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A Beautiful Full Color Hardcover Picture Book Introduction To The Beloved Little House Series, Perfect For Younger ReadersChristmas Has Come To The Big Woods Of Wisconsin Laura And Her Family Are Excited To Celebrate When Laura S Cousins, Aunt, And Uncle Arrive, They Spend Their Time Together Eating Sweets, Playing In The Snow, And Reading Their Holiday Celebrations Are Full Of Simple JoysThe Warm Paintings By Ren E Graef Are Inspired By Garth Williams Classic Illustrations And Lovingly Bring The Ingalls Family To Life

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    I love the Little House books I love Christmas Therefore, when I was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and saw Christmas in the Big Woods flashed on screen, it was a no brainer I purchased it within five seconds Christmas in the Big Woods is part of the family My First Little House Books, directed at the age 4 8 crowd It is culled from the Christmas story in Little House in the Big Woods and adorned with warm illustrations patterned off the classic artwork done by Garth Williams The night it arrived at our doorstep, it garnered immediate interest from my two older children Emilia Millie who is almost six and Gracie Grapey who is three I didn t plan on reading it to them immediately, since it was already pretty late But when Gracie asked me to read The Christmas Woods Book, I could not resist As most of you know, I m not a prolific reviewer of children s books I have, in fact, only ever done this once before That was last year, when I attempted to enlist the support of Emilia and Grace in reviewing The Kraken s Rules for Making Friends, which they received as a gift The results were mixed Nevertheless, I am back at it, because as the old saying goes Even when you have utterly failed, you should try again So, once again, I conducted a joint interview for this book review They did not receive any compensation for their participation, save getting to stay up roughly 45 minutes later than usual Without further ado, I present for your consideration, Emilia Grace Review Christmas in the Big Woods.Meet your reviewers Grace L is three Emilia R is nearing six Phoebe, aged one, was not present, but we might have woken her up Reviewers Note This interview with my children has been edited for clarity Heavily edited Painstakingly edited You might even say that clarity is an artificial construct that I conjured from the chaos of this exercise Emilia and Grace have just gotten bunk beds, so the inaugural reading of Christmas in the Big Woods takes place in my bed We get through one page before Grace gets up to leave.ME Where are you going GRACE I need to get my blankie ME You can get under the covers GRACE I want my blankie Grace returns with her blanket, along with a stuffed Tala from The Lion King ME Are you ready GRACE I need to get cozy Grace situates herself on the bed, and then spends a minute propping up Tala on a pillow I faintly recall the reason I don t do joint book reviews I continue reading About halfway through the book, the girls start arguing about which characters they resemble.EMILIA Laura has bangs like me GRACE Millie, I can t really see your bangs right now EMILIA Grace Don t talk to me.GRACE Millie You don t talk to me ME Both of you stop EMILIA Is this part of the interview ME No Around this point, Grace gets up again and leaves.ME What are you doing GRACE I want to get a blanket for my stuffed animal because she s cold I m going to name her a different name I m going to call her Laura.EMILIA Her name is Tala GRACE Her name is Laura No It s Belle ME Do we want to stop for the night GRACE Her name is Belle ME Fine Somehow, by the grace of God, we manage to get through this 32 page book I pull out my legal pad and pen.ME I was thinking that we should do an interview about this book, like we did with the kraken book Does that sound okay EMILIA No I mean yes GRACE Yes, I do too ME Okay Did you like it EMILIA We like the shark smiling This refers to The Kraken s Rules for Making Friends ME No, we re going to talk about this book Good memory though At this point, Emilia tries to take my legal pad.EMILIA Can I try to read it ME When I m done.EMILIA Can I spell their names ME You can spell one of their names.EMILIA Spells out J A C K It seems to take ten minutes, but probably only took three ME All right Now, did you guys like this Laura book EMILIA Yes.GRACE Yes, but I want to name the cat In the book, there is a nameless and unmentioned cat that nevertheless keeps turning up in the illustrations This led to a lot of questions EMILIA What about Nina GRACE I want to call it EMILIA Write down that we called it Nina GRACE I want to call it Mina EMILIA That s not a name ME I think it is There is an off topic discussion about this for a couple minutes I attempt to take notes on the Nina Mina debate Emilia sees me writing furiously.EMILIA I want to write a question.ME How about this Why don t you tell me what question I should ask you.EMILIA How deep was it ME How deep was the book EMILIA How deep was the snow After this colloquy, Emilia asks about the two dots I keep putting next to the first letters of their names This leads us to a hopeless tangent as I attempt to explain a colon I give up, and promise to revisit the subject later, perhaps as she s about to go off for college ME What was your favorite part of the book EMILIA I liked when the cousins came over And can you write who my favorite character was ME Who was that EMILIA Mary ME Why Mary EMILIA She s the oldest, like me.GRACE My favorite is Laura.ME Why is she your favorite GRACE She s the youngest, like me ME Isn t Carrie the youngest I suggest this gently.GRACE Yeah Phoebe the one year old likes Carrie In the morning, I m going to ask Phoebe what her favorite character was Unfortunately, I had to get to work early the next morning I was not around to determine whether Grace ever asked Phoebe about a character she s never heard of in a book she s never seen Her answer, of course, would have been Momma , Dada , baba , or uh oh EMILIA Where was Ma when she had Carrie ME Probably in the cabin They didn t have hospitals where they lived EMILIA No I mean was she in a chair or in bed I think she was in bed.ME Probably I am tempted to probe her mind in order to determine the genesis of the question Seeing no good outcome, however, I resist the urge.ME Grace, what was your favorite part GRACE I like the part when the cousins were going home.ME Why GRACE I don t know.EMILIA Actually I think that was a sad part That s why I said my favorite part was when they came over.GRACE undeterred I like when they ate breakfast.ME What did you like about the breakfast scene GRACE I don t know.EMILIA I think she means the pancakes GRACE Pancakes EMILIA Can I write periods for you ME Maybe later After mostly striking out with generalized questions, I decide to focus their attention a bit.ME Did you like the pictures EMILIA We loved them.GRACE We liked them and they re good pictures.ME What was your favorite picture in the book EMILIA The snow and the woods and the cousins playing outside.GRACE The cousins playing in the snow.ME Is there a lesson EMILIA To be grateful for what you got.ME For what you have.EMILIA For what you have.GRACE I don t know Last year, I explained the star rating system to Emilia and Grace I decided to test their recall, and was pleasantly surprised ME How many stars would you give this EMILIA Five Actually ten ME Five is the most you can give GRACE Three EMILIA It s not the number it s how much you liked it One means you little liked it two means you kinda did and kinda not three means a little bit four means you liked it five means you liked it a lot.GRACE I liked it five ME to Emilia You did a good job remembering the star system.EMILIA I didn t remember it I saw it on YouTube ME I thought you weren t supposed to be watching YouTube EMILIA Laughs uncomfortably ME How would you explain this in one word EMILIA A lot GRACE Let s do five.ME Okay, what five words would you use GRACE I don t know.ME I want you to describe this book in one word Like fun, or silly, or funny, or sad Okay What word would that be EMILIA Fun GRACE Yeah, fun ME If you had to give a description of what this book is about, what would that be EMILIA Coming together and having fun on Christmas ME That s good GRACE I like that too I like that thing that Millie said At this point, I end the interview It s late and it s difficult to write with Emilia grabbing the pen.ME Let s go to bed GRACE I can t sleep ME You re not in bed yet GRACE Can I sleep here EMILIA Yeah ME No Christmas in the Big Woods is a charming little book that nicely captures the Little House spirit in bite size fashion It is a simple story centered on fundamental values, which has always been the main draw of the series At this time of year, it makes for a decent and helpful teaching tool It s easy for kids to lose perspective during the Christmas season Heck, it s easy for adults I lost perspective years ago Emilia and Grace are no exception They are inundated with commercials their friends from school keep regaling them with stories of Elf on the Shelf and their lists for Santa keeps growing and growing When things reach a fever pitch, I will remind them that Laura was perfectly content with a rag doll named Charlotte That lesson, of course, will last thirty seconds, if I m having a lucky day More importantly, I hope this book plants the seeds of a lifelong love of Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and Jack the Bulldog.

