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Liam loves his life as a linguist and trader on the Rownt homeworld but he has ignored his heart and sexual needs for years He won't risk letting anyone come too close because he won't risk letting anyone see his deeply submissive nature For him submission comes with pain Life burned that lesson into his soul from a young age This fear keeps him from noticing that the Rownt trader Ondry cares for himOndry may not understand humans but he recognizes a wounded soul and his need to protect Liam is uickly outpacing his common sense They may have laws culture and incompatible genitalia in their way but Ondry knows that he can find a way to overcome all that if he can just overcome the ghosts of Liam's past Only then can he take possession of a man he has grown to loveAvailable at

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    My inner linguist went gaga over this book The setting is Prarownt a planet that's one of earth's trading partners Liam a human is a linguist and trader who we slowly learn has an abusive past and now lives on the earth's military base on Prarownt Liam doesn't seek power He's happy to learn and serve His favorite trader Ondry is a Rownt male topping seven feet purple with a two foot cock and long tail That sure sounds like the stuff of fetishism no? But don't read this book for kinks and tentacle sex because you'll be sorely disappointedCategorizing Claimings Tails and Other Alien Artifacts as fetishkink degrades this book makes it the stuff of weird porn fantasies No one freak on me I am not knocking fetishes and porn It's just that this book is MORE brilliant well written with a tight plot and an amazing love story at its center But it's not a traditional love story The word love isn't mentioned Ondry and Liam don't even have sex not in the human sense which doesn't mean this book lacks sensuality or tenderness Oh no it has both in spades The amount of linguistic and anthropological research Gala put into this story is astounding In 100 pages she built an entire world full of customs and traditions wrote a dystopian future for humans and shattered all my expectations about the sci fi genre The Rownt are a matriarchal society; they do business not relationships Older women grandmothers rule the planet Men are forced to give up their seed by being held down by women and pumped for their genetic material Don't call it rape though because that's a human concept and there's fallibility is pushing subjective cultural perspectives onto other beings The Rownt world is staggeringly complex The culture mannerisms and verbal and nonverbal communication are unlike anything humans understand I admit it I judged After all if you violently hold someone down and force them to give up their seed how can that NOT be rape? Liam struggles with fully understanding this world He becomes Ondry's palteia chained to serve Ondry Ondry explains that the word palteia means follower but Liam realizes it means than that Being a palteia is a great honor; it takes courage to submit to another It's a need Ondry sees in Liam He courts Liam for years teaching him shaping him When a new base commander abuses his power and humiliates Liam Ondry asks the grandmothers if he can keep Liam Ondry doesn't enslave Liam He claims him He fights for him He saves himSexual need is a foreign concept for the Rownt sex is about passing on the seed only but intimacy is not and Ondry trusts Liam enough to be vulnerable He allows Liam to caress his pleasure spots which have nothing to do with genitalia and seeks to bring Liam sexual release as pleasing Liam pleases him Sex here isn't about fucking or sucking but it is about caressing and learning and giving up expectations of what it means to fulfill somebodyAt heart this is a Ds book unlike any other; it's about the falseness of our limited human xenophobic perceptions; the tenderness of fully submitting to another who cherishes your submission and sees it as strength not weakness; the hope of being held captive when all you ever wanted was to be needed I might never have read this book had it not been for Jenni Lea's and Marte's recommendation Thank you girls I am forever indebted to you Because this book pretty much rocked my world Don't mind my rambling review; it does not do the book justice

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    Imaginative with a clever thematic symmetry to it and compelling leadsOh man did this thing hurt to leave It just ended too soon Just Too Soon Fascinating alien species and a world I'm agog to read ofMarvelous world building Really nicely doneThat cover thoughextended silence during which one may safely presume volumes are being spoken cuttinglyOkay fuck this I can't stay silent that cover is an abomination Especially when the story's got so much work put into itIt's the spiny fins on the tail Considering what happens in the and then the 7 foot tall Alien represented by an average human torso but then with a kind of half assed purple spray tan applied inconsistently over it like With a belly button?Because they come out of eggs with umbilical cords? fuggeddabouditStory's good at least Real good

