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Brady Garrett needs to go home He’s a conscripted recruit on Defender Three one of a network of stations designed to protect the Earth from alien attack He's also angry homesick and afraid If he doesn’t get home he’ll lose his family but there’s no way back except in a body bagCameron Rushton needs a heartbeat Four years ago Cam was taken by the Faceless — the alien race that almost destroyed Earth Now he’s back and when the doctors make a mess of getting him out of stasis Brady becomes his temporary human pacemaker Except they’re sharing than a heartbeat they’re sharing thoughts memories and some very vivid dreamsNot that Brady’s got time to worry about his growing attraction to another guy especially the one guy in the universe who can read his mind It doesn’t mean anything It’s just biochemistry and electrical impulses It doesn’t change the truth Brady’s alone in the universeNow the Faceless are coming and there’s nothing anyone can do You can’t stop your nightmares Cam says everyone will live but Cam’s probably a traitor and a liar like the military thinks But that’s okay Guys like Brady don’t expect happy endings

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    It must remain still—and it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose againWhat do you get when you take a battered 16yo kid draft him into the military put him on the interstellar euivalent of the Maginot Line rough him up over the next three years and then lock him in a room for ten days with the most famous prisoner of war in the galaxy who may or may not be carrying a weapon of biological warfare intended to exterminate all of humanity but who also says it won't happen like that and that everything is okay because the baddie is on his way to personally sort them all out and if you could just be so good as to kindly ignore his throbbing erection that would be lovely thanks?You get a story that is by turns funny bleak hopeful suspenseful mysterious terrifying angry violent sexually charged and horribly horribly sadYou get an ungodly fuckton of great writingYou also get to have your cake and eat it too If you read this scandalously good book you'll see what I mean but I will decline to explain further—because I'll be damned if I'll let my friends with poor impulse control ruin what is a fairly excellently deployed head fake by clicking on a stupid spoiler tagLisa Henry man this is my first book of hers but it won't be my last Homegirl can friggin' writeI read this in one sitting and nearly wet myself with dreadBetween the stabs of aching pathos and the surprising laughs between truly ghastly violence and the sweet bloom of tenderness I found myself marveling—and shuddering—with the highs and lows of a very very expertly crafted emotional rideNever mind the nauseatingly drawn out and ruthlessly escalated suspense—ratcheting up and up over and over—because when the inevitable happens and it turns out even worse than you'd feared you're already freaking out about the next crisis before you've even managed to mop up the diarrhea from the first oneThis thing is scary and dark It's also tender and sexy and funny It's just that good That ghastlyThat funThe shit—to uote a pop song of relatively middling antiuity—is bananasview spoilerB A N A N A S hide spoiler

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    Re read 101815Interesting reading this book a second time I still loved it still stand by my original rating but I found myself wishing this book was 2x longer I also didn't mind the ending like I did the first time The steam was still steamy but less than it was in my memory Very deserving of my 5 star ratingOriginal ReviewMy first book by Lisa Henry and boooooooyyy can that girl write Can I start by saying that that guy on the cover is exactly how I pictured Brady Such a delicious mix of innocent and hot Okay now onto my actual review Dark Space has me written all over it I love a good sci fi book emphasis on good When sci fi makes sense it takes me into my head like no other genre So when you combine a fantastic sci fi concept with smoking hot MM lovin' DAMN do you get a winner And this book is winner winner chicken dinner The telepathy between Brady and Cam was amazing to read about Lisa Henry did a fabulous job showing the whole range of emotions that Brady had while being forced to share his head space with Cam His wavering between frustration lust anger it just felt so real and so on point I went through the whole gamut of feelings with Brady I was totally in this story This book is also the most realistic gay for you book that I have ever read I have really never believed that true GFY exists but instead that the person was just gay and one particular person made them realize it However here with Cam's lust and emotions fueling Brady's emotions shaping them changing them I felt like Brady could have truly could have become gay for Cam I also loved how Brady reacted to feeling attracted to a man He really rolled with the punches so to speak and after some internal debate seemed at peace with his attraction to Cam There was no self loathing about his man loving feelings It was really well doneAnd thank you Lisa Henry for answering my smutty smutty sci fi prayers There is nothing and I mean nothing that gets me going like a first timer Oh you did not disappoint me The way the sex was interwoven into the plot was just genius My only complaint is the ending Lisa this book was almost on my top faves of all time shelf However the ending was just so rushed After all of that delicious meticulous build up it just seemed like an incredibly fast way to end things I actually might have preferred a bittersweet ending This ending just seemed forced Despite my problems with the way things closed out this book was just an astounding work of fiction I loved it I loved it I loved itFind this review and others like it on wwwmyfictionnookcom D

