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Cabello by Grea Alexander Cabello by Grea Alexander is a horror story It was a difficult book to read because of the subject matter It is excellent writing, just tough subject matter Cabello is a golden and white cat with one brown eye and one green eye Mineau had buried him after he was killed by her stepfather, Bud Then came Cabello the Second The sheriff chuckled to himself This is Saintsville, son I can damn well do whatever the hell it is I please People who were involved in Mineau December s assault are dying in Saintsville, Texas Is it an answer to prayers or a nightmare come true I gave it four stars It needs editing for typos and homonyms This book contains adult situations I received a complimentary Kindle copy from the author through goodreads That did not change my opinion for this review Link to purchase I won this book in a giveaway, in exchange for an honest review.This book is not for people who are easily perturbed by graphic descriptions of violence and gore I usually read a lot of horror and books with supernatural themes, so the story had me involved all through the book It is a great read nonetheless I am also eager to check out other titles by Grea I loved the style of writing and would love to read Nightmares Are The Stuff That Answered Prayers Are Made Of In Saintsville, TX, Fewer Than Five People Under The Age OfHave Died In The Past Ten Years Now, In The Course Of A Few Weeks, The Residents Of Saintsville Are Dropping Like Flies When Everyone Involved In The Cover Up Of Mineau December S Abuse And Brutal Assault Begin To Die Under Mysterious Circumstances, Mineau Believes Her Prayers Are Finally Being Answered Answered Prayers, However, Quickly Turn Into A Nightmare When Mineau Finds That Her Savior Is Dangerous Than Anyone She Has Ever Known, Than Anything She Could Possibly Dare Imagine Cabello Cabello Is A Supernatural Revenge Horror Fantasy Fable BookIn The Cabello Series I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review as part of LibraryThing s Members Giveaway program Plot spoilers may follow In brief summary, Mineau December is the stepdaughter of a mayor who seems to have the entire town in his pocket He abuses her, even going so far as to kill her beloved cat, and she has to endure all of it in silence She withdraws, which makes her an outcast at school Everyone ignores her existence, including her old friends, until a new student shows up and takes a liking to her Mateo s attentions towards Mineau earn her the ire of the school s mean girls When Mineau decides to take control of her life, that s when it really turns upside down Her stepfather isn t willing to let her go without a fight, and suddenly, all of those who gave Mineau a hard time are violently killed Who s behind all of the murders First off, I had to give props and a giggle to the author s copyright notes and novella notes they had me endeared to her from the moment I read Well, because I am your queen and I say so By the time I got to the case study results and the final sentence which read so much like a PSA tagline that it would be wrong to not allow it to be one at some point in the future , I would have read damn near anything on the pages to come This definitely was proven when I read around the same time as I read the notes from our queen that this book was a supernatural horror, and I hardly ever read any kind of horror books any I don t clearly remember when I requested this book, but I know for a fact that I missed any mention of genre After reading that this was a peek into Grea s sick mind, I said, Oh hell And that was the mentality I took with me as I got to the first page Swap that hell for a four letter expletive and that was what I said immediately after finishing the book For someone who no longer reads horror books, this was quite the reading experience Lol I have to start by saying that I was really pleased with the amount of growth that I saw from Mineau in just 114 pages I wasn t sure she d ever come out of her shell or trust Mateo, but she did I know how hard that can be and I like that we were shown a range of emotions that made sense for what she had to go through I also thought it was an interesting twist that at first, these sick, disturbing things were done for Mineau, but by the end of the book she was the prey yet again I sense that we ll be seeing a much stronger Mineau in the 2nd part of this series which is coming eventually lol than the one we were introduced to I also liked Mateo for Mineau I think he had a stabilizing effect on her and helped her heal I hope that future chapters in the series delveinto their relationship I wish there had been a bitof it shown in this introduction One thing I wish we were told was how Cabello ended up being the way he was was he cursed, if so then who cursed him We knew what Cabello did, but we weren t really told anything about him There were a few small grammatical errors here and there, but nothing that I couldn t overlook When you think about the premise, it has the potential to be on the bad side of campy if done incorrectly, but the way that it was written made it intriguing and managed to keep me interested, if for no other reason than to find out who else Cabello would go after I think the story was well written, with enough gore to keep the horror buffs satisfied It had a very Freddy Krueger feel to it because I swear that fool would not die I like