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    Reread 1st Nov 2019I loved reading this book but man listening this is even better 😍 I know I’m seriously biased when it comes to this series because both Lyn Gala and John Solo are my favorites 😁 but this is just an epic flawless love story 💜 COULDN’t GET IT ENOUGH This will forever be on my all time favorites list and I think I will relisten these audios at least once a year 😊🥰Original review Edited versionTo say the least this book is different 😁 but let me assure you this is different and uniue in the best possible way 😉 Liam is a damaged soldier who’s now serving as a linguist and a trader on an alien planet called Prarowont And Ondry is a 7 feet tall alien who had been courting Liam for over 5 years and hilariously poor Liam was totally oblivious and he just thought Ondry was exceptionally friendly towards him because of his poor trading skills 🤣 And when Ondry found out a new commander from Earth has come and the guy had been mean and nasty towards Liam he decided to handle things on his term He has waited long enough for Liam and he won’t let anyone taking advantage of sweet precious Liam It’s time to make his claim once and for all 😁 He’s the chilta Dom of palteia Sub Liam and no one could possibly takes better care of Liam than him Now he only needs to convince Liam that he can trust him and let go if his fears and insecuritiesAnd my friends things get very VERY interesting from this point on 😉 However this is about subtle and beautiful relationship between a Dom and a Sub Don’t get me wrong you still get hot sex scenes but just not what you would normally hope from humans and aliens doing it I won’t tell much details here since I don’t want to spoil the exciting surprises 😛 And you know what the other important thing I love in this book is the fact that a thousand years old Grandmas rule this planet I mean it’s really refreshing to see a world where males are not the dominant rulers for a change I’m all about matriarchal societies 😊 It’s beautiful and heartwarming to see Liam who had a terrible broken past was willing to overcome his fears and willingly submit himself to Ondry the best Dom who knows when to stop and when to push 🥰 This is the first book in the beautiful journey of these two lovers and I can’t wait to read books in this series And my god as I said I loved reading this series first time around but listening the phenomenal performance of John Solo was a whole new experience 😱💜 I LOVED every single second listening to this story Simply stunning 😍My favorite excerpts from the story “Listen child I do not know your customs but if Ondry tried to trade you away I would strip the skin from his penis so he might never father children I would brand him so that everyone would know he dishonored his oath as chilta I say this as a grandmother of the tribe in the holy place of the tribe Every grandmother will carry out my words”“I would never give you up If I were killed I would ask my family to always protect you but I would never leave you short of death We do not trade in people Ever”“As your chilta I set the rules and decide what jobs will get done between us I send you where I need you to go and chain you to a wall if I even suspect you will not follow my order I will demand truth from you and force such truth if you have trouble sharing Most importantly I will expect you to put my needs ahead of even your own in trades and in this house Without exception But if you are palteia none of that bothers you However I will also protect you guard you jealously and made sure everyone in this village knows that they are the offspring of thin shelled eggs because they couldn’t see the truth under their noses I plan to be uite obnoxious about it”The audio version of this book also includes the short stories from the prelude book So I’ll include the review here too Original Review Edited VersionSuch beautiful short stories In this collection of short stories we are able to learn how Ondry first had his sight on Liam and how they interacted with each other in the early days It really was love at first sight swoon 🥰 It’s so refreshing and exhilarating to see so many POVs here I especially loved seeing things from Ondry’s eyes It definitely was an eye opener You really need to read this collection of short stories if you loved Claiming series by Lyn Gala And I’m so grateful that Lyn put a glossary of Rownt expressions as well as reading saying and paletia phrases at the end of the book It definitely helps a lot to understand better about the importance of insults and how Rownt society runs Loved it to the moon and back 💚😉Favorite excerpt from the short stories“To have a creature adore you completely to trust you than they trusted themselves—it was a sacred gift from the gods” 🥰5 I’ll bound you to my nest my heart and to my very existence stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Audio ratingStory 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Narration 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Performance 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Overall 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    More fascinating than I had expected Not that I had a list of expectations but as soon as I read that Claimings Tails and other Alien Artifacts involved aliens with tails my mind sort of went into a frenzy and fed me Oh no Not smutty tail action andtentacles? Oh please not suction cups and slime red alerts I shouldn’t have worried Although there’s than enough to enjoy if funky appendages going dark places are your kink please don’t let that tail on the cover put you off The aliens in this book Rownts don’t have the bodies of purple painted stockphoto models More importantly they don’t have spiky finned tails This is not torture pornuite the opposite actually It's a gently flowing angst free story with an exotic touch to spice things up Exotic comes in the form of an unconsciously dirty dub con talking alien who develops an interest in a human male Liam As a linguist on the Rownt homeworld Liam’s able to read and translate the expressions on the Rownt’s reptile ish faces and is one of the few who understands the finer nuances of the alien language This makes him an excellent trader Unfortunately Liam’s talent doesn’t protect him from his new asshole commanding officer who plans on making his life hell Something his favorite Rownt trader Ondry doesn’t fail to noticeAnd then Liam suddenly wakes up groggy and finds himself chained to Ondry’s bed a nest I have to call baseYou are not theirs any They gave me to you? For how long?” Liam asked There had be a way to fix all thisYou are palteia Ondry said that as if it explained everything For a Rownt it probably would So you keep saying The problem is that I don’t understand that I’ve never seen the word I don’t know any stories with palteia How long am I supposed to stay here?A palteia is always a palteia Ondry started to paleOh fuck Forever You plan to keep me forever Pressing his eyes closed Liam let his head fall back against the wall with a thunk To Liam palteia at first is just another word for screwed For me it was the beginning of a compelling take on Ds dynamics through the eyes of an alien race Since the Rownt and the human race are sexually not compatible these aliens don’t do sex for pleasure which is pretty damn good news for Liam but you’ll figure out the 'why' yourself it’s intriguing to discover how things play out between Liam and Ondry The cultural and social differences between their races are enormous Even a talented linguist can’t completely bridge that gap For instance when Liam is manhandled and bound by his alien the sexual subtext is completely lost on Ondry but not on Liam Which leads to amusing – and pretty exciting – situations It’s an erection Liam explained once he caught his breath again This was beyond embarrassing and still he was hardReally? This is long enough to reach the female reproductive tract? Ondry’s eyes were wide with disbelief or maybe just curiosityDissed by an alien Gotta love that haAnyway although I loved the focus on the racial differences and the fact that these aliens are and remain truly alien throughout the story I wish there was a little to the characters Liam in particular never really came alive for me If he had borrowed only an inch of personality from Dark Space’s Brady Garrett I would’ve been happy It’s possible that due to this 'distance' I felt Liam’s sudden 'feelings' came as a bit of a surprise This being a novella you may be left wanting and wondering about things that were only lightly touched on I wouldn’t mind a seuel at some pointBut hey time to admit that you want to find out if and how a human male and a reptile ish sexually incompatible alien with a tail can be a match made in space