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    Another awesome re read 91018Well what do you know I have read my second sci fi book and againI loved the hell out of it I was already in a sci fi vibe from the last book so I figured why not give this one a go I'm still shocked by how much I enjoyed reading this book Guess I am into sci fi than I thoughtAnyways I am gonna try and keep this review short yeah right because there are plenty of awesome reviews for this book alreadyLet's start with Bradymy favorite ;Brady is 19 years old and has been working on a militairy Space Station for the last 3 years The reason they are stationed in spaceto protect the earth from aliensor faceless as they are called Brady is scared to death of space the big black and of the faceless but since he was drafted at 16he had no other choiceHe really wants to go home to his sick father and his baby sister but he still has 7 years to serve Brady is a bit of an angry dude so I really connected with him from the start He is of the opinion that life in general sucksand his pessimistic thoughts throughout this book made me laugh out loudI really understood where he was coming from Being locked in dark outer space for the last 3 yearsthe life slowly being sucked out of you all the while being afraid of freaking aliens coming and destroying you and anything around you Yeah that's some freaky shit His fears and his pessimism get even worse when one day an alien pod arrives In it is non other than Luitenant Cameron Rushton  who was kidnapped by the faceless 4 years agoBrady is called to the medic bay to come help but when he helps to cut Cameron out of the pod he gets injured and comes into contact with the strange fluid surrounding Cameron Apparently this causes a strange connection between the two of them and soon it becomes clear that Cameron can't survive without Brady He needs Brady's touch and heartbeat to stay alive Brady sort of functions as his battery Fucked upbut there you have it They can also communicate telepathically and hear each other's thoughts “You’re my heartbeat Brady” Cam also has a message for the militarythe faceless are comingWhich makes Brady even neurotic than he already was He is convinced they are all going to die and this is his motto for most of the book PThere is also a plus to all this though Because Cam can't survive without Brady the two of them are forced to stay close together in their own private little world They share almost everythingand touching becomes and urgent Which made for some very nice and steamy scenes ;But the faceless are comingand what will happen when they doHuhguess my review isn't as short as I promisedI really enjoyed this oneI especially loved Brady and his anger and pessimismI can't wait to see what's gonna happen in book 2 I also want to thank my sweet sweet friend Susan for recommending this one to meThanks babe ; Follow me   This review is posted on Wendy's Wycked Words

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    So this book is a little bit like thisAnd there’s a 19 year old kid scared and angry with uite a mouth on himWhy am I using the cover? Cause the kid on the cover actually looks like a KID and not a pretty muscular model that we’ve seen 1457 times TAKE NOTE PUBLISHERS Anyway our young hero is stuck in a room with a possible traitor waiting for the big bad to arriveBut while they’re waiting they’re both dealing with boners so they’re all like thisAnd then boners turn into feelings – You’re my heartbeat Brady and I’m all likeAnd then there’s this Fuck the universeFuck eternity and creation and a million colors boiling together in the blackWhat the hell use was that to me?My heart broke either way So then I was allAnd then the shit really hits the fan and I was likeAnd then a lot of other shit happens But you know spoilersMy favorite part of Dark Space is not all the space stuff or the aliens stuff or the military stuff – that’s just stuff When you remove the setting it's a story that could've easily taken place on a ship at sea 500 hundred years ago The story is timeless Love is love no matter which time period we're in or which outfit we're wearing I'm thinking about the skin tight suits you find in Buck Rogers similarLove is not loveWhich alters when it alteration findsOr bends with the remover to removeO no; it is an ever fixèd mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken;It is the star to every wandering barkWhose worth's unknown although his height be takenHenry's use of the above sonnet or part of a sonnet is pretty fantastic It tells us that true love is as constant as the north star There may be storms aliens may attack the entire universe may seem to be against you but people who truly love love even when the shit goes down It's a lesson Garrett learns or starts to learn over the course of the novel view spoilerMy only true complaint about this book is the ending Why did Kai Ren let Cameron go? Brady I can understand but Cameron? I don't buy it Just what did he understand? And what about the relationship between Kai Ren Cameron? I know there's a seuel coming but when? When? The ending was happy which I appreciate but it left me with uestions than answers which really bothers me I'm in LIMBO for who knows how long Gah hide spoiler

