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I am fascinated by the atmosphere and the visions of an old fashioned circus Orprecise, I am fascinated by the made up construct of this, the idea where you live in a time and place where a circus coming to town is so miraculous and indeed magical with all its promises, smells and creepiness, you want to run away with it A construct I am not sure it ever really existed the way I imagine it and therefor can only be found in books Something similar goes for Zombies, at least that they can only be found in fiction so far.This short story novelette puts both together, and it was a free kindle download, yay And even nicer, it was really good It has some familiar elements but they are used well And it has a lot for its own, a lot to make this an incredibly good story with good pacing and nice moments It was melancholic and hopeful in parts, a bit creepy, maybe we could have seen a bitof the showdown though.At the start I was not so sure I was going to like this but once the wagon got rolling and we ambled into the circus things were pitch perfect I was bedazzled along with our Protagonist Gabriel, here Zombie novel, coming of age tale and historic exploration meet and blend to a bewitching experience The ending was good but could have been better It really shines in the middle parts I thought, and it made you wantNot so much from this story, I think that was rightfully explored, but from the writer, I enjoyed his style and character insights 3.5 stars Another one of my finds onfor free and yes, it s still free now.A good little story zombies and a circus, how could you go wrong Check it out Interesting ending, but the VERY ending, eh, not so much, at least for me. Twenty Years Ago, The Dead Destroyed The World Of The Living The Survivors Scattered In The Wake Of The Scourge, Erecting Small Towns In The Worlds Most Sparsely Populated AreasFor Young Gabriel, The Walking Dead Are Merely The Memories That Haunt The Eyes Of Those Old Enough And Lucky Enough To Have Survived He Is Concerned With His Hard Life In America S Desert, Where His Chores Keep Him Busy And The Husks Of Books Stashed Beneath The Cellar Of The Library Are His Only FreedomUntil The Circus Comes To Town Circus Of The Dead Is A Novelette Of Approximately , Words Wow Loved how this author pulled you into the story via description Also loved the fact that you could actually picture the small town that they populated after the Scourge and how primitive their lives where And boy when the circus cameand the promise of how things use entrainment, fun, carefree and let s not forget all the lights Who could resist And last but not least to see an actual zombie Wellneed I say , this is a must read for all zombie fans This short story, with its oddly unexpected HEA ending, is brilliant Exceptional checks dictionary for other synonyms Clever, genius, inventive, profound oh, yes, it is , sharp, masterly Okay, I think you got it.A first person narrative, from the MC s point of view, Circus of the Dead is about the survivors of the Scourge, the zombie apocalypse that destroyed the world, living a primitive life in a tiny, nameless town.The town s preacher, Rev Joe, has taken upon himself the role of leader, preaching to the townsfolk teachings of the Bible, turning them into an almost cult like community They live a quiet, empty life until the circus comes to town.When Fancy Man, as Gabe dubs him, invites them to the circus with promises of showing them a living dead, he s met with apprehension and hostility from most of the people, with Rev Joe in front His invitation, however, causes people to divide between those who are curious mostly the young ones who ve never seen a zombie and those that are clearly against the circusfolk.Gabe and his brother, Christopher, both under the age of 18, sneak into the middle of the night and go to the circus In the middle of the night s event, everything goes to hell And that s all I m willing to say.Blackburn s writing is epic Descriptive and detailed, the zombie scene and one other that I will not name are surprisingly chilling His world building is so good to the point where I can easily imagine this depressing,desert setting He writes a sequence of events that I couldn t predict, started by a twist I sure as heck didn t see coming.Every metaphor and comparison, every paragraph is building up to that one game changer scene and Seriously, how have I not heard of Blackburn until now Such a smart, fantastic read.To makes things better, this is free on Smashwords so go get it Now.Part of the Hallowen Haunted Reads.See this review, and others, here What a delightful and creepy little story I love zombie themed books, and when I find one especially free I quickly and eagerly download it to my Kindle and make a nice evening of it with a hot cup a tea and my animals resting near me.So as my tea brewed I loaded the story, figuring it was a great night for a quick read that I can complete from start to finish in one night.The opening caught my interest immediately, intrigued by the idea that the world had already suffered from zombies, whereas most books I ve read start the story from the infection stages The description of the town had an off feeling to it, which added to my excitement Even a small nameless Christian town was bound to have it s internal problems and secrets.Then foreigners arrive, and I suddenly felt uneasy as I continued reading Circus and zombies is a very odd combination to begin with, but I started to feel that the story wasn t going in the great direction is it did in the beginning It felt like it was a big build up to one scene and that s fine but I would have likedof an action packed ending It seemed to me that the focus was building the characters environment, but when the real action happened the descriptions fell flat and rushed I would have liketime and description towards the end to really give me that whoa affect.The author certainly has potential, and I would read another zombie book by the author in hopes that the next story would provide me what I didn t feel in this.If you re a fellow zombie lover that cannot get enough of this genre, I encourage you to feel this story out for yourself and make your own judgements. What can I say about this This was the first Zombie book I have ever read I can honestly say zombies scare the crap out of me so I tend to shy away form them But this being a novella and a short read I decided to give it a try It is about a young boy Gabriel who is a part of a community of people brought together by the Scourge that had gripped humanity and almost wiped everyone out of existence Zombies were the cause of this catastrophe Well, a circus comes to their little, dusty community Since no one in this community under 20 yrs of age actually remember ever seeing a Zombie when the man running the circus boasts of having a live Zombie most of the town is automatically entranced Gabriel sneaks away with his older brother Christopher to see the wonder that is the circus And what they see is truly a wonder for their eyes Electricity, which they have never seen, is everywhere in twinkling, colored lights Sweet smells, food, and animals that no one has ever seen are also there But it is what is in the center stage that has everyone holding their breath to see When the zombie is brought out, Gabriel has a moment of clarity He see what a horrible thing is before him, and the author does a wonderful job of explaining the look of this thing He see s that it is chained and locked to a post and he understands how they have no soul, nothing but hunger and hatred in it s eyes And that is when everything goes to hell I have left out a good portion of this story and I would recommend it as a to read I HATE zombie stuff, but I did enjoy this short novella. Meh It was a bogus short story to read I don t even want to talk about it Never mind better luck next time Short storyYears after the scourge, a circus comes to town with one of the undead the young people have never seen The encounter with the townspeople isn t good for either side Very good story 4 out of 5 stars.