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    Yeah I don’t think gay romance involving aliens is really my thing Reading this felt kind of weird and while at times it was sexy I just didn’t like the story at all I wasn’t okay with the enslavement and I seriously wasn’t convinced by much including the romance Some fancy wording proper to the world it had but it annoyed me instead of impressing me Bah short stories are huge hit or misses for me Did not finish at page 60

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    I wasn't sure what to expect when I went into this but I was really impressed The world building here was phenomenal The aliens were so wonderfully alien not just humans with a few tiny differences They were anatomically different to the point of incompatibility but they were also culturally different Different rules different nuances and a language that didn't always translate into the scope of human ideas Liam is a human linguist and a trader on behalf of his military superiors on Ondry's planet Trade is not just about buying and selling to Ondry's species It's about social status and pride and standing and a whole lot of other things that Liam still struggles with even after doing this for years Liam likes Ondry but when he winds up as Ondry's palteia waking up chained to a bed he has no idea what to expect since the word doesn't translate and when Ondry tries to explain they hit a wall of cultural misunderstandings And Liam's got some of his own issues to deal with before he can understand what Ondry is trying to tell him While this book relied a little on the Humans are evil and aliens are wise and noble savages yeah I'm looking at you Avatar it than made up for this with all the intricate word building Both MCs struggle to understand and to be understood You wake up chained to someone's bed and it's not sexual? Well that's Liam's issue to get over or is it? Because Ondry might not be compatible when it comes to sexual organs and the places they will go but he's willing to experiment to make Liam happy And he has a tail This was a great book You should read it

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    Third reread and I still think this book is perfectThere was nothing I didn't like about the story A totally perfect power exchange Just perfect