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    Space the final frontier These are the voyages of Brady Garrett His ten year mission to serve on a deep space military station to protect Earth from new life and new civilizations to boldly go Oh fuck that Brady hates the vast endless blackness with a passion And he doesn't give a shit about protecting Earth He just wants to care for his little sisterAlas Ever since the Faceless a terrifying race of aliens who have beat the human race in terms of technology and military strength attacked Earth boys are to serve in space for ten long years Brady had to leave behind his ill father and young sister when he turned sixteen The homesickness anger and angst have been gnawing at him every day for the past three years that he spent on space station Defender Three Angst because everyone has seen the video material of the handsome pilot Cameron Rushton propaganda's wet dream His noble face graced posters on Earth That is until his space vessel was captured by the Faceless and everyone on board was murdered except himBut now Cameron is back His pale unconscious body was floating around in outer space drenched in the milky fluid of a semi organic pod Has he been turned into a bioweapon some terminator is this just a cruel gift from the faceless to mock the laughably weak humans? The war hero has suddenly become the stuff of nightmaresOh man Dark Space is a knock you down cocktail of reluctant and shy yet passionate GFY love against the backdrop of a vast darkness in which stars twinkle and a destructive alien race creeps closerThis book kickstarts in such an exciting and entertaining way Safely snuggled up in the head of the expressive Brady a perfectly executed first person narrative is not something I come across every day But Henry pulls it off and how This is a smartass adorable and insecure 19 years old kid we zoom in on the action and on the pod Those Faceless bastards didn't include a manual so Brady's clueless superiors just cut the darn thing open BAD IDEA Suddenly everything is awash in a slimy liuid people start to panic and Cameron is dying on the floor amidst it all Brady's desperately trying to keep Cameron alive when he discovers that his body functions as a battery Before he has a chance to process what's going on a creepy telepathic connection between the two is a fact and they are uite literally stuck together WhewwI know rightSo I just sat back and let the sliminess and awesomeness wash over meThroughout the book there's a delicious dark undercurrent of angsty anticipation Will the Faceless come back to claim Cameron? And how will the telepathic bond between these two play out? Because Brady not only shares Cam's dark and twisted dreams he gets a taste of the red hot erotic ones as well Are the lusty ideas that start swirling around in Brady's head merely echo's of Cam's own desires or are they shocker his own? And does it matter?So maybe there's a little too much repetition in how the romance between these two unfolds And maybe the actual story is smothered in the aww material moments these boys share But then again the telepathy trope made their romance both intriguing and believable I devoured their slow burning love couldn't stop readingand while doing so may have swooned once or twiceI wish the same could be said about the ending Oh dear what a bummer After a few zigging and zagging plot twists towards the end there it was again my enemy my foe a plastered on contrived HEA Oh nooo's What happened here? Why did it happen? This book pretty much started with a BANG The part in the middle took its sweet sweet time And then everything was suddenly wrapped up so sloppily and rushed FMLBut The biggest chunk of Dark Space was good Really very recommendably good And that cover Guys you have to agree with me that there are so many terrible covers out there for the mm genre that praise should be given when praise is due That IS Brady Garrett right there And let me tell you he's uite something inside and out

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    Thanks to Marte and DoodlePanda for the BRWow I am still awake at 225am because I could not put this book down There are tons of reviews from our little corner of GR and I'm sleepy so I'm not going to bother other than to say that Lisa Henry has written one hell of a book Forget sci fi forget mm this is just a really great book It's fun sexy suspenseful sad and all around AMAZING Recommended to everybody Loved it loved it loved it

