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In this book we get a different perspective of the cult known as Scientology When a person is mistreated by a cult, either religious or political, often we have the mentality that it was partially the person s own fault for being stupid enough to hook up with such obvious psychos and frauds But what happens when a person is born into a cult Or is indoctrinated into one before they are old enough to take control of their life With no other options, they have to go along with it This is such a story The author entered Scientology at 13 and did not escape until he was 32 Scientology is a religion of money Perhaps this is true with all faiths, but Scientology has refined it down to an art Those who give big are treated as royalty pampered, sucked up to, given access to slave labor The rest below, especially those who sign the billion year contract and join their Sea Org, are worker drones, scuttling about to fulfill their duties, cast aside when they were useless One line from L Ron Hubbard quoted in the text sums up their attitude, We d rather have you dead than incapacitated The book shows the Scientology body in a high level of disorganization and incompetence This makes sense as the people were given positions, technical and administrative, based on their willingness to put up with mental abuse, exhaustion, malnourishment, and adhere to the rules, rather than any ability I say rules here, rather than doctrine, because for lower level Scientologists there seems to be a lack of ability to learn on their own faith For a person to rise in the ranks they have to pay for a series of courses If you can t afford it, well sucks to be you asshole You re stuck were you are And in an organization where being paid minimum wage is a premium job, it isn t likely that you will advance any time soon As the Scientology higher ups were too paranoid to hire the necessary technical workers from the unwashed, their organization was strung together by a series of jury rigging and few mechanically minded people who kind of knew what they were doing This constantly left them behind, technologically speaking For example, they were still using the old VAX VMS computer systems, the huge wall units with magnetic tape and punch cards into the 1990s Additionally they continued to mass produce their audio propaganda on cassette tapes well after CDs had become the staple This was mostly due to no one cleared by Scientology knowing how to convert the mediums over I ve often wondered how so many people could fall for the Xenu story which form the core of Scientology s mythology The one about the people of the overcrowded confederation of planets being sent to Earth then known as Teegeeack aboard ships that were subconsciously expressed in the design of the Douglas DC 8, the only difference being that the DC8 had fans, propellers on it and the space plane didn t Then using H Bombs they were killed, their souls vacuumed up and brainwashed using three D, super colossal motion picture for thirty six days The souls were then merged and implanted in prisons made of flesh that s us by the way Only through Scientology can one strip off these souls and become clear It s so obviously schlocky science fiction But this book illuminates that most of the lower level drones never heard it The story is only for OTIII types, big spenders who have already sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into the organization People who aren t willing to throw everything away on some silly story that couldn t possibly be true Most the venom is directed at David Miscavage, the psychotic pope of Scientology, heir to L Ron Hubbard s legacy, and best pals with Tom Cruise Miscavage is depicted as a person who manipulated his way into power and then suppressed all those who could challenge him, like a miniature Joseph Stalin Using the threat of his power to send any one who disagrees with him to the Rehabilitation Project Force Scientology punishment and re education cells and gulags , he has created a communist dictatorship within the Scientology community With the religion running just as efficiently as its counterpart He is characterized as a violent, incompetent, sadistic, unable to handle the pressures of power, a perfectionist without the ability to properly communicate what he wants, with no ability to actually advance what he wants He is presented as an incompetent who believes he is the smartest guy in the room with no organizational skills, orders everything at the last minute, causes disasters and havoc, while blaming everyone else for his mistakes The author s bitterness comes across in every page, having spent a decade and a half amongst an organization that he sacrificed and gave to than any other, only to realize how he was abused is a harsh pill to swallow Over this time he saw hardworking dedicated people who had worked longer than him crushed down and destroyed by Miscavage and his ilk Decades of service meant nothing, all of their successes would be invalidated in a heartbeat over minor disagreements or executive fiat It was not an atmosphere where one could thrive A few celebrities are mentioned along the way, the author Neil Gaiman being one Apparently he was listed as a suppressive person until he became famous, then the label was quickly revoked As is no surprise to anyone, Tom Cruise pops up a lot He had nothing to do with the day to day running, but was a good friend of Miscavage the latter being his best man at Cruise s wedding to Katie Holmes and the highest