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    The art here is fairly fanciful and fantastical, and it has a fake historical imagery than in Andreas rendtion, but it s so well done and beautiful and magical And the text isn t out of place either Might be my favourite rendition of Cinderella for the time being, awaiting to see Kinuko Y Craft s version, which the sample suggests is mind blowing where art is concerned.

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    Ruth Sanderson blends elements from both Perrault s and the brother s Grimm version of this old story, creating a unique retelling that will appeal to younger children grades K 3 For example, the glass slipper is a Perrault feature as is the presence of Cinderella s father, who is not dead, but detached Presumably not wanting to interfere in the affairs of women, he allows his second wife and step daughters to mistreat Cinderella The fairy godmother is simply a fairy, adding the necessary magic to this tale to transform it into a fairytale The ending my come as a surprise to readers most familiar with the Disney version of the story, but Sanderson s use of the pecking birds harks back to the Grimm version, though their birds peck out eyes in all its bloody glory, whereas Sanderson has them merely torment Cinderella s detractors Girls will love the styling of Cinderella s gown and finery If there is a steady demand of princess stories in your home or library, consider adding this tale Solid and reliable, but I found as a read aloud, my students seemed to loose a little interest, owning to the fact that of all the fairy tales, this one is the most well known and most often re told or at least, watched on Disney They are much attentive when I read to them the lesser known tales.

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    A fairly traditional re telling of the classic tale, with small details that vary from many versions In one instance, Cinderella s father, ashamed of how she s treated by his new family, asks if he can bring her anything from town and she requests The first twig that brushes against your hat on the way home He brings her a hazel twig, and she plants it next to her mother s rosebushes Her tears make the twig grow into a tree that houses a white bird whom Cinderella feeds daily Later, the bird returns to help her with her chores When the prince comes searching for the owner of the slipper, it is Cinderella s father, who in a moment of sentimentality sees his daughter s beauty, that brings her forward The story s end, in a darker twist, finds the birds who Cinderella had fed, pecking the step mother and sister s violently every time they attempt to leave the house, and so they remain permanently trapped there Cinderella and her prince, naturally, live happily ever after The pink and purple palatted illustrations will definitely be appealing to young princess obsessed children, nearly every page contains something that appears to sparkle, and the story is simple enough to be read out loud and understood.

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    This retelling of the tale of Cinderella stays true to many of the traditional details found in this well known story The beautiful Cinderella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother following the death of her mother Because Cinderella s father is too afraid to stand up to his new wife, Cinderella is treated as a servant and denied the opportunity to attend the King s grand ball But with the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella goes to the grand ball and falls in love with the prince who soon becomes her husband Although this retelling of the tale of Cinderella includes many of the traditional details that are usually associated with this story, this retelling also includes some details that I was unfamiliar with For example, this retelling describes a hazel twig that Cinderella plants in her back yard This hazel twig grows quickly when Cinderella s tears fall upon it A white bird came to live in Cinderella s hazel tree, and Cinderella spoke to the bird wishing that she, too, could attend the ball It seems that this small detail of the tree and the bird may have been left out during multiple oral retellings of this story, for often the unnecessary details are left out.

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    This tale of Cinderella is told beautifully with author and illustrator, Ruth Sanderson s velvety rich illustrations of beautiful gowns, magical trees, stately castles and enchanting birds The story is traditional, although a few additions create for a richer storyline When Cinderella s father returns from town, with pearl necklaces and a satin gown for her stepsisters, she receives her special request as well, The first twig, Father, that brushes against your hat on the way home As she plants it in the garden and weeps for her departed mother, the twig grows into a beautiful hazel tree and on that tree is a pure white bird who helps Cinderella throughout the story In the end she does marry the prince and those terrible stepsisters and step mother are confined to their home for the rest of their lives, otherwise the birds including the pure, white one will attack them, pecking their eyes out, similar to the Brothers Grimm version of this classic tale This story is recommended for ages 4 8, although it is meant to be read aloud to the younger ones as the text is much too difficult to read independently And it s the perfect read aloud for a small group of children who can sit close to their teacher and notice the thoughtful details in Sanderson s illustrations.

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    Not a Disney version, we see Cinderella tending to a magical hazel tree that contains birds to help her with her chores Rats and Lizards are added to the carriage staff Although Cinderella can forgive her sisters, they do get what they deserve.This story is a perfect blend of the two dominated versions that date back from the 1800 s You see snippets from the Brother s Grimm such as the hazel tree, as well as, Aunt Louisa s Fairy Tale Legends, a happier version with forgiveness The beautiful oil painted illustrations add to the details of the text Aunt Louisa s Fairy Tale Legend is available online at International Children s Digital Library.

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    The illustrations in this book are beyond gorgeous I enjoy the way Sanderson crafts her tale, making elegant, but still understandable for children to read She incorporates some elements of the Cinderella fable that I have never heard of before, such as the hazel twig and the white bird In this retelling, Cinderella s father is still alive, just a very weak willed man who lets Cinderella s stepmother lord over him Overall, this book was just wonderful I think there is so much beauty in the story of Cinderella she didn t want anything but to feel like a human being for the first time in years, and that s what the ball gives her.

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    The illustrations in this version, my favorite of today s three, are absolutely stunning Sanderson seems to have chosen a time period around the 1770s 1780s for this, and she obviously did her research as the costuming and the decor are pretty much historically accurate The version of the story entwines some facets from Grimm and Perrault, keeping the white bird and the tree from Aschenputtel and the somewhat vengeful birds they force the step mother and step sisters to stay forever inside the house rather than pecking their eyes out , while keeping the fairy godmother and Cinderella s forgiveness The colors are vivid and gorgeous This one is a stunner.

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    I love Ruth Sanderson s lush illustrations Beautiful colored pictures fill every page, easy to see for a classroom read aloud There are however many words on each page this is the full story not a truncated simplistic preschool version While I m not a fan of the front cover Cinderella s eyes are too heavy lidded for me , I do LOVE nearly every magical picture I also love the imaginative detail of what to do with those wicked stepsisters Some books have them reform some have them die this one has an interesting alternative