’re hoping for in this book written well definitely a fantasy type world believable dialogue interesting plot subtle foreshadowing plenty of peril and suffering for our protagonist and she was extremely likeable not annoying as you sometimes run into A lot of the characters other than our protagonist could have used some fleshing out but a 4 star rating gives a book some wiggle room for such flawsThen we just had to ruin things with the second half Full disclosure I am not a fan of romance books but if it is written well I am than willing to give the book a high rating Catherine Asaro Brandon Sanderson and Kelley Armstrong have written some of my favorite books and they all have their romantic spots So where did this romance go wrong for me? First of all Connor oh Connor you just can’t make one right decision can you? Trying not to spoil here but how was he able to do what he did to stop her from bringing down that cave yet he was unable to drag her kicking and screaming out of it? This could be considered just a poor choice on his part but there were too many other inconsistencies in the actual story that bothered me to no end I really don’t like spoilers so perhaps if you read the book for yourself you can spot themImelda was an interesting character though wasn’t she? My only issue with her which I have with a lot of fantasy book antagonists was that she had no redeeming ualities She was just pretty much evil I thought perhaps her love for her kit would help a little but thenwell we can just leave that one tooToo much of this book was brushed over I wish that of Connor and Raven’s growing relationship had actually been shown rather than just kind of told Like when Raven’s memory was wiped This would have been the perfect time to show her falling in love with him to counteract the deceit that she finds out about later It would help make their final relationship make since Instead we’re just told they lived together in harmony for a few months as master and servant then one day she remembers everythingSometimes the story almost seemed to skip needed scenes A time I can remember in particular was when Raven was helping get Connor back on his feet The chapter had ended with her smelling the wyrven and knowing that the beast had returned considering she never smelled the wyrven on Connor unless he had been “out with the beast” I took this to mean she was going to turn to find the wyrven but then the story shifted to his point of view and the book had skipped ahead Another time a chapter ended a certain way and the next chapter began the same way with different wording It felt like a new episode of a show “previously on Darkspire Reaches” One last small skip I can remember off the top of my head was when Connor had to find Raven when she had taken off from the Grotto This scene as a whole seemed like a lot of rambling and it was hard to get a really good picture of what was going on in the physical worldI continued reading this book hoping there would be an amazing enough ending to redeem it but it just never came So is this a book worth reading? If you got it for free like I did maybe but if you're paying for it? Eh as you can tell I have mixed feelings about that