contribute to Scientology in the world Much of their financing comes from helping to produce his films There is also an amusing story where the crew at Int base a Scientology headquarters were piecing together clips and headshots of Scientology actresses to become Cruise s girlfriend After the actor s bust up with Penelope Cruz over her refusal to join the religion, he realized that he could be with someone in the faith, so they began a pimping process to get him a woman The book is not the best written and could have used an editor to clean up sentence structure and delete and replace repetitive words But I was sucked into the story immediately The plot overriding any minor technical issues The day I picked it up, I chowed down eighty pages in one gulp Scientology has a large vocabulary built into its structure, which seems to mostly consist of abbreviations of Scientology terms, so the author includes a glossary However it is somewhat inadequate, largely missing many terms such as preclear , suppressive person , and so on But I supposed being raised in a cult these idioms become second nature and the author doesn t think to explain them Luckily the internet is around to fill in the gaps. Let s get a few things out of the way first 1 Yes, the writing is rough and the editing is bad Please recognize that this is a self published book written by someone who did not have the same educational opportunities as many people reviewing this book Just deal 2 There is a LOT of Scientology jargon Again, just deal with it 9 times out of 10 it s not completely integral to your understanding of events Read over it or look it up in the glossary at the back 3 This book is NOT going to tell you about what it means to be a believer of the Scientology faith Beliefs, worship and and rites are not the subject of this autobiography This is an account of what it s like to live life inside the confines of an oppressive cult That s it I really enjoyed the book I can t imagine living 15 years with that kind of verbal, mental and physical abuse I hope that this can serve as a beacon of hope to other people in the same boat and that thy find their way out of the Scientology hell hole. Foreword Magazine Book Of The Year Award Finalist The International Base Of Scientology The Acre Property Located Deep In The California Desert The Local Townspeople Were Told Lectures And Films Were Being Made There But Is That All That Was Happening It Is The Location Of A Multi Million Dollar Home For L Ron Hubbard, Built Two Decades After His Death It Is The Home Of Scientology S Current Leader, David Miscavige So What Really Happens At The Int Base Are The Stories On The Internet True How Does Scientology Conduct Management Of Its Day To Day Operations Could Stories Of Armed Guards, Weapons, Staff Beatings, And Razor Wire Fences Be True If So, How Could A Facility Like This Exist In Modern Day America Hundreds Of Staff Tried To Escape Over The Years Some Succeeded But Were Never Seen Or Heard Of Again, Most Failed Why Were People Kept Here What Was It That Went On At The Headquarters Of Scientology This Is The Story Of What Happened Behind The Iron Curtain Of Scientology The Scientology Cult, Is I Guarantee You, A Thousand Times Bizarre Than You Could Have Ever Imagined The John Ken Show, KFI AM Headley S Book Also Provides Stunning Material That Has Rarely Been Collected In One Place A Damning Account Of Life Working For Scientology Leader David Miscavige At The Secretive Desert Base Tony Ortega, The Village Voice Explosive New Book The National Enquirer A New Book Exposing Alleged Details About Not Just Scientology But Tom Cruise S Association With The Church Is Available The Washington Post A Big Tip Of The Hat To Marc Headley, For Publicly Speaking The Truth About Scientology Examiner Marc Headley, A Former Insider At The Church, Has Written A Tell All Book, Called Blown For Good, About His Years Of Work With Scientology And Folksyou Can T Handle The Truth TheFrisky This is not a book for Scientology newbies It s filled with Scientolog ese and won t give you background on what Scientolgy is, its history, what s happening now, LHR, ect It is, however, an excellent book for people wanting to know what things were like for the staff over at Int Base, through the 1990s up to 2005ish under David Miscavige, who is an incredible douche.Image ofincredible douche I mean, just look at him doooooooouuucheReading this book is not entertaining, though Headley does manage to keep his sense of humor despite being an overworked corporate drone monk slave for Scientology, Inc Overworked here meaning worked to exhaustion unquestioning braindeadness at a compound you can t leave, ahhhhaaha Abuses abound However, sometimes something will come up that s like, OMG a big deal but it s not really dealt with Like COERCED ABORTIONS Apparently Sea Org members the previously mentioned overworked Scientology monks slaves were uh strongly advised to not have children, like ever, and not let a little thing like pregnancy affect their childlessness It s for the greater profit good Uh This BIG DEAL is like, one sentence, glossed over There were also a couple of sentences about a young girl, about 8 or 9, scrubbing pots and pans and actually being IN the giant sink and you get the feeling that this was like, her JOB Like, full time not just helping out after the church Sunday potluck BIG DEAL PEOPLE But instead of information about stuff like this, you ll have pages and pages and pages of detail about how hard it is to work to a deadline without proper financial personnel support under managers who know how to do nothing but create a toxic workplace StillA photo of the fence around Headley s toxic workplace.I appreciate that Marc Headley shared his story in this book Massive balls, man Tampa Bay news article about the Headleys Claire Headley had two abortions The church requires Sea Org members with children to leave the order She contended in her lawsuit her supervisors coerced her to terminate the pregnancies so she could remain in good standing and continue working The church denied that, saying the abortions were her choice.And if you re interested but I warn you it s filled with hardcore Scientology lingo as well as up to date complaints about CoS from Scientologists themselves. This book, written by a former Scientologist, was very interesting as far as it went The author, no doubt, is afraid of his and his wife s families being punished they are still Scientologists by L Ron Hubbard s successor, David Miscavige, who took the reins in 1986, after Hubbard died He is considered the Chairman of the Board or COB this group is big on acronyms Marc Headley and his wife were very fortunate to get out of this pseudo religion, as far as I am concerned The title of the book, Blown for Good refers to their experience The term blown is akin to the military s AWOL Hubbard himself had been in the US Navy Once someone is blown, their Scientologists friends and family members are no longer allowed to communicate with them in any way Personally, I am amazed that the IRS declared Scientology a non taxable entity in the 90s, since it truly has very little to do with religion Most of its members are current Scientologists family members, besides the high profile members such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and others The way Marc Headley depicted Tom Cruise in this book, one would think David Miscavige thinks the actor is a god I presume that celebrity members have NO idea of the grueling treatment that these people who work at the Gilman Hot Springs compound near Hemet undergo Most of them sleep only 3 to 4 hours per night, have to eat their meals AND take breaks within a 30 minute period Often, many of them are out of luck for even getting a shower The bunkers they live in are overcrowded with anywhere from four to 12 people in a very small room The average rate of pay is around 35 per week that is, if they are paid at all In order to get to the advanced levels thetan of Scientology, one must pay for courses that cost at least 300,000, so this is not a religion for those who are not well to do.Last week I read Maureen Orth s article on Vanity Fair regarding Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and the fact that David Miscavige is actively helping him seek a new Scientologist wife Miscovige has threatened to sue, but I doubt anything will come of it as in this book, written in 2008, talked about Miscavige s helping Cruise search for a wife after he broke up with Penelope Cruz this was after Nicole Kidman wanted nothing to do with Scientology, and a divorce resulted The situation now is deja vu all over again After researching a lot of sources on the Internet, I came to find out that L Ron Hubbard, best known for his pulp sci fi and westerns, was also a racist and a homophobe Personally, I think he was probably mentally unstable and that is the reason why he had a rabid hate for anything psychiatric I am not saying I believe everything that comes out of psychiatry at all, but Hubbard and the current Scientologists still won t have anything to do with them In fact, they have their own counseling sessions The following is some information I have gathered about a 36 year old woman who died of a pulmonary embolism while she was undergoing this counseling From Wikipedia Lisa McPherson February 10, 1959 December 5, 1995 was a member of the Church of Scientology who died of a pulmonary embolism while under the care of the Flag Service Organization FSO , a branch of the Church of Scientology Following the report of the state s medical examiner that indicated that Lisa was a victim of negligent homicide, 1 the Church of Scientology was indicted on two felony charges, abuse and or neglect of a disabled adult and practicing medicine without a license The charges against the Church of Scientology were dropped after the state s medical examiner changed the cause of death from undetermined to an accident on June 13, 2000 A civil suit brought by her family against the Church was settled on May 28, 2004 Mr Headley also states in his book that Mr David Miscavige has a very bad anger problem, and has been known to punch people, throw things at them and verbally abuse them in many different ways It sounds like he is a bit on the insane side himself.Now, as far as Scientology being a religion goes, it is like Jim Jones People s Temple than any other organized group In any legitimate religion, a person is free to decide whether it works for them or not Except for the high profile Hollywood members, NONE of the members are allowed to leave In the news just last week, a 14 year old girl refused to sign a billion year contract, and her mother threw her out of the house she lived in a family of Scientologists Unfortunately, this is not uncommon It is ridiculous to sign such a contract as this when a human life span averages about 85 years or so Of course, Scientology s answer is their belief in reincarnation and alien interference It certainly differes from the Buddhist view of reincarnation Anyway, I enjoyed reading this book on my Kindle Fire, although