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Illustrations Featuring Mix Of Styles In Both Clothing And Architecture Set The Story In An Imaginary Yet Vaguely Familiar Landscape, Lit By A Dreamlike Haze The Smoothly Told Story Contains The Familiar Details And A Happy Ending In Which Cinderella Forgives Her Stepfamily The Horn Book Club This Satisfying Tale Never Grows Old Koopman S Illustrations Are Jewel Toned And Cinderella Herself Is Attractive As A Person And Figure Yellow Brick Road

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    Despite my love for this story, but by the Secretariat to mention it s really bad story Make the child wait for a magic solutions and superstition, and waiting for its to change their life one day alot of this stories Will make a generation of fools and zombies

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    Short and sweet, but my daughter enjoyed reading it.

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    Thought I d better read the Perrault version of Cinderella for my Fairy Tale Binge Period as far as is possible, as I d struggle with the french This translation by Anthea Bell who is famous for translating Asterix and the Nicholas books into english was pretty good I thought her or Perrault s, I m not sure justification for Cinderella not asking her father for help when the evil step gang are making her life a misery was a mistake He would not have believed her, for he was totally under his wife s control Huh His daughter was habitually wearing rags, was cooking or scrubbing floors underfoot all day and slept on the floor in the ashes by the fire The evidence of his own eyes would have made her story credible No, better left out altogether After binging on dozens of fairy tales over the last month, I can testify to the strange behaviour of fathers in fairy tales, especially those that marry new wives They either completely disappear out of the story like this one or their behaviour becomes so extraordinary as to defy all reasonable excuse Cinders was lucky he didn t take her out into the forest and kill her, or eat her as a stew served up by her step mother Sheesh Glad I wasn t born in a fairy tale

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    Heavens above, how lovely she is Cinderella, by Charles Perrault, is a picture book intended for readers in preschool through grade 3 I gave it five stars Cinderella, named this because she slept in the ashes of the kitchen fire for warmth, is a unknown peasant girl who cooks, cleans, and obeys the orders of her stepmother and two stepsisters Her magical fairy godmother sends her to the ball of the prince, dressed in magnificent gowns The prince immediately falls in love with Cinderella and, upon finding her to fit the glass slipper, marries Cinderella at once, making her known and recognized in this magical kingdom setting The illustrations, subtle and restrained in Cinderella s home during chores but glowing and radiant at the magnificent ball, capture the true essence of Cinderella s beauty, both inside and out, no matter what her surroundings The format of the goodhearted being rewarded yet forgiving of evil doers is well captured in this text, as Cinderella lives happily with her prince but forgives her stepfamily for their intolerance and cruelty The theme of true love knowing no boundaries and the kindhearted rising up and finding true happiness will appeal to all readers, with its positive and uplifting foundation This text will appeal to any young child, as the magic of the fairy godmother and the idea that we all can achieve happiness is well rooted in childhood innocence and dreams.

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    This one was sort of average for me It was a nice little read but nothing fantastic A lot of people said how dark it was and I guess I just set myself up for something much dark than what I got I love the writing style of these fast paced classics and I m so glad that I finally read the original but in the end it was sort of meh for me.

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    This is the French version of the classic story of the young girl who is maltreated by her mean stepmother and stepsisters, but the French version Cinderella received this name from her stepsister since she always liked to sit next to the chimney in the ashes It was Cinderella that scoured the pots and scrubbed the stairs Cinderella was a beautiful child, but she was unfortunate One night the prince was having a ball Cinderella did all she could to help her sisters prepare for the ball All while getting teased by her stepsisters Cinderella, now wouldn t you just like to go to the ball Cinderseat at a ball How people would laugh Then off they went, leaving poor Cinderella behind But, Cinderella would in deed prove them wrong She is visited by her godmother and presented with a beautiful chariot and all the works In this version, she helps her godmother gather the pumpkin that will be her coach, the mice to become the horses, the rat that becomes the horseman, and the lizards that become the footmen.She can go to the ball as long as she agrees to leave the ball by midnight She goes to the ball and the prince instantly falls for her and invites her to sit with him Her stepsisters were none the wisest even though she was talking with them and offering them food She leaves the ball hastily and the prince is captivated by her beauty still The next night there was another ball Once again the stepsisters were there and Cinderella once again shows up and enchants everyone in the ball This time, she was not aware of the time The clock struck twelve and off she ran from the ball and out the gate to her house A few days later, the prince sends his herald out to search for the mysterious lady Eventually, the get to the house of Cinderella and the rest is the same ending they live happily ever after But, in this version, Cinderella marries her sisters off to two lords of the court.The language is simple and the storyline is fun, this book can be for younger to older readers Readers can explore the ideas of being kind to others Caldecott Winner

