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I love this book so much This book really made me feel like a princess The Most Beloved Princess Movie Of All Time Disney S Cinderella Is Retold In The Classic Little Golden Book Format It S Perfect For Disney Princess Fans Ages , And Available Just In Time For The Movie S Diamond Edition DVD And Blu Ray Release In Fall One of the best fairy tales Everyone should read these stories as a child.I ve watched its animated series as well The way Cinderella s mother pronounces her name has always cracked me up. Cinderella is a book written by the Walt Disney Company about a young lady repressed by her stepmother and stepsisters Throughout the story, her stepmother kept her from having a life similar to the other girls her age Cinderella, the main character, is made to do not only her own work, but the work of her stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizilla Their mother favors the two sisters over her stepdaughter and gives them all they desire The fairy godmother is a sweet looking older lady who comes to help Cinderella in her time of need Cinderella is tired of her everyday life She s tired of always cleaning the house and doing her stepsisters work She feels neglected by those around her When a letter came in the mail from the king asking for all the young women to come to his dance, she was overjoyed and asked her stepmother if she d able to go Her stepmother said as long as she got all of her chores done she could Her stepmother then told her to re do all the chores she had just finished doing By the time she had them done, it was time to leave and she wasn t ready She went out and wept in the courtyard Just then, her fairy godmother appeared She gave her a beautiful gown along with a horse drawn carriage, a footman and specific instructions to be home by midnight As Cinderella made her entrance to the ball, the prince stared in wonder They danced the night away and as the clock struck midnight she had to flee, leaving behind one of her glass slippers The prince searched the kingdom for the girl whose foot fit the slipper When he placed the slipper on Cinderella s foot, it fit perfectly They married and lived happily ever after Impact of setting The story takes place in and around Cinderella s home and the king s castle in Germany The time period is somewhere between the 1850 s 1880 s.The thematic connection of the story is that you should never stop dreaming Your dreams can come true when you least expect it I would recommend this book to mostly young girls, but also to people who need their spirit lifted. Besides Snow White, in my opinion, Cinderella is the next classic Disney Princess She is sweet, kind and her story is one of true triumph The illustrations are timeless and the story itself is absolutely dreamy I enjoyed all the little animal side friends Gus Gus was my absolute favorite, hands down This is a recommend. First of all, do you have any idea how many people have the same size foot Billions Trying to find your true love based on her foot size is just preposterous Although, as a kid, I thought his was a great idea This fairy tale gives new light to fairy tales It allows young girls to see that no matter where you come from or how bad life is, there is always a bright light waiting for you ahead This book not only gives the readers something to look forward to because they want Cinderella to have a happy ending, but it also allows them to see how not to treat people as example by the step mother Now the fairy god mother, maybe not ideal because not all are fortunate to have one of those, but it doesnt have to be a magical creature Your fairy god mother could be anyone in your life that promotes you and makes you feel special Now I dont think Disney wrote the book so that young children could see that, but reading it again I feel that deep down there is a good message of persistence and gratitude. My most favorite fairy tale 3Its every girl s dream to be a princess or treated as a princess Cinderella, Hallmark Movies and Finding a Good ManI walked into the living room the other day, and my husband was watching the end of a Hallmark movie What are you watching I am watching a movie about a woman who is in love with a prince Ever since American politics has grown ugly, we sometimes sit and watch Hallmark movies, but this At least it was the end of the movie, and the next one I watched with him.I thought then of the book Cinderella Every child in America must have been given this book, just like they get Barbie Dolls now I didn t have Barbie Dolls, I had baby dolls and paper dolls of movie stars Maybe Mom s do give kids this book to make children aim high And so I read this book as a child, and yet I never aimed high enough to want to marry a prince I knew they were scalawags It didn t help kids that Shirley Temple grew up and married what s his face from wherever That was so romantic when we reached our teens And it didn t help that Americans were and still are enthralled with kings and queens from England And then there were those mothers who wanted us to marry doctors or lawyers.Me, I just wanted a handsome man I grew up on Westerns I knew what a man was supposed to be like I also knew that they should be tall, dark, and handsome I wanted a cowboy, but I didn t know that then, so I married my high school sweetheart who was an American Indian How ironic But being Native American myself, but white than he, my mother thought that he was too dark for me Well, he was a lot of things, but not too dark Ten years later we were divorced, and I was living in Berkeley looking for a doctor or a lawyer I met a few of each, and I was so bored with these guys, not that all doctors and lawyers are boring Then I tried dating a teacher, and he was neurotic like Woody Allen I couldn t take that kind of craziness, so I tried a dating a psychologist and almost married a psychiatric social worker Nothing was working out for me Then one day I walked into Caf Med down on Telegraph Avenue, and I ran into an acquaintance, an aspiring writer named John Ratcliff I sat down at his table and during our conversation I said, I want a macho man He was shocked and replied, What do you women want I thought that you wanted us to change What was all that in the 60s and 70s, a temper tantum He began to take notes when I said, I want a man who can ride a Brahma bull He gave me his notes Perfect Stallion Obeys the Rider yet Remains so Handsomely Male1 man, macho, stronger2 a tough, muscular, rides Brahma bulls3 Yes, yes ma am to her and doesn t sult when he loses4 a cake winnder who doesn t talk too much and agree with the boss.What a Woman Must be to Cause a Man to be Macho1 shy, blushing2 never say no 4 serve5 rule by asking him if suh and such isn t just what he was thinking of6 think everything he does is greatSometime after this I went out and bought myself a pair of cowboy boots, I knew then that I wasn t long for Berkeley So I moved back to my home town of Paso Robles, CA, a cow town, and it was there that I met my macho man, a liberated one, and so we got hitched He was a plumber, carpenter, electrician, Jack of all trades, but mainly as a construction worker he built homes and plumbed them While he wasn t a real cowboy, he wore the hats and boots Further he never bossed me around We worked on our house together The most fun of living in the country outside of remodeling was gathering up wood, cutting it and stacking it I have no idea why I enjoyed this.The least fun was when I drove my Berkeley purchased VW bug into a corral and had to keep the horses in until help came, and then we rebuilt the corral for our neighbor Never pick anything up off the floorboard and hope to stay on the road The moral of this story is this What you like as a child you may possibly like as an adult I loved westerns and have always hated doctor and lawyer TV programs What was that old saying, You can take the girl out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the girl Then there is that saying, Mamas don t let your girls to grow up to be cowgirls As for me, I met the man that I wanted, and we have been married for 30 years. This fairy tale has always been one of my favourites I always admire the imagination used in this tale Really impressive I had watched it before and I really enjoyed after reading it today