since it is one of the first ones out, it did have some grammatical errors and typos in it But then, I have seen these in print books also Kudos to Mr Headley for having the courage to write as much as he could about the lies he was taught since the age of about 13. I have been researching Scientology for years, and this book is the most fascinating I have ever read about what it was like to be in Scientology from a young age and the horrific journey the author had to have in order to escape the religion Marc Headley has a good life with a wife also an ex Scientologist with her own escape story and three kids, but how he got to this point is part horror story, part terrifying yet exhilarating adventure Headley was a child when his mother became heavily involved in the religion, so he grew up in Scientology He was a member of Sea Org by the age of 15 working 100 hour weeks for little to no pay in oppressive conditions I am halfway through right now, and I find it difficult to the put the book down Headley writes in a clear and engaging manner and his book is the best I have read as far as getting an inside look into this secretive religion a religion that worships no God unless you count Money and Power. Really interesting Not sure why anyone is still in Scientology.. A difficult and disturbing read because I believe it to be true Before reading Blown for Good I read Jenna Miscavige s book about her experiences with scientology I came across it accidentally and decided to read it simply because I was curious Having lived in Tampa about 30 minutes from the Clearwater location for over 20 years I was familiar with scientology but always thought it was a harmless group of self helpers I could not have been wrong There were times I had to force myself to continue reading Blown for Good because I was so disturbed by how horrific the conditions are in Scientology for it s most ardent supporters, members of the Sea Organization While reading Jenna s book I felt mostly anger Her childhood was stolen from her, she was clearly brainwashed and mentally tortured Although I understand her parents were also brainwashed they should have protected her That makes me angry Marc Headly s story is also infuriating but there is whole other element to his tale that literally made me feel physically ill Forcing people to work with no sleep and little food on tasks that no well rested, nourished human could possibly complete in the time frame given, is enough to make you question the humanity of this church Then it becomes clear that these tasks are intentionally designed to be impossible so that when the workers fail David Miscavige has an excuse to punish them Punishments are not only harsh but are demeaning and twisted Forcing people to run for hours in the dark, sleep on gravel and play a violent game of musical chairs where all the losers are told they will be shipped off to foreign countries never to see their families again is certainly disturbing But punishing them by forcing them to pick up dried human excrement with their bare hands for 8 10 hours at a time is unfathomable These are just a few examples Marc Headley describes where Sea Org members are physically and mentally tortured by this cult and yes Scientology is a cult If this were the only book I read on the subject I would have my doubts but I have done some research The same stories are told over and over again by other people who also escaped They can t all be lying Also Scientology controls it s members through classic cult like manipulation, sleep deprivation, starvation, verbal abuse designed to destroy self esteem, separation from the outside world, poor nutrition and of course brainwashing Again it is not just Jenna Miscavige and Marc Headly telling the world about the the cult like atmosphere in Scientology Go online and read and if at all possible watch the HBO special Going Clear Also please google Tom Cruise and his Scientology rant I have no words to describe how odd his behavior is in this video Clearly you do not have to be a Sea Org member to experience some Scientology brainwashing I have to wonder if the famous public scientologists know what really happens at their compounds Tom Cruise says it is a privilege to call himself a Scientologist Great, fabulous let s see him spend a year in the Sea Org sleeping on a cot in rooms with 4 or 5 other guys , making less than an 1.00 an hour, working 20 hour days fixing up John Travolta s mansion and scarfing down all his crappy meals in15 minutes Who would ever want to live like that if not brainwashed into believing you are a thetan and this lifestyle is the only way to save the world It is simply absurd Tom Cruise uses his fame to endorse Davis Miscavige and Scientology Does he not have a moral responsibility to investigate the allegations of abuse and if found to be true help stop it I suppose I went off on my own rant while doing a book review but my rant is indicative of how much Marc Headly s story affected me It is unnerving to think that heinous people like David Miscavige exist and that they have control over others To anyone who blew like Marc Headley I applaud your courage The fear of retaliation alone must have been paralyzing but to also start over from scratch takes tremendous strength and character I sincerely hope this book helps expose this cult and David Miscavige is one day held accountable for his crimes. Blown for Good was definitely in need of an editor to finesse it a bit, but the meat of the story Headley s time at the Scientology compound in Hemet, CA and