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This is one of those books where I know the author isn t very good but the title is so well known at this point that I feel obligated to read it as a fan of the comics medium At least 30 Days of Night is short Vampires invade the small Alaskan town of Barrow which goes for weeks without any sunlight hey, perfect for vamps, eh The townsfolk and the vamps tangle, and that s that Paper thin characters, barely any plot, unengaging dialogue, no pacing, crap art this thing is the whole package if that package is a garbage book 30 Days of Night is a plain terrible comic, horror or otherwise an instantly forgettable, boring load of rubbish If you take nothing else away from this review it s to stay away from any books with Steve Niles name on the cover, famous title or not I found this graphic novel to be very overrated I d like to start off by saying I love the premise a group of vampires rampaging in an Alaskan town during its annual thirty days of darkness The problem I have is that the story seemed so rushed I saw this story as having so much potential and yet the conflict was quickly resolved in a mere two pages Further , I felt that the vampires were defeated way too easily It was almost as if the writer got bored with the story and decided to just hurry up and end it The artwork reflected the dark, blurry nature of the winter nightmare of the setting In some ways this seems appropriate for the book but I found it gave the book an air of vagueness as it made it difficult to figure out what was going on in many scenes To sum up, this wasn t the worst graphic novel I ve ever read but it was lousy nonetheless I suppose a two star rating is a bit harsh and I would give it two and a half if possible. The 30 Days of Night begins here This is first TPB in the series.Creative Team Writer Co creator Steve NilesIllustrator Co creator Ben TemplesmithLetterer Robbie Robbins 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Barrow, Alaska, is a town where from November 18th to December 17th, each year, they have thirty days of night, since due its position in the globe, the sun isn t visible over there during that period.Surely it s an inconvenience alright, but when you add to this situation, vampires, real blood sucking vampires, definitely becomes one hell of bloody cocktail.But even a town like Barrow, so far from the rest of civilization, thanks to the modern technology the story is set in 2001 , they count with cell phones and internet however, for that, always there is the preparation time Sheriff Eben Olemaun and her wife, the Deputy Sheriff Stella Olemaun, are clueless why all the cell phones have been stolen and burned in a hole, along with the odd vandalism to each computer, but the final movement of this strange game the destruction of the town s electric generator checkmate This is how it is meant to be Humans, like bottles, waiting for their caps to be popped. The dinner is served.And a modern classic is born A new franchise with a movie adaptation, along with several follow up comic book series and prose novels.I strongly recommend, if you liked this first TPB, to read too the following two Dark Days and Return to Barrow, to have a better overall appreciation about the general story. Read a book with a number in the titleMan this was fun.I watched this movie umpteen million years ago when it came out and Josh Hartnett was still the premiere heartthrob of the day It had vampires exactly the way I like them Vicious and animalistic Merciless hunters but still intelligent and exacting It was a movie that was very heavy on action and gore and survival but a little lighter on plot and nuance.The comic is even better.I loved Ben Templesmith s art Loved loved loved loved loved loved loved His vampires rocked my socks off.The comic did have emotion and nuance than the movie did, and even though this is a horror comic, I enjoyed the story very very much The whole premise of this comic series is awesome It takes place in Barrow, Alaska during the winter season Now the thing about Barrow is that it is located way way way up in the north of Alaska which means it is very cold, winters are extreme, it is extremely isolated, and the sun does not shine for 30 days in the winter That s right There really are 30 days of night.What I loved about Barrow as a setting is that yes, it is the perfect hunting ground for a team of hungry vampires to settle There is plenty of fresh meat and they are very cut off from the rest of the world Even if there was a possibility of them reaching out for help in the surrounding areas, no one could get there in time to save them Plus, 30 days of night means 30 days of completely uninterrupted vampire hunting time But another thing about Barrow that I loved is that it is small and it is isolated, but what the vamps don t realize is the spirit and the heart of people who live in towns like that Everybody knows everybody They are all like family because they stick together during those winters When you live in isolation, you learn how to survive And that education doesn t come easy Eben and Stella are a husband and wife sheriff team in Barrow and both of them completely kick ass By the time they realize what is happening, that vampires have wreaked havoc on their turf, they lead the rest of the survivors in a full fledged attack And it was awesome Kinda like Liam Neeson kicking ass against some killer wolves Yeah Exactly like that.I loved this book because of the action and the gore, but I also loved Eben and Stella s relationship as well At the core of this story is a story about survival, and the survival stories that stick and the ones that work are those with characters who have something to fight and survive for And that s Eben and Stella Their romance isn t hot or steamy or romance novel passionate It is one that is built on a firm foundation of mutual trust, time, respect, and partnership Their love keeps them together even when things are the roughest And I could totally get behind that.The vampire leader, Vincente, is enigmatic and killer He is very interesting and I am going to love seeing him grow as this series continues I couldn t really get a great grasp on exactly what motivates him outside of the obvious bloodlust, but I have a feeling his story will be unveiled in a way I will love And there is a pretty awesome subplot involving a group of enigmatic vampire hunters that emerges towards the end This volume leaves off at a great point and just begins to allude to happenings in the next volume It isn t a cliffhanger by any means, but does generate a lot of excitement for the next volume And I will be on board.4 stars. If there s one thing to take comfort in when under attack by vampires, it s that you only have to survive for at the most a few hours until the sun comes back out But what if you re in a small Alaskan town and the sun won t be coming out for a month This is an incredible setup for a horror story It s a unique take that introduces new possibilities for vampires, set in an isolated territory with distinct borders Unfortunately, this is the only thing the book gets right It s a total waste of a great premise It s a hurried mess that tries to be a big story by introducing plots that come to nothing when it should just buckle down and focus on a couple of developed characters The art is interesting and nightmarish, but too vague Not to mention that art is reused in separate panels, which is a huge pet peeve of mine You re not fooling anyone Just draw another picture that s your job The resolution of the story even hinges on breaking its own rules Everything about this book except for its initial concept is terrible. As a fan of horror and scary vampires that don t sparkle, I have to say I really enjoyed this dark and brutal story with its unique art My only complaint is that it s actually too fast paced, to the point where it feels too brief The story covers a month worth of time, but feels like a couple of days I ll definitely be reading though In A Sleepy, Secluded Alaska Town Called Barrow, The Sun Sets And Doesn T Rise For Over Thirty Consecutive Days And Nights From The Darkness, Across The Frozen Wasteland, An Evil Will Come That Will Bring The Residents Of Barrow To Their Knees The Only Hope For The Town Is The Sheriff And Deputy, Husband And Wife Who Are Torn Between Their Own Survival And Saving The Town They Love Make no mistake, 30 Days of Night hinges upon an inspired conceit the bloodsucking undead figure out that polar nights exist and flock to an isolated community in Alaska for a month long blood orgy that won t be disturbed by that pesky sun The promise of this mostly sustains the narrative despite much fumbling Inconsistent narration, an inconsequential side plot for these few issues at least, and that is what counts involving a New Orleans Voodoo Queen I guess and her son, hazy internal logic, rushed storytelling and mostly absent characterization, all of which demands that the artwork carry the material with stylistic brio And Templesmith is mostly up to the challenge with his expressive smudging of line work and attacks of sepia tinged and overcast hues except when he is not, at which point the visuals are murky and lazy Moments of violence can be startling in their use of frenzied curlicues of crimson, but other sequences of action can be dull and insubstantial Distracting, but not the renaissance of comic book horror some claim it to be. A simple but point black storyline is what this graphic novel offers It has an unrestrained rhythm and one of the best final lines I ve ever read Definitely Steves Niles has a new fan on me As regard the artwork, it is so darksome, noisy and kind of grungy Ben Templesmith really knows how to reflect an spectacular horror atmosphere Perhaps the only thing I dislike is the fact that it doesn t have a elaborate character development but it is okay considering this is the first volume though Then, if you like to read graphic novels and you want a new breathe about vampires stories this is totally a must read.PS This is the second time that I read it and I have to admit I am brokenhearted because the end. What s it about In Alaska there are 30 days where it s dark as night so vampires real vampires, not fake, kissy moo moo ones take advantage of that and start treating Barrow county, Alaska like an all you can eat buffet.ProsThe story s really interesting and well told There is some bad a vampire action and it is full of great horror It is unpredictable for sure.ConsThe art is messy, which is weird to me since I usually like Templesmith s art The characters are very bland The ending is pretty bad a but suddenly turns sad and I think the whole thing may have been a bit too short.Overall This is a good book for people who want some bad a vampire horror and the story is great, so I definitely recommend it, just be warned it is flawed 4 stars.