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    Tail Sex we got some TAIL SEX babyOh boy if that above statement makes you uncomfortable walk away because the tail is strong with this one This is like a mix between a BDSM book about TPE total power exchange a yaoi and a sci fi book about alien cultures and costumes What is ISN'T is PWP There is soooo much plot here My inner geek was having a field day at the discussions of words and their origins social rules in Rownt society and the whole concept of a palteia It is a fascinating book and sci fi nerds and kinky mM lovers will both adore this I'll admit I sort of wish there was a nanite euivalent The Last Pure Human reference anyone?? so Ondry's 3 foot appendage could get in on the action but I'll settle for what we got in the story Fun fascinating and kinky I just HAVE to move right on to book 2

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    A Hearts On Fire Review Lyn Gala? Sci Fi? Ds?Tentaclesex? Yes there is a tentaclesex tailsex sceneOh you know this is going to be a great story I expected a story between an human linguist Liam and a Rownt alien Ondry Adding in some hot sex with maybe a tentacle of two Based on the blurb and the author's note my expectations for this story were surpassed into subspace The author did a wonderful job with creating an excellent Dom Thinking back on some BDSM horror stories I've read in the recent past Ondry the story's Dom had a lot of the ualities I love reading in a character He was attentive dominant without coming across as a jerk with powerFor this novella the range of emotions portrayed was spot on Poor Liam I wanted to hug him for all the strife he has been through It made him such a deliciously flawed character my favorite Liam has ignored his submissive side for many years after being abused and neglected and the care that Ondry shows while not fulling understanding the human concept of rape and prostitution it was a great aspect of the storyImagining a society where that type of pain doesn't happen does feel like a fantasy world I love the Rownt and theiralien ways The matriarchal society with grandmothers being in charge? I adored it It's great reading MM where the women are not made to be bitches The length? It is satisfying with enough back storyWould I read from this author? Hell yes This is my second Lyn Gala book of the year and it most certainly will not be my last She writes such uality characters that leave you reflecting on them for hours on endThe plot? Damaged submissive ex rent boy finds a Dom man enough or this case alien to handle him It's just with a futuristic twist Lyn Gala breathed a uniue breath of life into this tried and true plot What I also enjoyed that this story was not just about sex certain aspects make it physically impossible for a Rownt and human to have sex Read on to see how these two get past it You might be pleasantly stimulatedThis is a definite FOUR A HALF STAR read Lyn Gala I've got my reader's eye on you I love your style

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    Update 51514 after 257th reread That's a rough estimateI cannot remember how many times I've read this book Conservative estimations lead me to say 4? Maybe? 5? I don't know but needless to say though I'll say it nonetheless I LOVE This bookI read it the first time because of the title it's fantastic and the author she's fantastic I read it a second time after I'd read a series of unpromising but extremely popular shifter novels and I needed to clean my brain I reread it again when my rabbity brain was threatening to overload and I needed something soothing something to put me in a sub should I say it? Oh what the hell it's not like my mother's going read this even if she did she would only say a little submission might be good for me missive state And I'm reading it again today because the Geek Suad has taken over my laptop leaving me with the perfect excuse to ignore work spend some uality time with my Kindle And if the Geek Suad Agent should ask me what I'm reading I'll say Um like there's a military base on this planet and umpurple aliens because I'm intelligent like that But really I'll be thinking Tail sex TAIL SEX 'Cause tail sex is fantastic tooSome minorish spoilers below SO DON'T LOOK I MEAN IT SheeshPS For those of you not generally interested in BDSM I read somewhere that Lyn Gala was tired of seeing unrealistic portrayals of BDSM relationships in books actually I think it's in the forward so she wrote this as example of what she feels like it should be It's not a leather whips kind of book though Nobody calls each other master or boy or anything like that It's about the main character Liam accepting the fact that he likes being the submissive partner and that doesn't make him less of a man or human The scifi angle makes it really interesting as wellPPS It was also pointed out to me recently that there is the use of a leash in this book Some might view that as puppy play I really do not enjoy puppy play so when this was pointed out to me I was really surprised that I hadn't noticed it It didn't ruin the book at all; instead it seemed very natural given the alien culture But I can see how some wouldn't like it for that reason YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED