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This is another quick read, mainly with dialogue, for two days, for an easy read Thanks to the gang of Suspense and Thrillers for recommending it to me last year Labeled as mystery, it s also a thriller in a way, right to the end. First mystery I ve ever read To be honest, I m not exactly sure why it s classified as a mystery, but either way I thought this book was wonderful. The Pretrial Interview Sessions Between A Killer And A Doctor Create An Intricate Tale Of Murder, Mercy, And MadnessJoel Stabler Takes The Life Of His Beloved Brother Danny In What Appears To Be A Mercy Killing When Joel S Lawyers Assign A Psychologist To Determine His Sanity At The Time Of The Shooting, The Full Story Of The Brothers Past And Long Family History Of Mental Illness Begins To Unfold Told Entirely Through Joel S Pre Trial Interview Sessions With Dr Andrews, Blood And Circumstance Takes On The Argument Of Nature Versus Nurture, Closely Examining The Factors That Prompted This Murder And As Joel Responds To The Doctor S Probing Questions, He, In Turn, Begins To Evaluate The Doctor, Stealing Glimpses Of His Notes And Speculating About His Personal Life Listening In On Their Conversations, It Becomes Less And Less Clear Whom To Trust, What Is Certain, And Where The Truth Actually LiesWith His Signature Prose And Unwavering Attention To Detail, Frank Turner Hollon S Latest Achievement Examines The Uncertain Search For Identity Through The Crisscrossing Paths Of Blood And Circumstance I like Frank Turner Hollon s books, but he s outdone himself here I lost myself early in this book Caught up in Joel s insightful examination of himself and who he is, his expectation that the insanity in his family will catch up with him, I became totally immersed in this I did not completely anticipate the ending, which affects every insight revealed in the book, so this is something I will read again for the joy of seeing it unfold anew. Only 170 pages, so it is a quick read Joel Stabler is in jail for killing his younger brother who is mentally ill He is being interviewed by a psychoanalyst, Dr Ellis Andrews, who has been hired by Joel s attorney to determine if Joel is competent to stand trial The first 150 pages is told by Joel and is a sort of transcript of the five interview sessions between Joel and Dr Andrews The last twenty pages is told by Dr Andrews There is a twist in Dr Andrews narrative that I did not see coming. So, I made it a mission to keep track of all the books I read this year Because I read A LOT I had been throwing around the idea of doing something for it on my YouTube channel, but then I just figured that since I hate being in front of the camera as it is as you can tell from my stellar performances in my vlogs so far , I might as well just do them on the blog I m being all gung ho about it right now anyway, but don t worry, that might change after inevitable failure.The first thing I decided to read something small so that I could just get my brain back in gear after finishing The Butcher Boy which made me hate POV stream of conscious British people, and if you know me, you know I LOVE those things most of the time was Blood and Circumstance by Frank Turner Hollon, who, I did not know until I finished the book, is a lawyer in Alabama Theyou know.I found myself really enjoying this book It was a quick read I would have finished it sooner had I not attempted a social life and also gotten distracted by episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and turned out to have some of my favorite subjects tied into it without being too gory I like serial killers, let s be honest For me, this book tied in themes of religion, philosophy, as well as mental illness, and just plain psychosis and the power of the mind within harsh situations It got straight to the point without being too succinct, but also had just enough detail to be relatable and intriguing.and doesn t THAT sound like something that a book reviewer might say Ugh, whatever I still liked the book It had some parts that I really identified with, such as the subjects on God and the possibility that life ultimately has no meaning except to the individual, and the all around pessimistic life view that I have was mirrored by the main character.I ve taken the habit of marking pages that I find interesting or arousing mentally as well as physically in the books that I read and there are three particular sections that stood out to me while reading that I thought I might share It s not my intention to give away any spoilers for the book, but I really wanted to point out some of the things that I loved about reading this novel You know, how do we really know anyway How do we know that when I see red, it s the same red you see Why is it we believe there only one realty, and not a different world through different eyes It s comforting to believe there s one truth, but who the hell can really say what s rational to me was rational to Danny p75 This reminded me of so many discussions in Philosophy class There are three groups ofpeople All of us fall into one of the categories There arecertain people who will fuck up their lives no matterwhat There are certain people who will succeed no matterwhat And then there s everybody else, all those peoplewho will fuck up or succeed depending on the place inthis life, their parents, circumstances beyond their control Victims, or beneficiaries, of the world p112 Now, that s just me every day of the week I like to think I fall into the third category, but moments a lot of them tell me that I might be in the first category It s a sad thing to think about yourself, but maybe that s just my reality the way I see my own reality It s just the idea of God doesn t fit If time and space are infinite, and nothing we do really matters, why would God put us in such a place And if we re required to recognize the bleak reality to survive, and then take the next step to self reliance, where is God in all that I m not a devil worshipper I m a realist p129 I ve never really been religious, even though I was brought up in a Catholic household not strict or anything , but this is a question that I ve heard a lot, whether it be from friends of mine who are atheist or just my own head when I m thinking too hard about life when I m stuck in self misery often.There are no real answers that I can gain from this book, but it was a very good read and I would recommend this to anyone who listens.While trying not to give away anything, I ll leave you with one final quote which, I think, hit me the hardest We re sympathetic, and then it s time to eat We reovercome with sadness for another, and then we fallasleep Cancer, suicide, heart attacks, car wrecks, shootings,are just the way of the world We pretend we reshocked, but we re not Deep inside, not matter howburied we are in comforts and stability, we know theworld is a dangerous and unpredictable place to be p156 Thoughts There are two different types of twists when it comes to books There is Oh wow I didn t see that coming and then there is WHAT, WHEN Why This book for me fits the latter I loved this book, it teases at your concept of what is actually happening In the end my mind was still blown so I had to read it a second time and follow through with the truth. Written by an attorney, this novel is a disturbing look at a dysfunctional family Written in the form of interviews between a psychologist and a man accused of killing his brother, this is a skillfully written psychological thriller I was floored by the ending and am certainly looking forward to readingthis author s work I loved it and very highly recommend. I thought I knew how this book was going to end, but I was quite surprised Not so much a mystery as an exploration of the mind and how mental illness affects a family. A young man kills his mentally ill younger brother and undergoes a psychological evaluation I LOVED this book I read it in one sitting I could not put it down It s told mainly from the point of view of Joel after he shoots his brother to death and is interviewed by a psychologist The main characters, Joel and Dr Andrews, are absolutely fascinating and their interaction is so compelling The ending of the book threw me for a serious loop I m still thinking about it.