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    45 UNIVERSE SHATTERING STARSI never would have read this book had I not seen the multiple glowing reviews come across my feed I don't usually read sci fi I don't do aliens And it's not because I'm arrogant enough to think we're the only intelligent beings in the universe but because I generally prefer not to speculate about the vastness of space and time But thank the gods for peer pressure Because this book was BLOODY BRILLIANT Everything in this novel felt real and right the war with the Faceless; the bleak future filled with destruction and fear; the brutality of conscription; the harshness of life on the edge of death; Cam Brady and Cam AND Brady in every possible way I believed in THEM their connection their soul searing love The only minor niggle and one that has been mentioned in other reviews is that the ending felt rushed and slightly incomplete There was ONE uestion in particular that I don't think was resolved If you've read the book please read the spoiler and help me understand I may go out of my mind if left hanging view spoiler If earth signed the treaty with the Faceless and the war is over why were the stations and men left in space? Brady is released and Cam sent down with him to make sure Brady gets home but does that mean Cam has to go back into space? Because that sure as hell wouldn't be a HEA hide spoiler

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    REREAD October 11 2015I decided to read this again in preparation for my reading of book 2 Darker Space I recall really enjoying this book but being thrown off by the uick ending Other than that I didn't have a lot recollection of the details of the story I'm SO GLAD I reread it First the parts I loved about it the first timeBrady the Faceless storyline Brady'sCam's connectionI think I loved even this time through I was captivated by every pageSecondly the rushed ended I wasn't sure aboutwell whattaya knowhaving a book 2 in my hands ready to go made me a lot tolerant of missing pieces missing details rushed plotlines I really really enjoyed this reread And unless you've only just recently read it I'd highly suggest rereading before jumping into book 2Original rating 35 starsReread rating 4 starsORIGINAL REVIEW February 12 201335 stars Solid 4 stars for most the book but unless there’s a part 2 the rushed ending has me sticking to 35This book could have been AWESOME Could have been It had a GREAT story a character who despite his youth fear and flaws I loved loved so much that I hadn’t even NOTICED the book was written in first person POV until about 70% inI just enjoyed his perspective so much and was cadenced for the first 90’ish% in a pace that I was uite enjoying And then shit hit the fan And what should have been some of the most exciting parts of the storythe GRAND FINALEwas stuffed into a few pages without details the glorious details that would have made it EPICLY enjoyable without reason Why did this happen? How did this happen? without direction It felt like Ms Henry suddenly had to reach a deadline found herself 100 pages behind and decided to mail in the cliff notes version of the ending Don’t get me wrong even what I now refer to as the “summarized ending” was interesting It was just filled with holes and uestions I was happy how it all tied up but kind of confused by the whirlwind I had just found myself thrown out of NOWif she were to write a follow up book that explored these details I would be a very happy camper I want MORE of the relationship and romance between Brady and Cam I want to know about the Faceless I want to see Wade PAY in painful ways Can I have some please? PS I do so love Bradyand the kid on the cover is PERFECTIONRandom revelation For some reason I had it in my head that I didn’t like Sci Fi books Curious since I’m obsessed with Star Wars Star Trek Battlestar Galactic Firefly and a HOST of others Curious also because the few Sci Fi books I have read I’ve actually really enjoyed Time to reassess what I think I “like”