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    Name of book CinderellaAuthor Charles PerraultStar Rating Plot Summary A classic fairy tale about a young girl named Cinderella who lives with her father and two step sisters She is treated very unfairly by her two step sisters, they make her do all the house work and are very unkind towards her When Cinderella is not allowed go to the Ball her fairy Godmother says she shall go but must leave by midnight as the spell will break Cinderella goes off happily to the ball and meets a young, handsome prince However she loses track of time and has to leave suddenly On the way out of the palace she loses one of her glass slippers so the prince insists he will marry whoever fits the slipper As it is Cinderella s he eventually finds her and they end up happily ever after together.I like this story as it is a classic fairy tale that will never be too old It is a fond memory of my childhood, a story that I can well remember The element of magic in it is also exciting for children, it is a short and an enjoyable read as it has a happy ending.This would be suitable for early years most likely three to seven as it s very basic and quite ambiguous It s a believable story for that age group as an older age group might tend to question it Another reason it is suitable as it is quite short and will capture their attention.This could be read to a class at story time as it is short and will hold their attention It could also be used for guided reading, as they could take turns reading different sections as it is an easy read and would be good for that age group 6 or 7 to be able to read it Role play could also be used and some children could be given different parts and they could take turns acting it out It would be useful for knowledge retrieval skills too, why did Cinderella run off, what did she leave behind etc It could also be left on the class book shelf for independent reading too.

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    This story is mainly about a girl called the Immortal Peduncle, who had lost her mother A year her later Cinderella s dad married a new wife, who had her daughters The two step sisters were very mean to Cinderella, pushing her to do the dirty works and clean the house They also took away all her pretty clothes From this time on the immortal peduncle Cinderella started to suffer hardships One day, the king issued an order to hold a dance party so as to elect a wife The immortal peduncle begged her stepmother to let her go, but did not get a permission from her stepmother So, she cried sadly Suddenly, a fairy lady appeared in front of her and helped the poor girl change an extremely attractive skirt and a pair of glasses shoes Cinderella happily went to the dance party Finally, she won king s heart and lead a happy life with the king in a castle.Good stories always have happy endings As for children s literature, happy endings are welcome because children want to become heroes to protect poor or weak people in the stories Also, the pictures in the story are also very important A good story always needs good pictures because these pictures help students go into a vivid environment of the story and imagine what happed in that situation This story book has shown us these two shining points What is , the language is also simple and easy for young kids to understand.

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    This version of Cinderella by Charles Perrault would be a fantastic book to read as a read aloud in a 5th grade classroom While the language may be construed as a bit complex, this offers teachers an opportunity to help students expand their vocabulary For instance, the word garret is used to describe where cinderella slept A garret is basically a small attic The book provides very beautiful and detailed illustrations to go along with the story so that children can have a visual representation of what a garret might be This book could also be used to show how to draw illustrations that connect to what is going on in the story For practice, the students could write a page of their own story and draw their own illustration, paying close attention to detail like Charles Perrault did in this story The story also has a great moral, which is that outward appearance is nice, but it is what is on the inside that matters the most Cinderella is emotionally abused by her step mother and step sisters because of how she looks, but she ends up being the one to find true happiness in the end.

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    Es uno de los cuentos originales que m s me gustan Me ha sorprendido mucho que el personaje m tico del hada madrina de Cenicienta no exista y en realidad sea un p jaro Ahora entiendo porqu en la pel cula de Disney hay tanta aparici n de animales y es que tienen una importancia fundamental en varias escenas del cuento original.Tiene unas cuantas escenas un poco sangrientas que sorprenden un poco, supongo que es una mezcla de la tradici n en este tipo de cuentos y el gusto especial del autor en historias un poco macabras Perrault.No puedo evitar mencionar al padre de la criatura, no entiendo c mo puede permitir que exploten a su hija de esa forma y pone en preferencia a las hijas de su nueva esposa que a la suya propia Siempre tiene que haber personajes que cometan acciones est pidas en estos cuentos Bueno, me corrijo, padres que deber an aprender el concepto de qu es ser un padre y c mo llevarlo a cabo.Por lo dem s, es una historia original y entretenida.