how we were introduced to the second part of the series it gave me Bride of Chucky vibes Lol I still don t do horror very well, but I ll be waiting for Cabello The Descendant This book definitely kept my interest My first thought was Pet Cemetery but with a love story twist I loved the multiple characters of Cabello, and how the little green eyed monster comes out in this book Thank you to the Author Grea Alexander,Shut Up Read, Smashwords and Good Reads for the complimentary copy of this book for an honest review. i liked the plot idea for this book but it felt like a first draft i wanted it to be longer and the plot to befleshed out it was ment to be scary yet the killer cat scene ruined the build up of the start abuse but overall for such a short book i liked it. I received this book in exchange for a review MAY have some spoilers ahead.From the beginning, an insight into Grea s mind read the first three pages I think most people might understand makes me WANT to read her work It is one that I would want to spend hours nitpicking and trying to squeeze every drop of information that resides in it.Cabello is not for the weak hearted Grea Alexander has a way of visualizing the most vivid and squelchy oops endings for her characters Is it wrong to somewhat like it In truth, it is quite a simple plot of a demon cat who lusts after his owner and avenges her abusers in the most creative and horrifying ways possible However, typical high school life, teenage romance, and the awful truth behind corruption also manages to draw me into the story of Mineau, Mateo and the rest of the gang Somehow I breezed through this book really fast too fast, in fact I feel that the story does have such a profound impact on me as her other books have It does not. stay with me The ending is a bit too clich in my opinion Petrika, having been converted by Cabello and pregnant with his demon offspring Although, it does set the stage for the sequel, Descendant I hope to see muchdevelopment and past history of the side characters as I think this will bring outdefinition to the whole story and not just focus on one character alone I hope to seeof Grea s work soon, and I hope I will not be disappointed. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Shut Up and Read group Mmm I must say I have some mixed feelings about this book I m not saying I didn t enjoy it I actually read it with much interest and it was a fast read for me, I read it in half a day But there were some things, some scenes, that left me a bit confused and like uh, what what happened As, for example, Cabello s end And I mean Cabello as in the cat demon or whatever he was I mean, how did Petrika know who what he was and how to finish him And who the hell was she anyway And how why did she look so much like Mineau But let s get back on track I liked Mineau, she had guts that s for sure I didn t like much Mateo It s not that he was bad or something, I just didn t fall for him I actually found him a bit pushy And sticky Especially in the beginning Then he was just sort of..boring Peter on the other hand, I liked him Bud disgusted me He really made me want to vomit for what he did to Mineau Cabellowell, he it was just downright crazy and evil He didn t even realize he had turned into the same things he was hunting And worse Well, I guess being a demon and all, it was obvious, uh And ok, sure, the victims had it coming and deserved punishment Especially Bud and the sheriff But still And the ending What is it about Cabello s heir What will happen Will it also go after Mineau and Mateo Guess I ll have to wait for the sequel now.. Review of CABELLO by Grea AlexanderRevenge is not always a dish better eaten cold Sometimes it s better not to eat it at all, as Mineau December and Mateo, the only person to whom she opens up, find out Mineau lives a life of tribulations I wouldn t wish on anyone Subject to physical abuse constantly, then sexual abuse is added to it, and she quickly finds out that in the small community of Saintsville, Texas, saints are few and far between, and even plain old good characters are too Mineau literally can trust no one, because almost everyone wants to hurt her.Until revenge begins, not as Mineau had planned or could even have imagined It s brutal, ugly, injurious and poetically just, if not ever merciful.CABELLO is the first in a series. This wasn t what I thought it would be but it did catch me by surprise and I ended up reading the whole book in one day as I couldn t put it down I was so engrossed I do admit that the people that tormented Mineau were just terrible and they deserved what they got, the fact that it was a dead pet come back from the dead to do it was fun.I never expected to the book to go in the direction it did and was totally thrown for a loop when it eneded up that her cat had ended up being a demon and that he came back for her What the author described he did to Bud as punishment was ingenious and I ended up thinking he rocked for torturing the jerk the way Cabello did I felt bad for Mineau through the whole book as people never even gave her chance, just bullied her I can t stand bullies so yes I was rooting for Cabello when he first started getting revenge, but then he got a little scary Matteo was so nice and caring about her and he was such a good guy to stick with her I received this book for free from author in exchange for an honest review from the LoP Group.Thank you for letting me read your book