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    Written November 9 20135 Stars stunning in a very tranuil dreamy and beautiful wayI'm actually uite devout and overwhelmed after reading this amazing romance Dark Space was not at all what I thought and expected Instead I got something so much better So so good romantic poetic nicely written and with a story that is both surprising amusing affectionate and also uite scary at times Full marks Dark Space takes place in a rather dark future a half century after the Earth was attacked by the Faceless Brady Garett makes his ten year military service at space station number three Brady wants nothing than to go home again but yet it has only been three years and as an angry and bitter 19 year old it is now just to survive and endure Four years earlier was the now celebrated hero the fighter pilot Cameron Rushton captured by these invincible and dangerous aliens One day he returns and he needs a second heart ‘Cam lifted his free hand He ran his fingertips along my jaw The intensity of his gaze shocked me “You're my heartbeat Brady” About a month ago I read another very good MM novel The Island by this author Even then I was struck by how good terrible memories and very nasty experiences can be told in the most skilful manner so that the reader knows but doesn't have to experience them all And I'm so grateful I know but don't need or want to be involved and learn every little cruel detail Because there is a lot of dark topics in this story too but Dark Space is also so very bright and beautiful It's about fear hope and loveFor me is it always wonderful with manly men heroes and other characters who may be small Strong men who are allowed to cry scream and be scared sometimes Like Brady here Then it becomes really good and believable stories about real people even here in an uite unreal and fictional sci fi world Sometimes it can also be too much anxiety and distress but these two MC's felt both credible interesting and very worthy of each other They were just simply two lovely and believable guys and I felt stongly for themNothing was obvious and up until the last page I wondered how it would end Skillfully done Miss Henry Brady and Cam's inner thoughts souls hearts and desire are tied closer and closer to each page Eventually it becomes overwhelmingly beautiful and captivating Two men in a room an exterior terrible faceless enemy incomprehension and dark secrets a dark but fascinating future world and charged with excitement you become embroiled in Brady's emotions fears and thoughts and get stuck there A very interesting place to visitSometimes I might need both action laughter nonsense or big grand tears but after two captivating well written five star's books are now this author Lisa Henry a given reading choice for me in the future Superb better than this can hardly a romantic and atmospheric sci fi book be for me Recommended to all romance readers who dare to venture out into the vast darkness in spaceI LIKE Very much My wise friend Andrea her review recommended this lovely novel to me Thank you Andrea

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    I am a complete and utter mess after reading this book I don’t even think I can articulate how I feel My thoughts and emotions are all over the place I’m not even sure I could tell you what this book was about Was it GFY? Yes but not in any way that I have ever read It’s almost as though the feelings of being gay were forced upon Brady but then you get the feeling that they were already there just buried so deep that Brady wasn‘t even aware of them Maybe Sorta I don’t fucking knowAnd that my friends is the gist of the whole story It was one big confused cluster fuck At least from Brady’s point of view But It Was AmazingBrady has had a hard life A hard life Everything he’s had and everyone he’s loved has been ripped from his grasp over and over again Its no wonder that he can’t accept when something good comes along He’s so depressed and despondent that he’s barely holding his head above water He’s going through the motions of life just biding his time in the service until he can get back home to his family Then in a chance occurrence he’s somehow bonded to Cameron in a way that’s so intimate so invasive that he doesn’t know how to deal with it He’s scared but intriguedAnd he’s confusedHe doesn’t know if the emotions flooding him are Cameron’s or his own He has these memories and knows that they aren’t his but he can’t help the reactions he has to them He can’t trust his own feelings because he doesn’t know if they are a biochemical reaction to the bonding or if they are his true feelings He just Doesn’t KnowCameron’s an enigma The only human in the known universe to have been taken by the Faceless and returned alive And he’s broken Or is he? Is he a survivor and a hero? Or is he a traitor to the human race? All he will say about his time in captivity is that “the Faceless are coming and they want peace” But do they really? Again you just don’t knowThe bond they share though it may just be a biochemical reaction is so deep so totally encompassing that it is almost too much to take And you can’t uite tell when it turns into something It is so in your face but at the same time subtle if you can make sense of that I told you it’s confusing as hell And the creep factor my God the creep factor I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight for sure The Faceless are so cold so impersonal that even though their speech and touch may be gentle you can’t help but shudder and feel the hairs rise on the back of your neck To them we are no than animals to be studied or in Cameron’s case be kept as pets They call humans “it” as though we are nothing than inanimate objects It rings of sociopath behavior with a bit of mad scientist thrown in “I’m not the same as him” I said again my eyes stinging with tears my nose dripping “We’re not all the same”But who can tell the difference between insects right? This story wasn’t a roller coaster ride It was jumping out of an airplane without a fucking parachute Just when you come to terms with your imminent death you realize you have wings and you soar Then you find out the wings are just your imagination and you plummet again Right as you’re about to hit the ground you are picked up by a mighty gust of wind and brought safely to the earth to land on your knees only to notice a shadow swiftly growing larger around you and see that it is the plane you jumped from hurtling through the air coming to crash land right on top of you It’s that intenseYet throughout all this turmoil there is a feeling of hope and comfort and happiness And love And that’s the kicker right there That is what made it all worth it This is the first solo venture of Lisa Henry’s that I have read but it will certainly not be the last Lisa you are awe inspiring You have blown me away with your words You dear lady can write