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    I m a bit biased towards the original so my rating is tempered somewhat by my loyalty to Laura Ingalls Wilder Nonetheless, I do believe, had this series been my first introduction to the Little House books I would have enjoyed and appreciated their value The colorful pictures and small amount of wording make this a good alternative for young readers not yet at a level to read the original series on their own.

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    This is not one of the better books in the series I ve been trying to pinpoint the reasons why we haven t cared much for this one Here are three possibilities.1 The cover shows a wreath on the front door, but aside from that, there aren t any Christmas decorations There isn t even a Christmas tree, which does trigger questions from young readers that I can t answer The Wilders live in the woods, so finding a tree wouldn t be the problem Maybe time and or space in the house is the issue.2 All of the kids get red mittens and a stick of peppermint candy, which makes them very happy However, Laura also gets a doll Of course, the question becomes, why did she get a toy and none of the other kids did 3 One page lists the names of the relatives who come on Christmas The names aren t needed, so that page could have been put to better use.We ll probably have to read the original books to find out how they compare with the excerpts in these little books.2017 Having just re read LH in the BW, I now know why only Laura got a doll the other girls already had dolls Even so, she s the only child who got a big present.

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    I really enjoyed this nostalgic, condensed version of the Christmas events from

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    Mommy loves this one because it has molasses candy in the snow AND Charlotte the rag doll

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    My daughter loves this series

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    When I was younger my mom used to read me The Little House on the Prairie books Christmas in the Big Woods was one of my favorites It is about Laura and her family as they celebrate Christmas Laura and her sister helped their mother make cookies and molasses and made snow angles outside with their cousins Living in Arizona, I loved seeing the snow covered woods Laura s Christmas was so humble and different from my own experience It intrigued me that she, her sister, and her cousins could be so happy with only receiving a stick of peppermint candy and mittens Laura, however, also received a doll I remember feeling happy that she got something special, but I always wondered why her sister Mary didn t also get a doll, for my brother and I have always gotten an equal amount of presents.

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    Call me old fashioned but this type of Christmas seems the best to me.The family focuses on making the holiday special just by being together.Mom is busy all day cooking and baking all sorts of yummies for their Christmas dinner.Laura and her family,including her cousins, spend the day outside enjoying the snow and jut being together.And they are thrilled to discover that in each stocking is a pair of bright red mittens and a peppermint candy cane.Laura gets an extra special surprise with a beautiful rag doll she names Charlotte I grew up on the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and still enjoy sharing them with the little ones in my care.

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    CHRISTMAS IN THE BIG WOODS, written for young children, shares homespun holiday images with the reader Young Laura has an idyllic family life complete with a bulldog named Jack Christmas is nearing and rampant with preparations Pies, cookies, and snow candy are made Christmas Eve brings Aunt Eliza, Uncle Peter and their children The cousins make snow images, hang their stockings and receive simple gifts such as peppermint candy and red homemade mittens They eat man shaped pancakes for breakfast This book is beautifully illustrated by Renee Graef.

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    This is a storybook version of the Christmas chapter in Little House in the Big Woods, i It s a wonderful way to get students excited about reading Laura s books We use it each year for the time travel day of Christmas Around the World We travel back in time and have a pioneer Christmas It s always so much fun.