his interactions with the little despot dictator wannabe pope of Scientology David Miscavige was fascinating and than made up for the excessive amount of job related details and somewhat amateurish writing style.How this turd of a cult is allowed to function and retain tax exemption status in this country is beyond me. Scientology is a cult that convinces you to relinquish every last shred of your autonomy, pay thousands of dollars to have your personality picked apart, and puts you back together the way Scientology Chairman of the Board COB , Dave Miscavige, wants you to be I say Miscavige and not L Ron Hubbard because Miscavige is the one who has been editing all of Hubbard s writings the past few decades, so unless you get your hands on early editions, there s no telling where Hubbard s ideas end and Miscavige s begin The COB wants one of two things from you The first is money Lots of money Hubbard wanted this too The money you give, the they ll pick you apart and tell you how well you re doing, and you can move up the Bridge of knowledge and secrets, where even things will be revealed to you for even money And if you re a celebrity, you ll be given special treatment Big birthday parties and gifts, medals of honor, you name it If you don t have money to give, you ll be helping the COB make money The second thing he wants from you is hard labor If you want to be a Scientologist but don t have money, you can join their forces and work for that knowledge and those secrets Working for them includes sleeping four to a room in bunk beds for a maximum of 5 hours a night, working on projects for 120 hours a week, getting three 15 30 minute meal breaks if you re lucky, attending 6 8 hour long meetings, and being the victim of daily mental, emotional, and even physical abuse All for the opportunity to be a part of glorious Scientology, and 35 a week You also have to sever contact with any family who isn t in Scientology and if they re in Scientology, you can only have contact with them as long as they re not declared a suppressive person SP , otherwise known as anyone who has anything bad to say about the organization, ever When you try to leave, you will be found and dragged back, put on toilet duty or cleaning floors with toothbrushes for the rest of your life, and constantly supervised Or, like Marc Headley, they may just run you off the road.It s easy to see why one of Scientology s main missions is to destroy psychology as a study and profession They don t want people seeing psychologists, as they say that it harms rather than helps people realize their full potential But whereas psychology s aim is to create mentally healthy, stable, autonomous individuals through the study of the mind, Scientology s aim in using similar personality probing methods is to create followers who enthusiastically do whatever it takes to get money into the organization Psychology tries to heal the mind Scientology breaks it No wonder they re so against it psychology is their biggest competitor, and it creates people who think for themselves The horror In Blown for Good , Marc recounts his fifteen years in Scientology and his eventual break with the organization If you don t know much about Scientology, this book isn t a very good introduction There are so many acronyms and abbreviations, it s an entirely new language I can imagine that it s beneficial to teach people that they have a special language, so people feel special, and will be confused if they try to leave I know Marc only recently got out, so I can understand when he uses acronyms for things without explaining, since he s not really had to explain it to people before I recommend reading a bit about the organization before you dive into this book, so you won t get distracted by the specific and meaningless to you language The story itself is why you want to read it Everything this man, these people have been through, is amazing I can t imagine how anyone can go through life accepting the kinds of abuses they took every day There is such a dichotomy between the treatment of people with money and the people who work for the organization, between what s written and how it s interpreted the hypocrisy of what is taught and what is practiced , the story will affect you As for those technical grammatical errors lots of exclamation points , they actually serve as an example of Marc s incarceration I know it isn t done intentionally, and you wouldn t criticize a slave narrative for its misspellings, because you know that the author just doesn t know any better His education was almost entirely at the hands of Scientologists, so why would they want him to know something that could empower him I suspect it s also difficult to get stories like this published, but it is so important that they are Marc s book is about what goes on at Golden Era Productions outside L.A If you want to read about the goings on at the Clearwater, FL base, if you want to hear about Scientologist covert operations, LRH s memo that the organization was going to be considered a religion purely for tax purposes, how journalists outspoken against Scientology are put on a list, phones tapped, followed, and harassed until they kill themselvesbasically all the conspiracy theory stuffI highly recommend Nancy Many s My Billion Year Contract Four stars, I really liked it, because I can t read enough about Scientology or cults in general But if you re such a grammar snob that you re not going to attempt to read it, call me and I ll give you a synopsis without the abbreviations and exclamation points.